Steve Moss

Steve Moss

I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse

One of the top 10 humans to survive the apocalypse gets a restart. He sets about making things better and getting strong faster. 

The MC is way OP.  He’s a bit of a psycho.  So far what he’s doing makes sense. 

Grammar and spelling are weak.  Story is good. Will keep with it for now. 

Rebirth in a Magical World

A different sort of Harry Potter fan fic

A cancer ridden young orphan is reborn in a Harry Potter world.  He died before the series ended so his knowledge is incomplete.

I enjoyed it as the MC is not focused on Harry, Ron or Hermione.  He seems to be plotting his own path, doing his own thing. He just happens to share the universe with the Rowling’s characters. 

Grammar and spelling could use a lot of work.  Other than that, the story is enjoyable and an easy read.  Recommended. 

Ave Xia Rem Y

An Excellent and Uncommon Wuxia Novel

The MC is genuinely decent and is a well developed character. It’s too bad he lives in a cruel cultivation world.

The other characters are also well developed and somewhat unusual as compared to other wuxia novels.  Though there are multiple Young Masters, they are not the cardboard arrogant types that abound in novels of this nature.  They have motivations, some rational and others not, that bring a sense to their actions.

The story goes slowly but still captures attention.  I’ve read through the Recuitment chapter and the MC has aged from 7 to 10 years old.  So far it’s more a slice of life without any overarching theme but the seeds seem to have been planted.  

Grammar is the weakest part of the story, mostly tenses and spelling.  But the problem does not hinder the flow of reading.  And despite this nitpick it still compare very favorably to most RR novels.  

The only real complaint I have is how slow the author updates. I’m sure it’s because he has other things going on in his life but l’m a bit selfish and want more.  

Highly recommended. 

Life of Numbers

I’m enjoying this story immensely.  A reserved but talented teenager gets separated from others just as the world converges with the addition of hostile alien species. Very well written.

By The Sword

I enjoy stories about swordsmen.  Nowadays every MC is a mage or a sword-mage. A good old fashioned swordsman is a rarity. So the story concept interested me.

But this story stumbles over itself, mostly due to word choice. For example, he carries a swordstaff sheathed at his hip   A swordstaff is a pole arm, a spear with a long blade  It is not sheathed on a hip.  

In one scene his wife replies to him, but the author uses the word “spat”.  That’s normally used for a venomous response and was poor word choice.

The MC is supposed to be a mature swordsman reborn but persists in a preteen worldview where that’s “not fair” is central.  A hardened warrior of decades experience would be a bit more practical.  

These issues and others drag me out of the story.  But the concept is good so I’ll stick with it for now.  


It's the Healer's Life for Me

This story has been around for a month but I’d ignored it due to the prior title.  That was a mistake. 

The MC is a reincarnated soul on a fantasy world.  Little detail is given of his prior life.  He’s lucky in that his 2d father is a 1,000 year old saint. He has an affinity for life and light magic. He masters the basics early, which has the side effect of slowing his aging.  So at 15 he looks 8. 

Straight forward story so far.  He collects a party and has adventures. 

Grammar and spelling are usually decent with some significant mistakes every now and then.  The author could use an editor. 

One gripe is the MC wants to learn how to fight but claims he can’t due to a lack of muscles and mass.  While it is true his effectivenesss as a fighter will be greatly reduced due to his artificially youthful body, there is nothing stopping him from learning any martial skills he cares to learn. Mastering the techniques requires only time and discipline.  

Deeper Darker

An Outstanding Beginning to a SciFi Adventure

This review is current as of chapter 10.

Three protagonists, a techie gutter thief, a wealthy aristo, and a calculating fighter type.  Each is from a different portion of the galaxy. 

So far the author is just laying background.  So far the setting is rich and complex, the characters interesting. I will be following this story closely. 

Mother of Learning

A 15 year old student is trapped in a time loop.  Every 30 days (often less from his perspective) it resets.  Things get crazy.

Highly recommended.

Why this has not been published I don’t understand. 

Construct Your Fate
Spoiler: Spoiler


I’ve read the first ten chapters.  The grammar and spelling are good.  The setting interesting.  It seems to take its lead from novels like Randidly Ghosthound.  But I like what the author is doing with it so far. 

The stories weakness is the main character and his friend.

The main character, Lucas, is a bit of an idiot.  For example, after being warned the forest is dangerous, and having had a few weeks of near death experiences, he reveals his presence to an unknown creature while his friend and ally is sleeping and mana burned.  Does he have a death wish?

Also be warned.  The MC, Lucas, and his friend, Colt, do not act like typical early 20-something males. If I were being kind I would describe them as being very emo.  In reality they act like two teenage girls.  I’m not sure if this is intentional on part of the author or not.  

Regardless, I think this story is worth following as of now.  

Greyblood: Progenitor (A LitRPG Series)
  • Only two chapters but off to a great start. 

I confess I have a soft spot for old school fighters.  It’s nice to have an MC who is a fighter.