James Garfield

James Garfield

    1. Re: First Volume Complete at 83k words!

      83K seems like a good length.  My first volume was a bit over 70K myself.  Good luck on your next writing milestone!

    2. Re: Novel Complete!

      Congratulations!  For a web novel like our fictions here, it can be tough to even decide when to finish a novel, so actually getting there and doing it must be nice!  Hopefully I'll join the club one day (...)

    3. Re: Changing the plot after published?

      I've found getting feedback from readers I can use to improve the story (past or future) is very difficult so I really don't have any objections to going back and making improvements where I can.

    4. Re: Adding art to a chapter

      I’ve been adding images to my fiction using Imgur.  If you can’t figure it out message me and I’ll provide step by step instructions.

    5. Re: Viewing followers?

      Can you tell how many users are following you, as opposed to following just your fiction? Yes, you can also tell if someone is following a particular fiction if you look at their profile. How?  Requires (...)

    6. Re: Heck yeah! 40 followers

      If the growth lasts longer than four hours, contact your doctor.

    7. Re: Viewing followers?

      Can you tell how many users are following you, as opposed to following just your fiction?

    8. Re: 500th Writathon participant!

      That is one unusual thing to consider an accomplishment, but I can't complain after making a thread about my 7,777th viewer lol.  Good luck to us both!

    9. Re: New Border

      Keeping the neon industry alive I see.

    10. Re: All Lucky 7s!

      I was waiting that number refreshing my page when I was close but  it skipped over. You are luck to get it, nice job! I guess that’s the difference between a popular fiction and a less popular one  :DrakanSigh: (...)

    11. Re: 10k Views!

      Congrats!  That’s my next milestone goal.

    12. Re: Tense switching

      Nah, the tenses look fine. Only a few odd word choices here and there, like the "His face purveyed..." Thanks for the response! Would you mind pointing out a few more of the odd word choices?  Don't (...)

    13. All Lucky 7s!

      https://i.imgur.com/MYN4yJ2.png Yeah!  Final Fantasy VII had a hidden feature where, whenever the health points of one of your character was 7,777, they would deal a major barrage of 7,777 damage to (...)

    14. Re: Gotten Onto Sci-Fi Risising Stars!

      Good luck! Keep posting (the only way to make it happen!)

    15. Re: One Line of Advice

      Minimize adjectives and adverbs in favor of stronger verbs and nouns.  Avoid doubling up on adjectives if you can. The fat, smelly man moved really really fast … is bad =P

    16. Re: So, I'm thinking here if I don't need a prologue

      Dunno.  The first scene of my fiction doesn't really lend itself to being the first 20% of chapter 1, so I just split it out and called it a prologue.  I think skipping a prologue as the reader is foolish (...)

    17. Re: I have a published book! :D

      Congrats.  It's so nice being able to just self-publish a book online whenever you want.  Prior to around 15 years ago that wasn't really an easy thing to do haha.

    18. Re: Writing aids

      I've experimented with alcohol but the jury is still out!

    19. Re: Today has felt like a good day

      Congrats on the effective mention! The question of course is not whether you had a good day/week, but whether you can establish a sustainable pace.  The other question is what you should eat for (...)

    20. Re: 30th chapter released

      High Five!  I too broke the 30 chapter limit not too long ago.  We'll be beating readers off with a stick now!