Tarnished Survivor

I just want to start off the review by mentioning my appreciation for the art in this story. I find it really adds to the tale being able to get a good clear image of the characters and landscapes. Really shows how stuff like AI art can be beneficial to web fictions like these and makes me want to explore it for my own story. 

This is a rewrite of which I read some of the older version. For those who have read the original, this is an almost entirely new start to the story so its worth reading again. Definitely feels like a fresh experience.

The story itself is a dark-ish fantasy set in a gritty medieval setting. It's not as light-hearted as the stories I usually prefer, but found it engaging. If you're looking for something more serious and heavy then you'll probably sink right in.

The characters themselves are all well-defined with unique personalities. Most seem to be pretty hard-headed however which makes them somewhat harder to root for. This probably has more to do with the setting their in and the values of the world being instilled through them at this point than the characters themselves. I expect there will be much development for most involved over time.

The prose itself is pretty solid. Not very often did it feel like something could be worded a little better and only saw one extremely minor grammar error.

If you're looking for a deep fantasy story. Give it a look


Epic Fantasy on a Grand Scale

Manabound is a truly ambitious story. The idea at its core is pretty simple. A mother is transported to a new world, separated from her daughter, and has to find her. But it's not so simple, as there's a full world of fantasy and war standing in her way.

The writing is fantastic. Every word seems carerfully picked by the author and I didn't spot a single error. None, always impressive for this site. The prose flows beautifuly and is extremely vivid and detailed. 

The worldbuilding is definitely a highlight of this fiction. The author lays it all out beautifully to create a living, breathing world. You'll know all about the realms characters are living in, the lives they lead, even the gods they worship. It's like being transported yourself as you read. 

The story is built on intrigue after intrigue. Several tense moments and battles spaced out by delightful scenes where the characters just live and experience the world around them.

There's a lot to be loved in the characters too, each with a personality as unique and defined as the next. Even just a few words about them and you can really get a feel for who they are and their motivations. The cast is pretty big, but the author does a good job sharing the spotlight where it's needed.

To add to the grand scale, the story is told from several, but those outside of the main's never feel like they overstay their welcome. 

I will say that this is really not a light read. Some may find it harder to pick up due to its deep dive and grandiose nature, but if you do, you won't want to put it down. 

Humanity's Last Chance: Rise of The First Necromancer

A System Apocalypse is on the way, so what does the main character do? Make himself sexier for his wife. There's some stat bonuses that come with it too, but the man has his priorities straight. Respect. 

The story is very well written, and it is quite humorous and somewhat lighthearted despite the stakes at play. While the premise is fairly standard for a system apocalype, the author thinks about things that others don't, such as how the MC will have to explain to their family that they've become a magical neromancer who likes like Netflix's Geralt.

The concept that the system was open to suggestions was quite interesting as well, and even taking their tutorial guide's fate into account. The system itself is fairly standard so far but there's plenty of room for it to get creative as I expect it will. I'm personally enjoying the pacing, but others may find it a touch slow for a system apocalypse. A lot of time has been spent on the setup, but it was thorough and enjoyable.

It seems the author has had a fair share of corrections thrown their way in the comments, but I didn't come across any when reading, so it seems they're being quite diligent about fixing any mistakes. 

The characters are what really shine, they're brimming with personality. Even the emotionally dead system guide has some touching moments.

It will be interesting to see how this Witcher wannabe manages to survive the apocalypse with his wife and dog (nothing better happen to the dog) in tow.

Deals With Deities: A Beginner's Guide

The story starts out with a bang in the first chapter through great action and you really get a feel for the main character's personality. What follows is some strong world building and an steadily expanding cast of interesting characters. 

The protagonist is an unapologetic rough-neck who sticks to her guns, pun only mildly intended, while the supporting cast shows off the authors ability to write many different personalities.

The setting so far is typical of what you'd expected in a western, but I'm imagining we'll see some creativeness come forward as the story touches more on The Etheral. Marks seem fascinating, and I'm excited to learn more about them. 

As someone who hasn't read or watched a lot of westerns, the dialogue and writing style did take some getting used to, and I had to reread a few sentences, but by the end I found it flowing well.

I do have to take a few points off for grammar. It's nothing that makes it unreadable, but it could certainly do with some polish. It can take you out of it a bit, but hopefully by the time you've read this review the author has tightened things up and this point is no longer valid.

I look forward to see where this adventure takes Rowena as I'm sure she's thrown into more situations against her will.

Ceres Chaos [Exosuit Progression] (300k Words)

In a future where humanity has somehow managed to not go extinct against all odds, our charming and witty scifi story takes place. The opening prologue is awesome and really sets the mood and tone for the overall galactic conflict and setting. 

Things slow down a bit as we get to the main story, focusing on our MC who is trying his best to improve his life in this new landscape. The MC himself is very clever and entreprenaul, taking advantage of the unique concepts and needs of this setting. 

The worldbuilding is phenomenal, and you really get sucked into it. The author also goes into great detail of the tech and lifestyles of this world to really add to the sci-fi ambience. Not to mention the interesting races and fully fleshed out history that is surprisingly compelling. This is coming from someone who hated history class. 

The prose is strongly written with only a few small grammar errors I found, nothing that ruins the flow or feel of the story. Certainly nothing that merits deducting score for. 

Overall, it has the potential to be a new sci-fi classic and I look forward to seeing how the story progresses. 

One Moo'r Plow [Minotaur farming LITRPG]

One Moo'r Plow (great name) is your standard cozy farming story with a beefy twist. A man reborn as a minotaur wanting to run away from the world of violence decides to take up the plow. It's still a simple idea nonetheless but very well executed. Even still, the story is well-paced with plenty of new developments at every turn. 

There is a system in the story, but the author does a good job keeping it from getting overbearing. You know what every skill does without getting bogged down in the specific wording. The more interesting part is how all these skills designed for combat can be useful in every day farming life. The prose is very punchy and quick to the point in general too.

The MC is pretty great and oddly my favorite. I'm usually more partial to side characters, but this simple farmer stuck in a minotaur just exudes charm. That said, the side characters are pretty strong too. It's rare to see a story of different races where they all mix well without much tension, definitely adds to the cozy atmosphere. Also, there's a bear-monster friend.

There were a few small faults in the grammar. Nothing egregious, just the occasional typo, but it really didn't detract from the story.

Overall, a very fun read if you like cozy farming or rampaging minotaur, a blend that somehow works in this story. 

The Infinite Spear (A Sci-fi Progression Fantasy)

The world-building in this story is amazing. Normally, I'd save mentioning that until later but it couldn't wait. It really blew me away. I'm a sucker for good world-building and this really drew me in. The author manages to dive so deep into this completely unique setting and does it without the story ever feeling like it's slogging, truly impressive. If you like being completely encapsulated in the world of a story, this books is reading just for that alone.

The prose of the story is very well written on top of it with no grammar issues I could find. A solid read mechanically through and through. The story itself is quite engaging and had me constantly guessing where it was going and the uniqueness and intrigue of the sci-fi aspects really give the story its own unique charm. The action that the author has shown has been fantastic so far and I can tell it's building to a lot of fantastic battles in the future.

The cast of characters are all very unique so far, each with individual personalities that shine. The main's personality is the only one that has felt slightly off. He's snarky, very snarky, far too snarky than his back story and tragic life up to this point. Obviously, it could just be humor in tragedy, but it still feels a bit off. It feels kind of like the author set up what his personality should be after a bit of growth and power to back it up but didn't quite showcase the character's development to get to that point.

Regardless, it's a minor gripe in an otherwise fantastic story and the uniqueness of everyone else more than makes up for it. This is a great read if you want a character growing against all odds and a completely unique sci-fi dystopia. 

Odyssey of the Ethereal

Top of the Tower to Topple the God

Oydssey of the Ethereal really nailed the name. The main character certainly has an odyssey ahead of them. They've been given the egregigiously difficult task of climbing ten towers where most struggle to accomplish even one. She has plenty of cheats to aid her, but even then she still has to grow. Where I'm at in the story, she has yet to even start the first tower, so it will be a long exciting adventure.

The world she's found herself in is fantastic. The author does a great job of making it feel unique with alien concepts and vivid descriptions. Having the history of it told through paintings the MC finds was absolutely brillaint. Can't wait to see what unique landscapes we still have left to discover.

The MC herself is very emotive with a strong personality. She's both internally and externally outspoken and happy to share all her amusing thoughts with the reader. While she isn't the strongest or smartest, she's fun to follow and easy to root for.

Overall, the prose is well written, though it can be a bit trippy at times and not the easiest to follow. For me, that just adds to the feel of the world and story. It's a confusing place and experience for the MC so we get that same feeling. The action is gripping and engaging as well.

I only found a couple of minor issues while reading so far: the occasional typo and some things feel overly descripted. Some of the wording just overstressing points and not really needed.

That aside, it is a fantastic story with a ton of life and depth, looking forward to diving more into this world.

Dual Class

Not your typical Isekai

Dual Class is a refreshing take on isekai. It's not just following one character sent to another world and given OP powers to compensate for the convenience. Rather, a whole swath of humans, and allegedly other creatures that are yet to be seen, have been sent to a game-like setting to fullfill some cosmic purpose.

But it's not a game. Everything is real, as are the stakes. The violence is gritty and death is just a misstep away. Even with growing stats, things certainly won't be easy for anyone involved. As expected, everything goes to hell and the MC sets off on his own to try and to survive.

Overall, the story is well told with good pacing, can't complain about anything there. It keeps the tension while still being able to stay light-hearted which I enjoyed. The pacing is good and nothing felt like it dragged.

For characters, the main is okay, a bit arrogant and hard to root for so far but he's getting there. I'm glad I read up to the point where some of the side-cast gets focus since that's where the characters really start to shine, each with their own distinctive personalities.

For grammar and style, the story is well told but could still use some polish. Very few actual spelling errors, but it could use a punctuation pass. There's definitely a good amount of spots that could use a comma, and a couple other places where punctuation isn't used correctly. Nothing major really, and nothing that makes it hard to understand or read the story, just a bit of editing to make it shine. 

This world has engrossed me, and I'm looking forward to where things go from here. 

Gunsmith Materialmancer - [Modern Firearms Crafting LitRPG]

Gunsmith Materialmancer is a lovely look into the world of firearms manufacturing. From someone with no knowledge or experience with the subject, I feel I'm learning quite a bit about it. At times, there can be a few terms and specific models mentioned that a casual reader such as myself probably won't know, but I didn't let it slow me down. However, it may cause some lengthy google sessions for others if you want to know everything.

The story is classic isekai to start, but doesn't devolve into the usual world ending conflict. It's just about a wolfgirl who wants to make guns in another world. After a quick but of family and world introduction, we're already off to the gunmaking without wasting any more time.

This story is definitely more about the method than the madness. It focuses on making the weapons instead of actually using them, though I imagine it's going to build to a point where they're needed eventually. The author does a great job explaining the intricacies of the magical systems and methodologies that many others would leave out or overlook. 

The characters are pretty unique with their own personalities. Some do seem a bit convenient at times, such as a sister who can do exactly what the MC needs. It seems that this is more to ease the flow and pace though which I get for this kind of story, so time doesn't need to be spent finding someone who can do it.

Grammar and style could definitely use some polish. There's a tense issue now and again and the occasional incorrect word. Everything gets across though and I imagine the author will edit the minor errors the future.

Overall, if you like more chill crafting stories, then this is for you. It's very relaxing, and very informative. Some great light reading whether you're super into firearms or not.