1. Re: Do you love writing, but feels you getting nowhere with it...

      Well... I am new here and I would like to read some of your experiences  - good or bad or whatever - being an author. I just can't quit writing, but I kind feel I should drop it. Have you feel this way (...)

    2. Re: World building and writing style

      I would say the best answer is experience, namely by getting down to it and start writing stuff. All the preparation in the world won't get a story off your brain and into the pages. As a dead meme (...)

    3. Re: I made a cover on my own!

      It took me a while, but I finished a cover for one of my fiction. I made it from scratch, colored it, and I'm happy with how it turned out.

    4. Re: Need help on AYKB.

      Good luck to you. Re-writing a story from scratch is always a pain, especially if it has been a long while since you've touched it.

    5. Re: Avoiding "burning out" and orphaning a story

      True enough. I'm content to write only for one work right now, with the sole goal of seeing it through to its end.

    6. Re: Would daily updates of 2k be overwhelming for readers?

      Personally, a 2k chapter is quite nice, and with a daily upload schedule, you'd be guaranteed to have a sizeable following. The only question is how much steam you have in you to pump out that much content, (...)

    7. Re: Avoiding "burning out" and orphaning a story

      It's a common enough problem when writing. As great as an idea might be, if one doesn't prepare accordingly, you end up not going anywhere with your story and inevitably abandons it. Planning ahead with (...)

    8. Re: Purple Prose: A brief examination of its many advantages and equally plentiful downsides.

      As I've made previously a post advocating the strengths and weaknesses of beige prose in a self-demonstrating manner, I will attempt to do so with purple prose. Please bear in mind that any list that (...)

    9. Re: Beige Prose: Pros and Cons

      Pros: 1. Short. 2. Easy to read. 3. Impactful. 4. Simple. Cons: 1. Lack of depth. 2. Boring. 3. Bland. 4. Un-emotional. Feel free to add more.

    10. Re: Do you cry while you write?

      No, I leave all my feelings with my characters when I write.

    11. Re: Should I Be Posting Daily?

      If you can manage it, then sure.

    12. Re: How You as an Author Came to this Writing (Royal) Road

      I wrote primarily, at first, to get better at English. Then it grew to a sort of obsession during my school days. I made a novel in 6th-grade, but so far, that writing is the only completed work of fiction (...)

    13. Re: Written myself into a corner

      I say write on, see where the writing takes you.

    14. Re: I managed to pull through and post a longer chapter than usual.

      It has been a stressful two weeks, which impacted my writing output considerably. A few times, I felt like I was going to fail the promise I made to myself: to finish my story no matter what. But (...)

    15. Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.

      Hello there. Thank you for providing this service. You can find my story by clicking here.

    16. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hello. First, I'd like to thank you for your generous offer. It is very kind and helpful for a lot of people. Secondly, here is the link to my current ongoing story: Prison of the Ancients.

    17. Re: How to Manage information and details about all minor characters and things in your novel?

      I use Scrivener, and also write down all the character's names and put it on a list. It's like a deadpool, but not as lethal, hopefully ;)

    18. Re: Posting by chapter or scene?

      I do chapters. Seems neater that way, and makes for good cliffhangers as well.

    19. Re: How many authors learn about personality theory / typology when writing characters?

      I learn on the go, reading stuff and such. But I think it's much more interesting to see characters do things, then explain the "why" later when it's relevant and appropriate to do so in-setting. I believe (...)

    20. Re: Need some advice.

      I say do what you can and what you also want to do. A commitment to revamp a story once abandoned is not a light endeavor, and I know that quite well since I'm doing it right now. I don't have quite as (...)