1. Re: Is my novel a commercial failure?

      No, not all of the stories that hit Popular this Week were on Rising stars. One of my stories hit RS the day before I got Covid and immediately dropped off when I quit posting chapters. The other was (...)

    2. Re: Is my novel a commercial failure?

      You running an ad? Because IMO, you're a single ad purchase or some shoutouts away. To be clear, getting onto RS does not equate to commercial viability. It only helps grease the wheels once you're (...)

    3. Re: I'm so grateful to Royal Road and highly thankful.

      3. Bookclubs- I don't have a problem with a list of weekly assignments. Just don't expect me to run at this like it's a full-time job. I have a life outside of Wattpad. I also work five days a week, (...)

    4. Re: I really regret releasing chapters so fast...

      Nothing prevents you from deleting it and starting again. Edit: at a second glance, your chapters are also ~8k a head, so you could potentially gain to split those into smaller chunks.

    5. Re: 💓I'm not an expert, I just write from the heart💓

      I'd say that I shoot from the gut, but it's more accurate to say that all my writing comes from my sphincter.

    6. Re: Your RR novel becoming something much more

      HBO Max Live Action or bust.

    7. Re: I'm so grateful to Royal Road and highly thankful.

      Oh, webnovel and it's silly, silly system.

    8. Re: Story of me, doing some antics in a certain writer forum

      This reminds me of those moments where you're traveling in a country but don't speak the language, and you use wifi to look up nearby restaurants or whatever, but because you're on local internet, you (...)

    9. Re: Idea: Countdown for Moving to KU

      I think the onus should go to authors whether they want to announce it or not, and in what means they'll do it. IMO, MelasD did it best by literally putting it in the title for Salvos.  If there is (...)

    10. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback

      I'm always in the market for feedback. After a deadly contagion reduced the world’s population into mindless, undead cannibals, the ruins of America still teem with activity, as some of the dead have (...)

    11. Re: RR Tier List

      I personally don't understand why they put Hydroid in C-tier. If you stack the luck mod with his ult and have a Skeeva Kavat, you're basically a printing press for orokin cells for nodes like Helena.  (...)

    12. Re: I made it to rising stars.... I'm going to cry

      I remember the first moment I noticed I was on the RS SF sublist. After like 5 months of treading water, I felt I finally saw the path to victory.  It really is such a great feeling. Congratz!

    13. Re: Now I am totally confused!

      Posts like this remind me of my favorite Neil Gaiman quote: Remember: when people tell you something’s wrong or doesn’t work for them, they are almost always right. When they tell you exactly what they (...)

    14. Re: What's a unique main base location for a zombie story?

      I've got another one... A cemetery with an attached mortuary.  :peogiggle:

    15. Re: Do you think they should make this?

      Yes, they should. Having an opt-in announcement section would give readers a chance to follow their authors without forcing them to go off-site or click in regularly. I'm sure readers would appreciate (...)

    16. Re: Deletion of an entire story.

      Part of that will be because of your lack of cover art and an unpolished blurb. These are your main points of contact with readers, and if you lose them there, they're gone. Where did you (...)

    17. Re: What is good progress in terms of followers?

      You can be in Rising Stars almost immediately, but you need to get at least 100 followers a day at least. You can theoretically be in Rising Stars with one chapter. You just need several hundreds followers (...)

    18. Re: What is good progress in terms of followers?

      Didn't you get most of that followers in the day? After an advertisement, perhaps? Nope. It was a pretty consistent ~30 per day. Once I was on the main list, it did most of the work for me by providing (...)