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    1. Re: 💪If your OC and Naruto were to fight right now, who would WIN? 💪

      My characters wouldn't even be able to land a hit on Naruto. My MC could go toe to toe with Cloud Strife and Sephiroth, but I doubt they could even touch kid Naruto. Hmm, lets turn this thread up a (...)

    2. Re: Drop your fiction's synopsis

      Here I go! The story of a good-willed young boy Zackeus Hunter, with a mission to change the world, and follow his father's footsteps in becoming a knight in the Kingdom of Altea. The path of a traumatized (...)

    3. Re: Serial Fiction?

      Hunter is serial alright. I think you might like it ๐Ÿ˜‰.

    4. Re: Reccommend me some Strong Female leads

      Hi! Looking for some strong female lead novels,  Fantasy settings preferred, of any type!  Always been a fan of a bit of romance, character tensions and, of course some badass fight scenes  (...)

    5. Re: Free Comments on First Chapter

      Am I late to the party?

    6. Re: Progression books where the Mc is royalty

      I'm trying to find books where the protagonist is the underdog of a royal family and has to try to take the throne. I see this in a lot of Manhwa but I can't find many books where it just focuses on (...)

    7. Re: Review Swaps 0/5

      I'd be interested in review swapping on the first 10k words. My story is a mix of adventuring meets the apocalypse. Sure! 10k is fine.

    8. Re: Review Swaps 0/5

      I'm interested but I write Sci-Fi (with action and adventure). I hope it's ok too! Cool! How .much would you be interested to read?

    9. Review Swaps 0/5

      Really looking to get into some reviews for a little while before volume three. Who's up for a review swap? I must add though that I would really dig it if I could swap with books similar to mine. I'm (...)

    10. Re: Shoutout swaps

      Often people make threads on the Reviewing Tips and Discussion board offering a certain number of slots for shoutout swaps. I did it myself recently. On that note, I'd be happy to shoutout swap with (...)

    11. Re: Looking for stories with a protagonist who seems mean or selfish, but is really a softy/bleeding heart.

      One of the MCs in Hunter Sky is the very person you are describing lol

    12. Re: Call for Shoutout Swaps

      Shoot I'd be up for a swap as well. Let me know if you agree ๐Ÿ‘ 

    13. Re: Looking for Kingdom building novels

      Just wanted to ask about any good Kingdom building novels. Preferably fantasy. Only completed or ongoing no hiatus/dropped or stub. Thank you in advance. Hunter Sky could be considered kingdom (...)

    14. Re: 10,000 Views

      Was hoping I'd have a few more followers at this many views but, I'll take it! Feels pretty wild for under a month of posting. I'm... losing my mind trying to keep up with the pace of writing and (...)

    15. Re: What is your protagonist currently doing?

      Lol, well๐Ÿ˜… He's having quite a nap with a sword in his chest. The other is traveling the continent assassinating high profile people.

    16. Re: Looking for a handful of review swaps (3/5) - OPEN

      Just finished writathon, so finally have time to do these. Willing to up to either 10k or 20k, whatever you think works best for your story. Mine is slower paced, with lots of slice of life elements, (...)

    17. Re: 50,000 views at last!

      I have good news everyone. My story has finally hit 50,000 views! It is the tale of three heroes in three parts of the world. William Gabriel a noble but pragmatic Paladin with a silver tongue (...)

    18. Re: 3000 Views on Rocket Cat