1. Re: Writer's Origin Stories

      I was a vivid reader of isekai-stories, yet one day I started to be fed up with them, especially because of the repetitiveness of certain troupes, mostly: OP-characters, having stats without any sort of (...)

    2. Re: Concept art for a comic I might make someday

      Worried about the emotional spectrum of a cow? Or if a cow can be a comic/cartoon? Don't look further than the C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa. Watching it might make you regret being born though (despite kickass (...)

    3. Re: Do you like Light Novels?

      As LNs and WNs are the reason why I started writing (being impressed by some and pissed by others) I can say: I like them as any other type of book. There are things that aren't to my liking, there are (...)

    4. Re: Need opinions on color scheme for character's uniform design

      Depends on the characters wearing the outfit (at least those who are seen wearing it the most). Red hair and red uniform is very bland, so white would be better in this particular case.

    5. Re: various stories i follow Categories: Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, litRPG, Harem (sort of), Isekai/Portal Fiction, a bit of possible Romance (...)

    6. Re: Really LONG serials?

      You could use the search function. Advanced search also allows for a page count (250 words per page). You can even sort them by length. Doing that, the longest ongoing series (and longest of all) is (...)

    7. Re: Recommendations

      My story has some fits, "I hate being wed in a fantasy world!" It's about a human teenager who is summoned to a fantasy world and has some problems fitting in with people, because of his antisocial personality. (...)

    8. Re: Looking for a story with a slightly talented MC, who grows a lot through accumulative advantage.

      It's a bit of a stretch, but my story has a highschool class transported to another world with game-like stats and the protagonist starts with some knowledge and endurance about how to grind levels which (...)

    9. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      Yes, we want our stories to be read, that's why we're lurking around this forum. ;) Categories: Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, (...)

    10. Re: sharing CGs for my fiction + some art reqs [0/3]

      anyway i love your characters omg?? katarine is so SO pretty... i just had to draw her I know the urge, I'm also happy how my artist was capable of making her so pretty. There is a reason why she voted (...)

    11. Re: sharing CGs for my fiction + some art reqs [0/3]

      Nice style! Does one really has hearts instead eyebrows?  :O If you like to draw characters with references, I have a whole cast! My story is "I hate being wed in a fantasy world!" and I'd love to (...)

    12. Re: Does anyone want to continue this?

      Oh that's unfortunate... It's been 4years since it stop so I just ask... I wish there is a rule that if they stop for a year someone could continue it until they came back or not.... Or after a 2 year (...)

    13. Re: Smart MC needed! Will pay in cookies!

      OK, being smart is a very relativ thing, but I still recommend my story, "I hate being wed in a fantasy world!". The protagonist has a good head on his shoulders, though he seriously lacks in some departments (...)

    14. Re: Strong (physically) female lead / Fantasy with a male lead

      I'll look into it. Each volume he's joining another girl? Only the first three volumes. Then it stays at that number for a while (I have planned more, but before that, I eant to delve into more character (...)

    15. Re: Strong (physically) female lead / Fantasy with a male lead

      Not sure how much it fits, but I still suggest my story. It's "I hate being wed in a fantasy world!" The male lead is competent and strong, yet starting with volume 2 comes a female lead that dwarves (...)

    16. Re: MC adventure with party as a support? My story is about someone who goes solo slowly approaching the thought of having a party. After being forced through. It'll (...)

    17. Re: Suggestions?

      plots that don't involve: A bullied kid who suddenly gets newest VRMMORPG game Kid hit by truck-san in a coma who gets access to newest VRMMORPG game Poor kid who struggles to pay for VRMMORPG game, (...)

    18. Re: MC gets transported to an anime world or something like HP or stargate

      May be a comic and has only three chapters, but still worth the while. (imgur-link) The case of being reincarnated as Yamcha Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

    19. Re: Looking for stories with viedeogame elements

      You want a selfish MC? Someone, who thinks of white knights as self-righteous jerks who thinks of themselves as so good, because they're supposed to be right? Someone who is unpopular by default and is (...)

    20. Re: Anyone else feel RR is impossible to use on mobile?

      When I visit the site on my phone, I never log in. No problems with the site so far with it.