1. Re: Callisto Protocol

      I used to love Dead Space as a kid. Is Callisto Protocol any good? I remember the trailer being hype  Yes it is awesome, also it is worth getting the season pass.

    2. Re: Views

      That's a great start! You'll hit in 100 in no time, and then who knows?  Congrats. I have it on good authority that 101 will come next. Did not see that coming.

    3. Callisto Protocol

      I know a lot of people are irritated by the new "dead space" game, but is it just me that thinks it is a banger of a game. Sure if you are a hard veteran of the horror genre then you need a higher dose, (...)

    4. Re: Views

      I did not know that. Thx I will do that right now.


      I have 4 chapters which is a good start so far, but I did not expect that I would have 70 views already. I just want to thank you guys for that, that really gives me a mood boost even if one person reads (...)

    6. New Fiction

      Finally worked up the nerve to start my own fiction. It is slow going but now I got all of the background done its full steam ahead!

    7. Re: In the Future

      I see.... these replies are good review material for my future human.... ahem I mean, for future questions and thoughts.

    8. In the Future

      So, we all know that one day the internet will go down or the servers will blow up, but what if aliens or some kind of new species dominate the earth and read your stories and fictions. How ashamed or (...)