Apocalypse: Generic System

A 1 was good, and i think you can understand book 2 without book 1 (otherwise buy it from amazon, or if you want to avoid book 1 spoilers).

Now: im wrtiing this from B2 C1,  but the setup is understandable, give it a try! From experience the writing is good

Borne of Caution

Hits the pokemon feel, not cringe, and new

What the titel says,

It is good as a pokemon fanfic, it got the "feel" right (especially the pokemon/trainer relationship, but it really is the entire world)

The world is beleiveable, consistent and appears logical (internaly), idk the word don't get the "this shouldn't work in this world"

It avoids ALL of the cringe that i honestly feared. 

It is also...more...than "just a well written pokemon fanfic" or maybe not, but i find the story roundet, it is not as swallow aa one might fear. 

Ugh.. words..if you like pokemon, just read this, and if you don't like this, it's Worth the read


The Primal Hunter

Yeah, idk what to say, it's good.

Good system.

Likeable/well, or at least decently, writen charracter (imo, no expert). 

Also i find that the author has a way if...using the charracters/situation in an unexpected manners.. without completely making a 180 or betraying the nature of it.. not sure how to explain..He i cabable of elegantly and logicaly, and nuanced, move the plot ahead in a way that isn't strictly..well some of it is if course predictably, but sometimes,  you get the "oh this makes sense and is much better use of the trobe than the boring cliche that i predicted"  and i find author good at giving me that feeling at the right times

Mundus Subcavus - or:

I like the vibe of this story.

Both the use of words, storyline, and general writing style is reminicent of old school fantasy litterature.

Think jules verne, journey to the center of the earth, around the earth in 80 days, etc ye'know the classics.

Just with a bit of magic springled in, the read is more "retro inspired" than the actual "classics" in that, and some other, regards "fit for the modern reader"  one might say.

Just really nice read. It's a good throwback feeling


The Power of Formations

really, i mean, it's good, yeah


Twilight over Arcania

It's quite good, check it out :)

A well done story.

The author have taken already known elements and somehow made them seem new, (by adding twists and stuff). ambiguous, i know, but this is one of thoose stories in wich it fits.
If you like reincranating stories, this is a good one. 

It's also good if you're just neutral about reincarnation stories :)

Blind Punch

It something new, but show absolutely great promise

holy..dang that is quite good, really. I haven't seen this quility of Sci-fi on RR before (or other places?.. not sure, but its up there) 

The (initial?) world setting is amazing.

Definetely worth reading.

A Hermit's Life for Me

Realy only leaving a reveiw to give the score, but yes this IS good.
I like how the sceince is very present in the story, ann yeahh, its guuuddd

Peak of immortality

 I must admit that i have encountered this story very randomly, but man this looks promising!
first the text looks dense, but  the you will realize that the text is very fluid and easy to read.
Its to early to say if the story is good, but you wont feel that you waste your time bye reading this. 

Keep up the good work author! you will quickly rise in you ratings if you do so! "thumps up"