1. Re: What Word Processor to use when writing stories?

      Libre Office? Then cross-check with Grammarly.

    2. RE: For author's only: How is the best way to respond to your readers?

      I mostly ignore such rants. My stories are planned out from the start, so there is nothing I can do about it during the writing process :) There is always someone who doesn't like something. So the (...)

    3. RE: Need Help with thinking of Legendary creatures, any suggestions?

    4. RE: Is torture ever right?

      If you know/are certain that someone is guilty and has the information you need to save lives... then I see no problem with grilling him. (If he is receptible to torture. Whatever people say about ineffectiveness, (...)

    5. RE: About Gender Bender tag

      The tags are there to hint at a major theme in your story, so that people can search for it. Imagine yourself searching for gender bender and the story you get has a side-character who appears once every (...)

    6. RE: The difference between romance novel and porn?

      The one thing that's really strange to me: Romance stories in which the characters never even touch each other. I mean... wtf. Are those characters even human? Of course there are stories which are (...)

    7. RE: Is winging it while writing a bad thing?

      I don't think that you have to be necessarily either of those. When I devise a new story, I draw a mind map of the plot and where I want to go. How the world looks like and the relationship between (...)

    8. RE: Idea for People With English as a Second Language

      I don't see or get your point at all. Where is the evidence on which you are building your theory? - First of all up until now I didn't come accross a *well/good* translation up until now. Most of the (...)

    9. RE: How in the hell do I get a decent 100 x 100 pixel picture for my profile?

      1) Install Gimp. 2) Take a nice picture. 3) Scale it down to 100x100 4) Export to the format of your choice. Done.

    10. RE: Is this normal?

      Yes, there seems to be a bug which pushes Fictions up the ladder. Actually happened to my fictions too. Especially my first story UD? got suddenly 100k views a month ago... even though it's long finished (...)

    11. RE: Native language x English

      I seriously don't know how it works with portuguese, but writing german first and then translating it is an absolute no. (Faceslap to all translators our there in the world.) First it loses in the translation (...)

    12. RE: Tabletop RPGs, someone?

      The lack of people/authors doesn't help.

    13. RE: Rant on Reviewing

      Since you wanted it, here a honest reply to your rant and covered advertising: -The first chapter is simply boring, it doesn't pull you in. There is no central theme to pick up storywise. It's just (...)

    14. RE: Reviewing a Battle Scene

      There is no real rule, but in my opinion: A fighting scene should never be longer than 500-1000 words. Neva eva! But: There are exceptions from the rule, like really important Bossfights with a twist (...)

    15. RE: Reviewing a Battle Scene

      I really like the writing and the pace. The english is also very understandable. If I had to nit-pick about something, then it's that it was a dumb fight. What do I mean by dumb fight: It's that it (...)

    16. RE: Compendium of Fantasy Beasts

    17. RE: "Reincarnation" and "transported to another world" tags

      I want a fucking cloud of tags like the categories on:

    18. RE: ProofReading/Editing

      Proofreading is only fun if the story interests someone. But if you are bored and find mistakes in Until Death?, Transcendence? or Beyond? I am always happy about them being pointed out. At least I (...)

    19. RE: Why RoyalRoad no mascot!?

      I always wanted to ask, but is the penguin a hidden reference to Linux?

    20. RE: would anyone like to help this idiot in creating new races?

      I want Cuddles! Cute, little, furry creatures which live in big trees. Their society is focused on worshipping nature and they have a strong hierarchical structure. While they are physically not very (...)