1. RE: TTC Revival(?) - Train Summoner

      I would like it better if the train was summoning humans. But since it's all you have, it will do. *eats some krill, stolen by someone no one would guess who it is* Now, that's a pretty elaborated bullshit (...)

    2. RE: A completely innocent title. (The Penguin Infiltration Plot!)

      *remembers he is now a mutated krillbie - krill zombie - that can't resist krill* KRIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL! *eats wolf's hand*

    3. RE: A completely innocent title. (The Penguin Infiltration Plot!)

      Is the challenge still going on? I'll have a finished 120k+ story in about a month.

    4. RE: Jacky needs your help ... again

      Spiders can lead to pretty interesting psychological stuff, like the way she sees the world and how she waves and waits for her pray to come. Scorpions are just, you know, scorpions. And I might be the (...)

    5. RE: How to Join Us

      Hey, welcome. It's somewhat the law of the jungle here in WriTE, so nobody's actually going to stop you from stealing souls... But you may have to recruit someone from the chat yourself if you need help (...)

    6. RE: How to Join Us

      Hey! I am Edward Castle, and I like cookies. I know, I've already been made aware of that all the cookies belong to penguin princess Wing. I can live with that. For a price. I formally request membership, (...)

    7. New LitRPG: Challenge (Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Virtual Reality, Original)

      http://i.imgur.com/81lkoYO.png Challenge - Link Jack’s early life consisted of learning how to get revenge, insubordination and street fighting. He thought his life sucked. Then he killed his parents. (...)