1. Re: Reached 9,000 views. Celebrating with a new Cover!

      After reading the forum title I was going to say you should have waited until you got one more view, but you beat me to it. Congrats on the views and the new cover looks great!

    2. Re: How to write more around a 9-to-5?

      It helps if you try to dedicate a specific time to it so your brain learns to associate it with that time. Like say you're going to try to write every night from 8-9. It develops a nice habit, and even (...)

    3. Re: I am new

      Hello there and welcome! The first step on the forums at least is to make sure you put your fiction in your signature so people can get to it easily (Settings > Forums > Edit Signature) There's an easy (...)

    4. Re: Royal Road Divination

      I got 'New World - New Beginning' by Yucatero. Either I'm about to get a new opportunity in life OR I'm going to be hit by a truck and isekaid any moment.

    5. Re: My story got featured on Facebook and Twitter of some Royal Road account

      Pretty cool indeed. Didn't know that was something that could happen lol.

    6. Re: Epic Fantasy?

      My book, Fiends For Hire, is a modern fantasy if that's something your open to. Has the rest of your requirements and just hit 1000 pages yesterday.

    7. Re: Reached 500 followers

      Very impressive! You're killing it. I'm sure you'll reach your goal

    8. 1,000 Pages Posted

      Todays upload brought me over the big 1000 for my novel, Fiends For Hire. I'm currently sitting on roughly another 500 pages in backlog too. So if you're interested in a long lighthearted Modern Fantasy (...)

    9. Re: New Author here

      Welcome welcome! This site always needs more comedy so I hope you find a following! Be sure to put your fiction in your signature so people can find it easier. (Settings > Forums > Edit Signature). (...)

    10. New Covert Art!

      Here's the new cover I commissioned for my series, Fiends For Hire. It was done by Fulminaire on twitter. I love it every time I look at it. https://i.imgur.com/c9noZOR.png

    11. Re: Idea sharing

      I think most authors already have MORE than enough of their own ideas, there is no room left in their brains to be stealing ideas off of random posts on the forums! :)) Don't worry about "idea theft" there (...)

    12. Re: 1 Volume down, 2 to go!

      Holy heck that's quite the achievement! Goodluck with your remaining 2 volumes!

    13. Re: Need a few new series to binge.

      Hey there! If you have any interest in modern fantasy mine can certainly be binged. It should be breaking 1000 pages tomorrow with a lot more on the way!

    14. Re: I need some feedback for my synopsis.

      I would say the second is better but the first isn't bad. The last sentence is probably the weakest part of the first so if that got some tweaking the first would be viable too.

    15. Re: Reached 500 views!

      A solid milestone! It's great you're listening to your feedback and improving. It'll drive the views up that much more.

    16. Re: I just hit 50,000 words

      Quite impressive. For reference the average novel is ~90k words so you're already over halfway there!

    17. Re: First time reaching 40k views! F yeah!

      Congrats! An impressive number indeed! A weird hook and a desire to write can be all you need even if it is originally just a joke.

    18. Re: The Algorithm

      Congrats on the early success! You should be sure to put your fiction in your signature so people can find it easier (Settings > Forums > Edit Signature) As for rankings, I'm pretty sure it's entirely (...)

    19. Re: Just uploaded my first chapter!

      Good luck. Everyone has to start someone! Hope people check it out and you get the feedback you're looking for.

    20. Re: First 1000 views!

      Congrats! It felt so good when I hit my first thousand so I know how you feel. Keep up the good work and keep climbing!