Wander Natamaru

Wander Natamaru

The Pillar of Enera

The Pillar of Enera
by Eric Vanderlip
655 pages

Eight youths leave the arctic to explore Enera, a world where the planet's fractured crust floats in the sky.  They join other adventurers on the Isle of Dreams hoping to one day be inscribed on the Wall of Legends.  While mastering martial arts and magic, they must discover who they are, fend off assassins, and prevent another Dark Age.


The Pillar of Enera is a progression fantasy with light litrpg elements.  It also has the HEAVENLY DAO.  As for what this means, I'll quote one of my reviews:

"This fantasy setting is a Narrative based one. If you don't know, it's like A Practical Guide To Evil in that "Fate" or "Reality" adheres to Narrative Structures. Stuff like the underdog should win; random chance favors the hilarious/entertaining; main characters can't simply be killed off by the mundane. That sort of thing. In a sense it's a wacky sort of Progression System as Narrative Significance can be used to accumulate legitimate power and existence is, fundamentally, unfair in how it plays favorites. Said favorites getting thrown into fires and frying pans because it's funny."
---Endless Paving

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