1. Re: What is your MC's Theme song?

      For my characters it is three songs. As I am now writing a story that is focusing on three main characters.  For Marak, Werbowaja Doszczeczka by Werchowyna. For Volas, it is Rasti by Laboratorium (...)

    2. Re: I want to review/rate your stuff (~50 followers and below)

      I'm not sure if you are still offering free reviews and critiques. But I'll like an honest review of my story. If you read the entirety of my story (which is only 44 chapters) I'll gladly read the entirety (...)

    3. Re: Fun Little Question😁

      My characters in the case of feats are pretty unremarkable. With the case of Marak, he is a pretty good fighter who is also stronger than the average human body builder. Really, he is more like any typical (...)

    4. Re: Thoughts on bigoted language?

      Bigotry is not just a characterization of someone but a cultural factor they have inherited. Hatred and bigotry don't stem out of the blue, it is a learned behaviour that they learned from their environment. (...)

    5. Re: Promote your story by talking about the backstory.

      The people of Cinaris love their butter. They have factories and industries just dedicated to the production of butter. Like cheese, they have different flavours of butter and styles that are unique to (...)

    6. Re: Three extremely important philosophical questions

      Should one live strictly according to a schedule to know the right time for every action? Unless you have the ability to see into the future you can't know the right time to make the best action. Living (...)

    7. Re: How deep in shit are you?

      I think I can beat the shit out of the farmer from Farming Simulator 16. So I am completely fine.

    8. Re: Western or Eastern? (Help us pick a theme for our new event!!!)

      Why choose one when you can choose both? Both have their strengths and combining them can make for some unique fantasy soup. A mix of nature and spirituality, a combination of how we interact with both (...)

    9. Re: Wanna rant? I am all ears.

      Being really smart is good. But honestly being an honest idiot has its virtues. I want to be the dumbest person in the room, and not understand the depressing life that we live in. I want to live life (...)

    10. Re: ruin my day with a single pun.

      I hate how my bicycle is always two tired to do anything. I also find it odd that german kids are always Kinder.

    11. Re: whining corner

      There is no hope for any positive movement. Any group who claims they want reformist or revolutionary change that benefits the common people are most likely morons. If you think protest is what challenges (...)

    12. Re: Worldbuilding is Overrated

      While I agree that worldbuilding is a tool and an important part of storytelling. I won't say it is overrated, just at times badly utilized. The scale of worldbuilding will change depending on how far (...)

    13. Re: Promote your story by explaining your favourite aspect of it

      My favourite aspect is how much I can shit on the entire thing.

    14. Re: Promote your story by telling me what's unique to it

      Revolution and rebellion are necessary components to fight injustice. However, they should always be avoided if necessary for they are inherently violent and destructive.  The main thesis of the story, (...)

    15. Re: Promote you story by answering these questions:

      Well, this will be fun  First question: For Marak, yes, only because it's food. Volas will however have a bloody fit and will call that an cultural abomination. Second question: Handcock. Because (...)

    16. Re: Thoughts on animation through AI?

      I say this is an amazing leap in technology. I think it is a good tool and over time people will develop it further into something neat. I don't want it to go away, I will love it to develop into something (...)

    17. Re: What's troubling you?

      I ran out of milk to drink and I don't have the money to get anymore.

    18. Re: Promote your story by writing a poem about it.

      I saw the leaves of poppy trees fall From lands I once call home, I cared for the soil and harvest the land From lands that were my home, But when war is sung I again took up arms To fight in lands (...)

    19. Re: paste the 23rd sentence of your story.

      From the first chapter. They would have answered our screams and cries for help. But they never came.