1. Re: MC adventure with party as a support? My story is about someone who goes solo slowly approaching the thought of having a party. After being forced through. It'll (...)

    2. Re: Suggestions?

      plots that don't involve: A bullied kid who suddenly gets newest VRMMORPG game Kid hit by truck-san in a coma who gets access to newest VRMMORPG game Poor kid who struggles to pay for VRMMORPG game, (...)

    3. Re: MC gets transported to an anime world or something like HP or stargate

      May be a comic and has only three chapters, but still worth the while. (imgur-link) The case of being reincarnated as Yamcha Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

    4. Re: Looking for stories with viedeogame elements

      You want a selfish MC? Someone, who thinks of white knights as self-righteous jerks who thinks of themselves as so good, because they're supposed to be right? Someone who is unpopular by default and is (...)

    5. Re: Anyone else feel RR is impossible to use on mobile?

      When I visit the site on my phone, I never log in. No problems with the site so far with it.

    6. Re: Is it considered stealing an idea if

      This is the recommendation forum... ^^' You can always turn to non-profit fanfiction. It may be a bit greyish here and there in terms of legality, but usually it's more of an honor than an actual (...)

    7. Re: Looking for Happy-Polygamy Novels

      I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world - NEET dakedo Hello Work ni Ittara Isekai ni Tsuretekareta I Almost Became a Living Cheat When I Raised my Level in Real Life (...)

    8. Re: Bored Lurker Rumbles and Asks for Recommendations

      I write a webnovel, let's see how it fits. It's called "I hate being wed in a fantasy world!" -First of all, it has to be magical fantasy, and without excesive scy-fic unless there's time-travel. I (...)

    9. Re: Good VS Evil VS Meh, morally ok I guess...

      I like charracters with a believable morale code. Though when I have to put my finger on it, I think I like the struggle of being a good person, how hard it is to not be a jerk, how sometimes there (...)

    10. Re: Are there any light novels where MC has a system to make them stronger

      If you want a game-like setting in general (which at least use XP for killing monsters often), use the LitRPG-tag in the search function. If your ideas of a system is a bit more specific, a hint o two (...)

    11. Re: System Stories

      What exactly are "system-stories" to you? Do you mean LitRPG-stories, where game-like systems as status-screens, etc. are used? Then you can simply use the LitRPG-tag in the search function, as RRL has (...)

    12. Re: Female protagonist

      Actually, I don't believe that males and females are so different in terms of personality, that I'd expect to have everything different the moment the MC has another sex. Of course there are differences, (...)

    13. Re: Would this kind of story be boring?

      Like with every story, it's a matter of taste, though writing without a concrete goal/plot in mind can be challenging, as it can become repetitive and not very exciting, which can be boring for the writer. (...)

    14. Re: Chapter Release Frequency

      New fictions get more attention and are easier to find, if they release at least twice a week, thrice would be even better. After you've gathered a reader-base, you can relax a bit more, but even then (...)

    15. Re: VRMMORPG

      If "VRMMORPG"-like includes Gamelit in general, even the isekai/another world/portal fiction kind, then you can check out my story, "I hate being wed in a fantasy world!" where people from other worlds (...)

    16. Re: Fantasy comedy

      Maybe my story, "I hate being wed in a fantasy world!" is to your liking, it has a comedic tone thorough the story and it's in a fantasy world... the kind you actually don't want to be in, as you still (...)

    17. Re: Looking for a good exploration story

      My story has some elements of that, the MCs are traveling around the world, and they're asking questions about the so-called hero-system, though it's jus a slow-paced subplot, as a game-like system and (...)

    18. Re: Reality RPG Gamer System?

      Does your request also include isekai/portal fiction (being in another world)? If yes, you may want to check out my story, "I hate being wed in a fantasy world!" It's in a real world, only heroes (people (...)

    19. Re: A novel written in first person, present tense?

      My story is written in 1st-person present tense, though I use a rather simple style, as I try to emulate light novels. Might still help you if you look at different styles, it's "I hate being wed in a (...)

    20. Re: A stupid question

      It's all a matter of the setting. In my isekai for example, there are four reasons for the heroes to do the quest they were given (in this case, it's a summoning/kidnapping). 1.) If they don't benefit (...)