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      Awesome! Here's to 100 more!  :DrakanWine:

    2. Re: Shoutouts for Advanced Reviews while I'm on Rising Stars (Open)

      Smart, I had one who clearly didn't read the story when I did this.  :DrakanZip:

    3. Re: 60 followers!

      Awesome work. Keep it up!

    4. Re: Hi guys!

      Welcome and good luck with your fiction!

    5. Re: Last chapter of Tunnel Rat 2nd arc is finished...

      I'm pretty sure your arcs are just books lol. Congrats nonetheless. 

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      Congrats! Keep hoarding them and refuse to let go.

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      Good luck with your fiction! Hope you receive some great feedback.

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      Welcome and good luck with your story! Hope you receive some great feedback

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      Welcome and good luck with your fiction! Hope you receive some great feedback.

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      Congrats! You've caught them all. Present it to the professor to obtain a shiny charm.

    11. Re: Tiny spark wizard

      Looks like mysterious fires happen wherever he goes.

    12. Re: Any Kingdom Hearts Fans

      Still one of my favorite series. All the consoles was damn annoying yeah, but at least you can play them all in one place now. Story def had some problems, but so much fun to play. Looking forward to the (...)

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      I actually just broke 400 myself so I'm hot on your heels!  Just as you're cleaning up after the drinking party I'm seeing talk about above, I'll show up to an empty room filled with drained glasses and (...)

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      Awesome! That was quite the writing session, hopefully work isn't too horrible today.

    15. Re: Find me Villains! Minions of Royal Road ( Superhero story’s are ok, prefer Dastardly villains)

      Not quite villain, but if you're interested in anti-hero who do some very dark things on occasion with secret master plans in the background, then feel free to check mine out.

    16. Re: Any series wherein the MCs powers are based around plant and/or fungi control?

      Finally, one of these that applies to my story lol. My MC's ability is to absorb the plants around them and use that energy to create new plants he can control. Feel free to take a look if interested.

    17. Re: Book done and on to another one

      Congrats! Good luck on the next one.