1. Re: Are you affected?

      Well, I've stopped following the Wandering Inn since its topics drifted off to bestiality and necrophilia... and other questionable fan-services, so why doesn't this surprise me. In any case, you are (...)

    2. Re: Are you affected?

      And I'd like to know what evidence or argument could be presented to you that would let you accept that the situation is severe enough for current governments' actions to be justified.  Like I already (...)

    3. Re: Are you affected?

      As a side note about the bet on 100.000k deaths... if Corona is a true threat as it is reported right now, there should be millions. Wait, you're saying that Austria, a country of 10 million, will (...)

    4. Re: Are you affected?

      The healthcare system may or may not collapse, but not because of the virus. If it does, it will collapse because the media are driving the average person insane and people with nothing to fear are going (...)

    5. Re: Are you affected?

      Please don't smash your head into that wall. I bet you those skittles that it will hurt you more than Corona ever will.

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      Of course there are far more cases than being reported. Corona is a version of the flu, and despite everything politics is doing right now, most of humanity will be infected by the end of the year. All (...)

    7. Re: Are you affected?

      No. By that logic, looking at the death-toll is the only way to judge whether Korona was a real concern or not. And it is the only factor that's the least likely to be influenced by opinion or group hysteria. (...)

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      Let's just wait for the death tolls at the end of the year and check then whether it was media induced hysteria or a bad flu season.

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      The flu also has no vaccine. You get the flu from a myriad of viruses and the one which has one is like 10% of those. I am not laughing it off. It's just that people are taking measures that are out of (...)

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      The hospitals are overfilled because people are overreacting! Because the media pisses the fear into their brains! Everyone who has a cough runs now into the hospital even if he had nothing. I bet that (...)

    11. Re: Are you affected?

      I think it's a perfect example of how media and politics can blow something completely out of proportion and cause a mass-hysteria which affects the economy for nothing. In China's case, China reacted (...)

    12. Re: What Word Processor to use when writing stories?

      Libre Office? Then cross-check with Grammarly.

    13. RE: For author's only: How is the best way to respond to your readers?

      I mostly ignore such rants. My stories are planned out from the start, so there is nothing I can do about it during the writing process :) There is always someone who doesn't like something. So the (...)

    14. RE: Need Help with thinking of Legendary creatures, any suggestions?

    15. RE: Is torture ever right?

      If you know/are certain that someone is guilty and has the information you need to save lives... then I see no problem with grilling him. (If he is receptible to torture. Whatever people say about ineffectiveness, (...)

    16. RE: About Gender Bender tag

      The tags are there to hint at a major theme in your story, so that people can search for it. Imagine yourself searching for gender bender and the story you get has a side-character who appears once every (...)

    17. RE: The difference between romance novel and porn?

      The one thing that's really strange to me: Romance stories in which the characters never even touch each other. I mean... wtf. Are those characters even human? Of course there are stories which are (...)

    18. RE: Is winging it while writing a bad thing?

      I don't think that you have to be necessarily either of those. When I devise a new story, I draw a mind map of the plot and where I want to go. How the world looks like and the relationship between (...)

    19. RE: How in the hell do I get a decent 100 x 100 pixel picture for my profile?

      1) Install Gimp. 2) Take a nice picture. 3) Scale it down to 100x100 4) Export to the format of your choice. Done.

    20. RE: Is this normal?

      Yes, there seems to be a bug which pushes Fictions up the ladder. Actually happened to my fictions too. Especially my first story UD? got suddenly 100k views a month ago... even though it's long finished (...)