Feuer der Veraenderung

Feuer der Veraenderung

    1. RE: Please have a Homosexuality tag.

      It has been brought up and we feel that it would have a mostly negative impact on the site. Adding tags like those would not help stories with that content be more noticed, but rather make potential (...)

    2. Search for Warning Tags

      Hi, atleast I can't search for the warning tags (Gore, Sexual Content etc.) in the advanced search, which is bad since I personly like to search for LitRPGs with some of the Warning Tags and I think there (...)

    3. RE: City building/Crafting

      Life Reset, Daniel Black (Amazon), The Iron Teeth (only in the newer chapters to some degree)

    4. lit rpg empire building

      hi, i search for a lit rpg novel with empire building and dedicated bluescreens for the empire

    5. RE: Evolving MC

      deadliest tadpol/spore Insectum chronica (mc is female but the gender doesn't really matter in this case)

    6. RE: Evolution stories

      Once a human, now a parasite Mightiest Tadpole Insectum Chronica Transform Online Everyone loves large chests

    7. RE: I want to laugh till I die

      Everyone loves big chests lazy ash

    8. stats with a twist

      Hi, I search for a Story with stats and status screens where the Stats aren't just numbers but have some effect on the person (like if you get higher strenght you get more muscles etc.) or something similiar. (...)

    9. RE: World building with a balanced MC?

      Should you not care about Fantasy you could try "We are Legion. We are Bob". But it has multiple POV but all are from the same person.

    10. RE: World building with a balanced MC?

      On Amazon Daniel Black and with a heavy school arc schooled in magic. Here the Cog in the Machine (slowest updates ever).

    11. RE: Stories containing Universe Building

      World Keeper somewhat and RE: Deity

    12. RE: Good Harem Stories

      Not 100% sure since I will just now start reading it, but Curse of the Forsaken has some excellent reviews and the harem tag. edit: not much of a harem story but overall very good and in the next book (...)

    13. RE: Good Harem Stories

      I know a good harem story but it is an Amazon Book... (Googel Daniel Black 1. Book Fimbulwinter) But that is the only story with a good harem that is coming into my mind.

    14. RE: Difference between minotaurs, minotaur girls, and taurens?

      Tauren are race of cow people in WoW they are practicly cows who go on two legs and have arms. Minotaurs at the other hand come from the Greek Mythology and are Half Bull half Human, they are not a (...)

    15. RE: Looking for Non-Human Mc/Reincarnation into Non-Human

      Insectum Chronica Vesper Walda Vassaka (not reincarnation but transformation) Deadliest Blade of Gras The Botched Summoning

    16. MC gets Non-human

      Hi, I'm searching for a fiction/novel where the MC gets non-human. I understand under that that he changes his race (for example through a rebirth to a spider, beastkin, elve, dryade, gras etc.) AND stops (...)

    17. RE: Epic Fantasy

      Journey of an old soul (MC is female, but everything else should be to your liking) Are ther strong Male presences? Not really :/ .

    18. RE: Epic Fantasy

      Merchant to the End Journey of an old soul (MC is female, but everything else should be to your liking)

    19. Search story like "The cog in the machine"

      The MC doesn't need to be an engineer as long as the story feels similiar (no OP child mc etc.) it is ok.