1. Almost Finished!!

      So, I’m about one chapter away from finishing my first book. It’s the first in a series and I’m wondering if I need to put it on hiatus while I’m writing the second one? Because it will prob be a few months (...)

    2. Re: Rising Stars

      Ohhhh, yeah, I’d rather just enjoy my 60 followers and not make RS. I don’t want to deal with review bombers. That can really crush your spirits and motivation.

    3. Re: Rising Stars

      🤣🤣Ahhh, so no real method. Got it, I’ll just continue doing what I’m doing. 👍Thanks everyone!!

    4. Rising Stars

      So what are the qualifications a book has to meet to make it on Rising Stars?

    5. Re: 100k total views, 777 followers

      Nice job!! That’s a massive amount of views and follows!!

    6. Re: Hidden Gems: Mil/Thriller sci fi

      I’m generally curious what counts as Military? Does it have military in it or a military presence? Or does the main character have to serve in the military of whatever alien race or human race in the book? (...)

    7. Re: Gotten Onto Sci-Fi Risising Stars!

      Nice job! Hopefully you can make that push to the main rising stars list!!

    8. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      I’ll slap a little self promotion as well. XD It has been described as a Sci-fi Space Opera with some Mass Effect/Cowboy Bebop vibes. 

    9. Re: ☃️ Weekend Snippets 18/11 | WEEK 68 ❄️ Ooh, Baby! It's COLD Outside! 🥶

      Thanks to the extra backup and the advantage the shock sticks provided, the enforcers were winning the fight against the patrons’ bare fists. As we were exiting the door, I felt Vomero pause. There was (...)

    10. Re: Review swap of 10 chapters

      Same here!! There is just a lot going on! XD

    11. Re: Promote your story by telling me what its video game would be like

      Hmmm, I think it would closely resemble a game like Mass Effect. Something RPG heavily based off of narrative flow and dialogue choices. It’s very character centric and Sci-fi just like Mass Effect.  (...)

    12. Re: 50 by just 4

      That’s an amazing start! Hopefully you get some consistent followers too!! Nice job!

    13. Re: 500 followers, 50k views.

      Congratulations!!! That’s awesome! Here’s to 500 more!! 🍺 

    14. Re: Looking for Sci-Fi or Romance to review

      Hey, if you want to check out my story it’s Sci-fi but not romance. It does have some sexy tension. It’s still ongoing only at chapter 12 currently. You can read the blurb and see if it’s something that (...)

    15. Re: Free* Adventure, Fantasy & Science Fiction Shoutouts

      I would really appreciate a shoutout if you still have room! Here is my Blurb.  Former outlaw Skye Alnasi is a woman of few wants—freedom to roam the galaxy, lucrative opportunities for adventure, and, (...)

    16. Re: Shoutouts for Reviews while I'm still on Rising Stars!

      Oooo, count me in!! If you still have room!

    17. Re: Chapter Length and Frequency of Release

      With the start of the Writathon I’ve actually started a new release schedule with chapters being within 2k-3k. And I’ve bumped up release to be every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Hopefully (...)

    18. Starcaller

      Hey everyone! My story is a first person perspective space adventure set in a unique galaxy. It follows the travels of an Outlaw named Skye Alnasi as circumstances thrust her on to unknown planets in unfamiliar (...)

    19. Re: [OPEN] Free Reviews for Fantasy / Sci-Fi

      I would love a review or comments on my story! It’s sci-fi and still in the early chapters. There will be moments of progression but it’s more about character development and growth with power progression (...)

    20. Re: Get your reviews here.

      Wow!! You already have a massive list of reviews and that’s going to be a lot of reading! XD If my story peaks your interest I would love you to give it a go! Leaving a review would be cool but if you (...)