Summoner Legends : a Pokemon Inspired Xanxia/Progression Fantasy

This has been an amazing read!! I started this as a review swap and got sucked into reading even farther than I had planned. The story is interesting and fun to follow but the world building and the Summons are the true stars. The detail in the traditions of this academy and the lore behind the Summons is captivating. The style of writing is good and easy to read with no discrepancies. While I read I didn't find any grammatical errors and there was nothing that took me out of the immersion. All the characters are believable in their actions and all are pretty likable so far. Once I got to the main battle though, that's were I couldn't put this book down. The tension was high and the descriptions of the Summons and their attacks were beautiful! I felt like I was watching an intense episode of Pokemon/Yu-gi-oh. I was at the edge of my seat during the fight till the very end! Overall, this story is a must read for any fan of duelist type stories like Pokémon or Yu-gi-oh. (On a side note, does anyone else get some Blue Dragon vibes?) The characters, story, and world building are all still young at the point I'm at, but I can't wait to get back to the action! Well done!

The Future That Never Was — The Rings Will Rise Again!

(Disclaimer) I am reviewing the PB arc and haven't read any Kitty Kitty. So far I am loving the setting and developing story. My first thought as I read was, this reminds me of Cowboy Bebop with like Duck Dodgers or Howard the Duck. It's a wacky combo that I'm really enjoying. 

Style and Grammar - The writing is very well-written with little to no grammatical errors or misspellings. No jarring misstakes to take you out of the immersion. The style is fun and pretty fasted paced in my opinion. The narrative is a little exposition heavy with some walls of text and little dialogue at first, but it gets better with each chapter. That's a personal gripe but I know it's not a problem for some readers. Some sentences could be cleaned up to be more concise but, overall I really enjoyed reading!

Story- The story is cruising along at a nice pace, not too slow or fast. It takes its time and breathes, while also having some good action and world building mixed in.

Characters - So far the characters are all interesting and I can't wait to dive into them more! They all have tons of personality and feel genuine in their motives and actions. They give me real anime Space Opera vibes and that is so refreshing! I don't see very much excitement around Sci-fi stories and this one has a lot of fans and potential! 

I know I'm early in the story but I'm already invested in these characters and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with them. Well done!

Tales from the Underside: How to Maintain a Questionable System-In-Progress

I can already see this being an obsession to read. The story flows really well and the world building is interesting and thoughtful. I'm really curious to see how the next arc pans out since I'll finished the intro arc, but so far so good.

Style - So, the style of writing is very clear once you start reading the first chapter. I love how much thought goes into the descriptions of the world. My only nit-pick is the walls of exposition, but that's just a personal preference of mine and not a reflection of any shortcomings of the author.

Story - The story, so far, has no real over-arching drive so much as just being an intro into the world and it's many wacky characters. But I dig it as a sort of slice of life progression story.

Grammar - I really didn't see any grammatical mistakes. Seems that the writing has gone through a thorough edit. Very nice.

Character- You can see the intricate planning that went into writing the details of the many named characters throughout, and the short encounters with everyone was leaving me wanting more! I hope the more I dive into the book and it's arcs, the more characters are interacted with (I love dialogue!). The main character is interesting, having a clear personality and major opinions on most, if not all, other characters he interacts with. And the chemistry between the main character and the "god" is awesome!

All in all, excellent start to what I hope continues to be a great story full of compelling and memorable characters!!

The Titan Tragedy

This is an early start to what I hope will be an amazing space adventure. The story is unfolding at a nice pace with plenty of action throughout and good dialogue sprinkled in. 

Style - The style is great, I'm loving the first person perspective (although I'm probably biased because my story is also first-person). The perspective is used to allow us, the reader, to learn everything as the MC learns it, which makes for some really organic storytelling.

Grammar - This is unfortunately the weakest part of the writing. There are several typos and spelling errors, which aren't really bothersome, just noticeable. The really jarring culprit is the way dialogue is formatted. Different characters will speak in the same paragraph with no separation, which causes some confusion or re-reading, especially in the first couple chapters. This can be very distracting, but it isn't a dealbreaker as the story takes center stage.

Story - The story is so interesting and well-written. The world building is amazing so far, and it's as if the whole backstory and history behind earth and mars is fully fleshed out. I am excited to see how the story progresses as we unravel the history of these planets and dive into their future conflict!

Characters - The characters are very well-crafter, and it is interesting to see them overcome obstacles or contemplate their situations. Zeus and Thomas already seem like a great duo, and I love their interactions. They are the best part of the book, just slightly above the compelling plot.

Overall, I am excited to delve more into this intriguing world and it's nuanced history. I've read all that is available and can't wait for more chapters. 

The Man Who Taught The Machine

So far I've read up to chapter 7 and I can definitely say the story has pulled me in. Obviously the basic plot has familiar isekai tropes and honestly reminds me of animes like SAO or Log Horizon. The world seems interesting, and the exposition is very well written even though I'm usually not a fan of walls of text. The character so far doesn't have much of a personality beside just being an AI game developer, but the story is young at the point I've read up to. One thing I personally don't like that many people actually may be fine with is the break in the story that takes you back in time. That always irritates me in shows and stories and that's no different now, but honestly that doesn't reflect bad story telling, just a trope that I'm personally not a fan of. All that being said, I am looking forward to diving more into this story and following a (hopefully) developing main character.


So far I have read up to chapter 6 and I'm glad I stumbled upon this story. I really didn't know what to expect since I didn't pay attention to the tags, but the story hooked me and honestly, the humor kept me reading.

Style - The story's humor and character dialoge had me laughing throughout every chapter. I know the humor will turn off some readers as will the main characters, but if it clicks with you you'll be laughing out loud! Some of the jokes caught me off guard, since I didn't read the warning tags, but it was a pleasant surprise. I hope the funny quips and character interactions continue as I read on.

Story - The story (up to chapter 6) is interesting and the world building is immersive. I definitely saw the Yu-Gi-Oh inspiration as almost like an unabridged series, which I'm definitely enjoying. The world is still a mystery, but it's one that I'm genuinely looking forward to delving into further.

Grammar - So far I haven't noticed anything particularily jarring besides a couple basic typos that could easily be fixed with a quick re-read and edit.

Characters - To reiterate what I said in the style portion, the main characters, jokes, and comedy tropes are hit or miss depending on the reader's comedic preference. Honestly, I would compare it to most fan-service anime. You know, kind of perverted but a little endearing. You either like it or hate it to be frank, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

All in all, I love it and I'll definitely be following this one. Well done so far!

The Dungeon to Rule Them All

Great Intro to the Card-Based LitRpg Genre

I am not familiar with card-based dungeon LitRpgs but so far, the story has me thoroughly intrigued. The world building progresses at a satisfying pace that only makes the story more interesting the more you read. It really piques your interest early on, then hooks you with it's strange nuances. The story starts out pretty fast and slaps on the action right away. It uses the tropes of the LitRpg genre to the best effect of the story while maintaining its own unique identity. And man, the main character is relatable and humorous with a great witty inner monologue. If I had one note to give, it would be that the writing style could benefit from more variety and structure and maybe a quick once over for some typos. But overall, I am captivated by the plot and ready to dive into some more chapters!!