1. Re: Any Kingdom Hearts Fans

      I heard there was a discourse of Kingdom Hearts. 

    2. Re: 📚 Weekend Snippets 27/1 | WEEK 78 🤓 Only FOUR DAYS Left in The Royal Road Community Magazine #3 Writing (...)

      “Oh, then you get an all-isle pass,” said Rofe, handing everyone a token. “Make sure to keep that on your person at all times or you will be thrown off, Rule-Breaker Peak.” As he finished, Rofe pointed (...)

    3. Re: Review Swaps!!! [Another thread]

      I'm up for doing a review swap if you're still interested. The 10K mark is in Part Four if that helps.

    4. Re: Review Swap Unlimited [New Thread - 17/01/23]

      I'm up for a review swap if you are, the parts that have been revised go up to part four of the series, which is where the 10K mark is at for the story. 

    5. Re: Open for Weekend Swaps!

      I'd love to do a review swap if you're still taking new ones on. Part Four of the story is where the 10K mark is if that helps. 

    6. Re: Open to 10-14k swaps- Any genre

      I'm up for a review if you're still interested. Part four is where both the 10K and 14K marks are located. I can do my review over the weekend if that's all right. 

    7. Re: Promote your story from your favorite comments!

      This story showcases the work of an author who genuinely loves fantasy and dungeons and dragons. This comment made my day. 

    8. Re: I want to review/rate your stuff (~50 followers and below)

      Hey there.  In the last couple of weeks, I've had an small influx of people that have left me ratings and reviews on my stories, and every time it happens it really makes my day (even the lower ones). (...)

    9. Good News Everyone!

      My story hit the 2K mark for reads and is now in the top 10K stories on Royal Roads!

    10. Re: Feedback, Comments, Reviews! (5-8 slots open)

      I'd love to get your thoughts on my story if you'd like to give it a look. Will do! How far do I need to go to hit that magical 10k? It'll be around part four. I'm working on the revisions for that (...)

    11. Re: Feedback, Comments, Reviews! (5-8 slots open)

      I'd love to get your thoughts on my story if you'd like to give it a look.

    12. Re: Weirdest thing you ever put in a book?

      I have a pirate's guild that is over ladened with rules and regulations, a demon puppy that can transform into a monstrous wolf creature and little mud creature that can turn into a spider-like creature. (...)

    13. Re: Review Swaps on Mon/Tues [Open]

      I'm open for a review swap if there's an available slot open.

    14. Re: What is Your MC's Name!

      For the first book of my webserial, my MC is Kveldulf Einarsen, and for the second book it's Jeanne Marais. They're both introduced in the first part of the overall story, so the change isn't too jarring, (...)

    15. Re: 🛳️ Weekend Snippets 20/1 | WEEK 77 🏴‍☠ The Royal Road Community Magazine #3 - All the Entries Are In! 🐬

      Making her way out of her old home, she moved down a small winding dirt path leading to a tree standing tall in a tranquil meadow. The grass was trimmed short around a stone headstone with the etching, (...)

    16. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      New artwork for this week chapter (...)

    17. Re: What if you met your MC in a dark alley?

      I mean, we'd probably go for some drinks and trade stories. 

    18. Re: Real review swap

      I'd love to get your thoughts on the web serial I'm working on.  The Chronicle of the Wolves | Royal Road

    19. Re: Starting a new novel in a series

      Publish under the same title and use the Volumes feature in the author dashboard.  That's what I've been doing for the sequel of my first work and I'm happy that's a fairly easy process to do. 

    20. Re: Going for the Positive! Anyone needing Feedback?

      I'd love your thoughts on the webserial I'm working on, it's an epic high fantasy story inspired by Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and Skyrim. And I started working on revising the first book (...)