James Garfield

James Garfield

    1. Re: How fast can you type and how did you get there?

      In middle school I took a typing class in a computer lab (I think everyone did it) where I learned the proper positioning for the fingers for pressing all the normal buttons.  I then practiced a lot.  (...)

    2. Re: 500 Followers!

      I actually just broke 400 myself so I'm hot on your heels!  Just as you're cleaning up after the drinking party I'm seeing talk about above, I'll show up to an empty room filled with drained glasses and (...)

    3. Re: Book done and on to another one

      I have finished my first book called last light that took around 6 months to complete and my was it a challenge from having think that no one would read it and view count to exams stopping from writing (...)

    4. Re: Writing for fun, and it is working out

      It's interesting comparing your fiction's attention.  My second one is a dungeon story and it gets away more clicks.  Congrats on the fun and success.

    5. Re: Can I upload a synopsis for something I won't release for six months?

      I think you should wait until you're ready to post more chapters to submit the first chapter. Also, it might mess up the Rising Stars potential if your story is 6 months old when you post the first (...)

    6. Re: Starting a community-driven story entirely steered by absurd chapter comment suggestions, but written tota(...)

      If I vote for a comment by granting rep, I can grant up to 4 rep due to my reputation level.  Isn’t that unfair to other readers?

    7. Re: My chapter release is stuck

      Happened to me twice recently including today so I published manually.  Bug?

    8. Re: Starting a community-driven story entirely steered by absurd chapter comment suggestions, but written tota(...)

      Hahah that's hilarious and did my idea justice more so than if I wrote it myself.  If nobody makes any suggestions do you have to wait, or do you write another page based on existing story direction? (...)

    9. Re: I have now commenced my journey down the road

      That is quite an interesting premise.  Good luck, and I hope you find 1,473 followers by year's end.

    10. Re: What is wrong with this sentence?

      A semicolon is never used directly after a period or comma, that's its whole purpose, it is an either-or replacement. (unless it is used in Chicago or APA reference style, but I digress). You should choose (...)

    11. Re: Woot! First 0.5 Rating!

      Congratulations! You are now a Real Royal Road Writer (TM)!  I also concur with everyone: there should be an achievement for the first 0.5 stars. It really is an achievement because you need visibility (...)

    12. Re: I got my first follower and favorite

      If you keep at it, you will for sure. Even I got more than that, and I'm a cat who became president and was assassinated in 1881!

    13. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      Yeah, except from what I have seen, the rising stars list seems to have a hard bottom limit of 700 or so followers. I don't know how important raw follower count is (if at all), but you definitely don't (...)

    14. Re: Woot! First 0.5 Rating!

      By the way, that's why I don't rate any stories unless I leave a review.  If you look at my profile, you can see I've left 0 ratings so you can't blame me for 0.5-star bombing anyone's fiction.

    15. Re: Woot! First 0.5 Rating!

      But the notion that there are folks who troll the internet, downvoting everything they see isn't a real thing. I would word it a bit differently than you did for this 'notion,' but there definitely are (...)

    16. Re: Seeking tips for using the forum

      Once quoted, all you have to do is make sure you're writing UNDER the quoted text box, and not inside it.  Hi Haust how are you?

    17. Re: grammar help.

      #2 seems the most natural to me.  If you want to change tense, you can do it by making one of the sentences italicized thought instead of first-person narration: "Hello, I'm Juliette.  I'm a college graduate!" (...)

    18. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      Thank you for sharing your results.  I do think a large part of your success will be to choose an ad design that gets a lot of clicks.  Of course, if the only people clicking won't be interested in your (...)

    19. Re: ‘Imagination’ based magic casting is the worst.

      If you aren't going to write a story that I would enjoy, based on my specific and personal preferences, then you shouldn't write anything at all.

    20. Re: Bees in my bonnet (words people get wrong).

      I could become a Pulitzer Prize winner without knowing the difference between a direct and indirect object AND without giving my sister a ball.