Not all isekai want to go to war

The tale is one of someone who isn't super into games, who doesn't like the idea of killing and fighting monsters. He doesn't want to be an adventurer and have glory. He just wants a safe home for himself and his daughter, friends and a community to belong to.
The world however is rarely kind enough to let people stay peaceful though...
The characterization is fantastic, the setting is unique, the system makes sense inside that setting. There are no perfect people (though some look pretty perfect), just people trying to get on with their lives inside of a world with monsters and divine level hatred.
Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys litrpg, Isekai and unique systems of magic.

Traveling the Dungeon

A fun ride through a unique world

I have been following this story since chapter 5 was released and its pretty fun. Unlike most dungeon stories that focus on the combat and survival of the core, this one seems almost like a travel journal of another unque world.
The characters are always interesting and unique, rarely falling into cliches. The dungeon itself has developed in a direction equally as unique from other dungeon core books.
Highly recommended. :)

Farming For Gold

With a system similar to Royal Road and a feel like old russian litrpgs, this story takes a new path with a character with nearly no combat ability of any kind.

Unlike other tales of production classers, this one does not suddenly turn his farming into a combat super power but merely better farming. With a faith twist to keep things interesting and just enough guild/world politics to add some pressure its a worthy read.

Ruins of Majesta - Blood and Cupcakes

A very enjoyable romp from the perspective of a child genius.

The characters are all pretty unique, none of the classes of the characters or their foes conform to usual tropes and the system itself was fascinating.

Highly recommended.

The Ten Realms

The story is interesting, the world building is great. The main character is hard for me to relate to, but that can be fun in its own way.

The story loses its star only for its poor editting. There are no line breaks in the first chapter and the 'screens' are done in hard text which make them a pain to read.

I am also calling shenanigans on something he does with his house, but it was technically world logical so oh well.

The Simulations

Unique litrpg with base building elements

It is rare to find something unique in the litrpg genre, it is getting pretty bloated.

This one manages it though. It steps away from the usual system of levels and statistics, placing the MC in a very powerful starting position in return for setting a nearly impossible goal.

The base building starts interesting, and actually manages to get better as he begins to form the core of a game System, with himself as the originator. This leads to a lot of unique events, such as designing quests and rewards.

About the only downside to this story is the shallow nature of a few of the core characters. One of the two primary characters, Chantelle, comes off a bit two dimentional, turning up to drop exposition about her abilities or to sleep with the main character then shuffled off out of the way. There is little character depth or growth there, which is dissapointing.

Other characters also seem to be very similar in personality. Even vastly different races and species seem to share very similar behaviors, modified exclusively by their biological needs.

Still, these are very minor issues in an otherwise near perfect tale. And the issues are lessened under the assumption that this is just the first of many 'scenarios' the character will face.

Highly recommended.

Mirror World: The Citadel by Alexey Osadchuk

This series is brilliant. I own and greatly liked the first two books, and am looking forward to the third audiobook.

It is great of the author to share this here, I suspect a lot of people on this site will love this tale.

True World Online

I picked this up on the day of this review, and finished all the chapters in one binge. That alone should tell you how much I like this story.

The characters are quite fun and fairly unique, each with their own quirks and interests which the author does a good job of both remembering and expressing over time.

The fights are the highlight of the story so far, each very well paced and constantly interesting. Though the characters have few actual skills and spells they each find ways to use them creatively and with flair, winning otherwise unwinnable fights through cleverness and skill instead of stats.

I would give this story a full five except for the fact the story seems slightly shaky, meandering a bit in a way that is amusing but also a bit aimless. I also noticed a few minor errors in grammar and punctuation as I read, as well as some errors in the tables. Both issues are very minor though, not warrenting the loss of an entire star by any measure.

I recommend this story to all who believe Lolis are Justice. :)

9001: A Dungeon Ship Odyssey

A fun and unique take on Dungeon Keeping

An interesting story based on the dungeon lord premise that has become recently popular. For the first time a dungeon takes to the stars!

I like the main character, who first comes off as a bit of a naive weakling but quickly shows she is actually a surprisingly mature and kickass adventurer.

I would give this story five stars, except I have some issues with the personality of the Tony entity running the dungeon core. He goes from a wild and uncontrolable genius to a near passive neet within a few chapters with very little explanation. It is a bit jarring...

There is also some grammar issues, but not enough to bother me personally.

Still very worth reading though. I hope it continues for a long time. :)


Unique with fun sexual exploits

An OP story, but one where the character is earning her power with hard work and training.


Starts off fairly silly, but settles down after a while into a very solid story with well thought out characters.