James Garfield

James Garfield

    1. Re: Unusual convention

      "You should be more careful," the Guild Master lectured.  "It's your lives on the line, after all." "And you should also dress better.  Adventurers shouldn't look like hobos.  As Guild Master, it (...)

    2. Re: How to write 3 star and lower review?

      I read an interesting blog from a data scientist who scraped the stats for the last 8,800 stories published on RR.  He found that the average rating is 4.38, and the top ten percent have a rating above (...)

    3. Re: Show us your paid ads

      I think I got 0.72% click through percentage for this: https://www.royalroadcdn.com/public/covers/AABAMf8c1hI.png?time=1675213254

    4. Re: Difference between 100-1000 followers stories and 1000+

      How the heck do you even get to 3,000 followers if you are bad at storytelling?  Maybe if you spent $50,000 on ads or something? I can definitely write English and my idea is okay, but I'm not expecting (...)

    5. Re: Isekai/Dungeon/LitRPG/Reincarnation Review Swap [Closed for now]

      Thanks, I enjoyed the read and reviewed.  I'll read more when I have more time! Thanks for your review!

    6. Re: Isekai/Dungeon/LitRPG/Reincarnation Review Swap [Open!]

      My newest fiction, Charming Dungeon Master, has all of the tags I added to the title.  Also note that the protagonist is not human (anymore).  I just reached 10K words (11K as of Chapter 5) and would like (...)

    7. Re: Isekai/Dungeon/LitRPG/Reincarnation Review Swap [Open!]

      I'm interested in one or two more review swaps.  Reply if interested!

    8. Re: My mom said she would read my book!

      If your Mom enjoys the read, please ask her to read my dungeon story next!

    9. Re: What do people use polls for?

      I use them occasionally.  Once, to ask whether readers preferred Vol 1 or Vol 2 (it was a dead heat on a merry-go-round).  Once, to let the readers choose between a bunch of silly options that didn't matter (...)

    10. Re: My mom said she would read my book!

      Yeah I can't get my parents to read my current fiction... no way haha.  Congrats on getting some support! If tomorrow my book was announced as the NY Times Bestseller, they probably still wouldn't read (...)

    11. Re: 200,000 Views!

      I’ll buy you a new F5 key if you need it. J/k, that’s a lot of views so congrats on making it this far!

    12. Re: Challenge: One-Sentence Synopsis

      While success means the world will be condemned, and failure means reality will tear itself apart; none of that matters if you turn into a bear and forget how to turn back.  I love it, except for the (...)

    13. Re: Challenge: One-Sentence Synopsis

      The unicorns are coming back, and they want to plunge their horns into your torso.

    14. Re: Does anyone else go through their chapters to check if anyone is reading it currently?

      You wish it was a thing, but not enough to upvote it :DrakanLaugh:  Although it seems like the wait time on getting ideas implemented tends to be pretty extreme.

    15. Re: How annoying is a short chapter?

      I aim for 2,000 and I think it's fine for some of yours to be 2,000, even if you tend to be a bit longer with most.

    16. Re: Ok that was little annoying.

      Creating a thread with such an anti-descriptive thread title is also a little annoying :DrakanSigh:  I have learned you really need to be careful when programming in chapters for release.  Always double-check (...)

    17. Re: Does anyone else go through their chapters to check if anyone is reading it currently?

      I sometimes check it out.  It's nice as your story grows seeing the number of people who are reading your chapter at T+10 minutes get bigger as well.  At first, it's just one or two people.  Then it's (...)

    18. Re: Is "reverse isekai" a genre?

      I would say yes, it's fine.  Bringing fantasy characters to a realistic world, even if it's not technically based on any particular country here on Earth, is fine.  Tagging it as part of the isekai subgenre (...)

    19. Re: Introduction

      Welcome to Royal Road.  It's great to write with a purpose in mind.  Just as you are writing to support an audience similar to your younger self, I am writing to support tentacle monsters everywhere.  (...)

    20. Re: Difference between 100-1000 followers stories and 1000+

      I agree that how frequently you post is very important (as examples, this can affect if/when you make rising stars, as well as how much time you spend on the front page for new releases).  Chapter length (...)