A Beginner's Guide to Napping, Sunbathing, and Slaughtering Your Prey

This is great, pure bliss. It makes me laugh and keeps me entertained, trying to guess what's going to happen, which I always fail to do correctly.

I highly enjoy and highly recommend this fiction to all.

Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story

I read up to chapter 8 before leaving this review.

I wasn't expecting much from an esports novel, much less one about a kid playing a MOBA.

And yet, this was great.

It's lighthearted, funny at times, the characters are believable, has a good progression.

It was also great remembering my times playing MOBA, remembering my naive beliefs and how they were crushed (SPOILERS, ranked mode isn't Heaven).

A great novel overall, one I'm glad I took my time to read.

The Hunter

I'm loving this story and I highly recommend it

First, let me tell you I'm a very hard reader to please.

Story, character, style, grammar are well and good, but having an arrogant author saying things like "stop being a pain in the comments or I might stop posting here and make this a Patreon-only story," or obvious false modesty like "this story is garbage, how can you read it?", or similar things have made me stop reading more than one story before. [/end of rant]

That being said, I love this story.

I love it so much, in fact, that I couldn't stop myself from reviewing it after reading only five chapters.

It is simple without being stupid, heartfelt without being overly emotional, has a decent wordbuilding for a xianxia-like story, the characters feel at least two-dimensional, the pacing has reached almost the point of perfection, there are no misplaced infodumps, and the way the author writes (style or voice) resonates well with me.

(At least for now) it's the story of a cultivator god is living a simple mortal life in an alternate universe with mana and magic instead of cultivation.

Everything points to him learning how to love and care for others after a lifetime of cultivation and loneliness, and the way it's being done isn't rushed. There's a clear and believable reasoning to the feelings of both him and his love interest, and it thankfully lacks the nonstop conflict of wuxia/xianxia stories.

It's a slice-of-life story that makes me actually interested in the characters, who aren't just caricatures without a personality. How will the god and the people around him grow as time passes? Will the world be affected by it? How will those around him react when they inevitably learn the truth? Who will be the enemy and how will the god deal with them?

I'm loving this story and I highly recommend it.

Thank you, mister author, for writing it.