1. Re: Depression

      I suffered with depression for most of my life, and then I discovered that my brain was lacking something, kinda like when you don't get enough nutrients in your diet, and you feel tired all the time. (...)

    2. Re: Got A.I. to write my story for me!

      The fact that you got 10 ratings from 214 views is interesting, and I'm sure those all came from other writers. I'm sure you can understand why many authors are anti this, and in some ways marking (...)

    3. Re: I think a bot is posting review at my story

      I have seen an increase of bot posts on the forums, it will be scary if they start giving reviews.

    4. Re: Anyone else plagued by the feeling of your writing being “never good enough?”

      Not being satisfied with your writing is not always a bad thing, when you are bad at something you look for ways to improve, and you study 'better' writers and learn from them. When you feel you have mastered (...)

    5. Re: Cooldowns and Mana Usage for abilities

      I find mana management to be the least interesting. It gives characters a lot of flexibility on skill/ spell usage but it tends to lead to characters spamming one or two spells over and over. Also it's (...)

    6. Re: On the subject of mass release Patreon campaigns

      Sounds fine, you set a goal and if the goal is reached then x amount of bonus chapters are released. Nothing wrong with that.

    7. Cooldowns and Mana Usage for abilities

      I'm wondering what the best system, narratively speaking, would be for preventing spells and abilities from being spammed in combat. If I use a mana system it's another bar to track, which is tricky (...)

    8. Re: Does the author have an obligation to finish his story?

      It's a two-edged sword, if web novel writers keep dropping stories then readers will start loosing faith in the platform which will mean fewer readers in general or fewer people supporting patreon. My (...)

    9. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      For me, the point of adverts is not to get you followers, it's to get you onto the front page of rising stars as early in your story as possible. So for me, it's about how many chapters would I have had (...)

    10. Re: ‘Imagination’ based magic casting is the worst.

      I actually prefer imagination based magic, for me, it creates more powerful emotional moments that would be ruined by technical details. Our bodies are more imagination based, we think where we want to (...)

    11. Re: Magical girls appearing

      The best way to see if it's a trend is to see if it is trending elsewhere, for example, a current big anime title or a newly launched or upcoming game or series. eg. Maybe they're doing a remake of Sailor (...)

    12. Re: Wanted: Patreon Tricks and Tips!

      If you do setup multiple tiers it means having to repost the same chapter at different times or just edit each chapter allowing new tiers access, but that needs to be done each time a new chapter comes (...)

    13. Re: First Review after migrating to RR!

      That's great, I see you released about 18 chapters at the same time, generally you want to space those out to attract maximum viewers as each time you post a chapter your story appears on LATEST UPDATES (...)

    14. Re: Weird Review

      Your story does have the gender bender and female lead tags so it's on the reader for not getting what they expected. I wouldn't worry about it but if you see more comments like this, or you see a drastic (...)

    15. Re: Completed novel: should I post the whole thing at once?

      One of the things many readers enjoy about webnovels is that the story is alive and evolving in front of them. They get to give feedback which can influence the writing process and that makes the reader (...)

    16. Re: 🙄"RoyalRoad wasn't a right platform for your kind of story!"

      I don't think a feel good answer helps writers grow, so I'll be honest, the truth is that certain genres do better on different sites, if you are serious about getting the maximum amount of viewers possible (...)

    17. Re: Happiness is overrated?

      I think life needs highs and lows, contrasts make moments more impactful. Having a happy moment during a shitty day can turn your life around. I don't believe that happiness is overrated, but I do think (...)

    18. Re: Cover feedback!

      I just touched up my book cover below and would like to know what you wonderful people think of it. Feel free to rate it out of ten. If you're just seeing the old one with a silhouette at the top just (...)

    19. Re: A Regulation or Tool to Proof Human creation

      I think the issue is when whole books or chapters are spat out by AI clogging the websites so human authors (whether they use AI help or not) are not visible anymore. There could be a new option on (...)

    20. Re: Newly posted author seeks styling advice

      Readers can choose what font they want to read in and the size of their font so the one you choose doesn't matter that much. Its under readers preference on the story page.