1. Re: Bad endings; do they completely break a story for you?

      I don't particularly like it when the story feels upbeat/heroic but ends in tragedy.  Examples:  Assassin's Apprentice series by Robin Hobb  See These Bones trilogy by Chris Tullbane  Demon Cycle (...)

    2. Re: Describe your book from the villains POV

      "Look, I just quietly presiding over a peaceful galactic empire. Things were calm. My constituents were happy.  And then this HUMAN JERKFACE showed up and wrecked everything!!!" 

    3. Re: Looking to commission a marketing assistant (sci-fi)

      The only way I can help with any of that is to boost this question in the forum ;) Thanks! :-D I am having some better luck in Discords and social media. 

    4. Re: 2D Animator decides to try Writing.

      Hey everyone, I'm a 2D Animator, generally working on anime and features on Disney+ and I'm trying to start a big undertaking here. To write! Scary right? I'm only interested in one singular story to (...)

    5. Re: AI Art is (in many cases) better than Regular artists

      in the current climate, I would choose an AI ART Generator over a regular artist. Regular Artists are too expensive, there are too many scammers out there, and AI generators are far more accessible (...)

    6. Re: How long does it take you to write 1 chapter?

      My process is slow, and I often go over it and make revisions days later, as I work on following chapters.  Usually 4-8 hours, I think, for a 2k word chapter.  But I like to think that my work will (...)

    7. Looking to commission a marketing assistant (sci-fi)

      My series is debuting in four months, and I have teamed up with a fellow sci-fi author who also has a debut around the same time. We are looking for an assistant who:  Has the current knowledge (...)

    8. Re: Why is Litrpg so popular? Is freedom not desirable any more?

      The way I see it, litrpg is framework fantasy, and that's how the most popular fantasy always is.  Portal fantasy is a framework (like Alice in Wonderland and Oz).  Transmigration is basically Portal (...)

    9. Re: I have finished my story, by the MC does not want to go ...

      Yes. I spent so many years thinking about mine on a daily basis, it's embarrassing. I won't even tell you how long.  I am purposely taking a break from my Torth universe and starting a new epic series (...)

    10. Re: Guns in Fantasy Fiction

      Why not? It worked for Shadow and Bone.  That said, when I write my epic fantasy (I am world-building now), I won't have guns in the mix, because the people are very reliant on magic. I think that if (...)

    11. Re: Promote your story by sharing a prophecy involved/it written as a prophecy

      You will kneel before destruction.  Your cities will blacken with rot.  Rain will poison you, and your children will grow ignorant and feeble, and hide in burrows like animals.  Weep for your future.  (...)

    12. Re: Any recommendations where the villain is an evil genius?

      Haha, mine... although some say the MC struggles too much. It's very much a genius vs genius story. 

    13. Re: Common Quality Game

      Chinchillas have thick fur and are monogamous. 

    14. Re: Starting on Royal Road in the middle of a series?

      If I did do that, should I upload the first few chapters of the other two books as well, with a disclaimer that they won't be the full books? Or do I just dive right into the third? I would just dive (...)

    15. Re: Common Quality Game

      Pro wrestlers have beefy arms and oiled skin. 

    16. Re: I hate self-promoting

      I hate self-promoting, too.  I do have patrons, though, and I am grateful for that! I've never mentioned my Patreon. I just offer advance chapters there, and the link exists on every chapter (you can (...)

    17. Re: Promote your Fiction with your favorite phrase from it

      How about this one:  He was smart.  He was dying.  He was a Torth hybrid, but he was also half human.  American.  A friend.  A foster brother.  A prisoner.  A target.  A power to be reckoned with.  (...)

    18. Re: Common Quality Game

      Alpacas are fluffy and long-necked. 

    19. Re: whining corner

      I have that typical writer curse where the project you care most about and have put the most effort into, gets almost no views compared to the other stuff. Still early days for it though, so just a slight (...)

    20. Re: Did you hire an editor before publishing your first story here?

      I have never hired an editor. But I did go through a rigorous writing workshop, and my work went through beta readers and an alpha reader. I think it’s solid.  I’ve been serious about writing for many (...)