James Garfield

James Garfield

    1. Re: Bandaid Ripped Off!

      1.0 is fairly rare.  Usually if someone rates that low, they go all the way down to the minimum, 0.5 stars.  I guess they were using an additive grading system and there was one thing (or perhaps one word) (...)

    2. Re: Hello, I'm the new guy.

      Hi!  I hope you'll find RoyalRoad welcoming of your writing, both by readers and fellow authors (I'm sure the latter will be supportive for certain).  Getting started can take a bit of time and effort (...)

    3. Re: Element U: Enter into a world pushed to its limits

      I'll be honest that I haven't really studied theories for how the world (animals/plants/humans/etc) would adapt to global nuclear war.  To answer your question, my job is to ensure the environment is protected (...)

    4. Re: First Fiction Just Went Live!

      Congrats on step 1 of your long writing journey.

    5. Re: whining corner

      I think the biggest thing I dislike on RR is when I see a new Non-Human-Lead story and just as I get excited, I either realise one of two things. 1. It's a comedy filled story 2. The MC is just a generic (...)

    6. Re: Is that fair?

      So these would be two separate fictions on the website?  If so, work on whichever one you want at whatever pace you want.  Just don't over-promise the release rate for a given fiction and nobody has any (...)

    7. Re: What's your Reader Preferences (Settings) ?

      I just do w/e and I haven't gotten a single complaint, which is impressive since I've gotten complaints about everything else that exists. Not sure if it matters much.  Registered users can change the (...)

    8. Re: So... I actually did it.

      The name of the work you finished sounds apt. Congrats!  Finishing a story is never easy.

    9. Re: What does it mean if my average rating has changed but the number of ratings hasn't?

      Most likely, someone changed their rating.  Another possibility is a person who previously rated your story got their account deleted, and simultaneously someone new rated your story a slightly higher (...)

    10. Re: Element U: Enter into a world pushed to its limits

      Interested in one thing in particular about this:  "More than 500 years after the modern world we know today..."  How much time actually elapsed between the nuclear war and when the story now takes place? (...)

    11. Re: Greeting travelers!

      Oh I told you in rep only the person receiving the rep can read the comment but that's actually wrong, ignore me and welcome once again!

    12. Re: Greeting travelers!

      Joke's on you, you're going to become rich and famous from your writing despite your best efforts.

    13. Re: 600 views

      Yeah releasing one chapter per week will mean it will take longer (both real time and per chapter) to build up a large number of views and followers, but so long as you recognize that you shouldn't have (...)

    14. Re: Heya Everyone!

      Welcome!  Note that once your story is approved, that first chapter will go live immediately (nothing that can be done about that). Your interests should do well in this community. Out of curiosity, (...)

    15. Re: 2000k views and my first rating

      Those are some hot views!  :P Congrats on getting some feedback.  Good luck with getting more.

    16. Re: I hate self-promoting

      In the Donation Settings for your fiction, you can add your Patreon there.  I don't monetize, but that seems like the simplest way to share the information without going out of your way to draw attention (...)

    17. Re: How do I know if my novel is actually bad?

      You can always offset one or two bad ratings at the beginning of your story with a few review swaps, which are generally a good idea either way, just so you have some reviews.  Review swaps tend to result (...)

    18. Re: whining corner

      My glasses are the wrong prescription and glasses are fucking expensive At the place my insurance wants me to use, when not covered by my plan I get through work, glasses are hundreds of dollars.  When (...)

    19. Re: Starting to Really Enjoy it Here!

      Welcome.  RoyalRoad definitely offers some things that are hard to get otherwise, and it's got a nice community of writers and some readers who you may gain and come to appreciate.  Just be warned that (...)

    20. Re: User Retention numbers suddenly spike and then drop in the same day?

      The admin Kanadaj knows what happened and probably personally fixed it, but I didn't ask for an explanation.  I probably wouldn't understand it anyway. There's a rumor that the solution involved vodka. (...)