Fire and Shadows. Legend of the breaker. (Hiatus until ??)

     I waited until chapter 11 to write this review to get a better feel of the story and the author, and I must say that I'm not dissapointed.

     The style this story takes is just like that of most published novels in that it is telling the overall story chapter by chapter, and with decent sized chapters at that, with a writing style that supports the overall narrative.

     The story so far has developed rather well and follows the MC on his quest for revenge and to find answers to questions he most certantly won't want to ask. It is a high adventure story that is still in it's infancy but when completed will most likely be a fan favorite on the site.

     Not much to say about the grammar of this story since there are little to no mistakes(that I could find). The author is able to protray his characters with well written and structured sentences and paragraphs that flow along with the story every chapter.

     This is where the story shines. The characters and how they interact with one another is simply marvelous. Their conversations seem to flow naturally and you can feel their thought patterns and what makes up their personality. With a few paragraphs you can feel part of a characters motivations and driving will behind them. The only downside is that the side characters are barely fleshed out with minimal interaction with the main cast, but that is most likely a side affect of the story still being in it's early stages of writting and can easily be fixed in later chapters.

Overall Score:5/5
     This story is one that has impressed me to no end and I eagerly await new chapters. I cannot recomend this enough to convey that you should read this story, this classic in the making, other than that you would love this story and enjoy it as much as I have.

Orc Lord

A very good Reincarnation, into a monster story

Just like my title says this is a very good Monster Reincarnation story set with a female lead that knows whats on the up and up about how to get around her new monster lifestyle.

Style: 4.5/5 
    The author is working with the short novel page length releases that are well detailed and not bogged down or bloated with useless information or big blue boxes. It might not be for everyone who enjoys longer chapters but is good nontheless.

Grammar: 5/5
    I am not an english teacher, but I do read a lot and I have not noticed any glaring mistakes in the writing.

Story: 5/5
   The story starts off with your typical death in the real world but it skips the talking to a god/goddes part and gets right to being born, as an orc. Not just any orc but a fat pig orc common in Japan and different than western versions. The first few chapters have the MC come to terms with her new race and other things you must learn to do as a baby. She quickly grows up over the couse of 7 days and begins training in earnest with the village cheif. The story progesses and has a common system the orcs use to have children instantly become adults after killing a strong magical monster. The story quickly moves on from there and expands what the MC can do and her limitations.

Character: 4.5/5
   Our MC is our only POV so far into the story(chapter 12) but what we get from her is someone who is just naturally determined to get stronger even without themselves knowing it. She does regret dying but has not let that hold her back from careing about her new mother or become dead set about her old life. I would just like to see the other characters get some sort of development as well(this happens like 3 chapters later).

Overall: 5/5
   It is my personal belief that this story will make it into the top 20 list just for it's good writing and the basis of this story idea, that has been tried multiple times, but this one seems to take it into a different, but also a better direction than others that are obviously just trying to copy others work.

I am really looking forward to where this author takes us in their journey.