by Amsdoff
845 pages

A discussion of people, monsters, and the nature of reality, all with the scenic backdrop of a litRPG and violent death.

Anthony is your average, unassuming programmer that wakes up from a dream only to find the world he knew is gone, along with much of his memory of it. He is forced to fight for his life (badly) and try to help others (unwillingly) in a desperate bid for not only his own survival, but that of humanity as a whole. 

Join me on my first expedition into writing anything longer than a book report as I ramble endlessly and attempt to cushion the whole thing with exotic adventures in a game world. 

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What Do You Mean All Dungeons Are Girls!!!?

What Do You Mean All (...)
by J Country
58 pages

This Story is no longer being updated on this site.

A boy wakes up in a mysterious black space, with a goddess who reincarnates him as a demonic dungeon. There’s just one catch, in this world dungeons are girls, and then when he finally unlocks his avatar he discovers, it is a cute loli demon and while he or rather she is dealing with her new found gender issues the church comes calling.

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Project: You have died

Project: You have died
by WiseWarrior
708 pages

A monologue story about a man who died and was reborn in a new world of mysteries and intrigue. Where monsters and magic are common place and gods are plentiful. The story follows his life as fate conspires to bind him to a path which he will eventually struggle to come to terms with.



*** The story is a slow burner inspired by web novels with the main character accounting every action in time. I doubt this style is for everyone ***

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Unraveling Secrets

Unraveling Secrets
by SteeLeeL
445 pages


Left in the middle of the fields was a mangled body. The person lying on the ground and on death's door was Kan Lock. He lied down and awaited for the beasts and monsters to come and ravage his body. Feeling hopeless in this situation Kan thought to himself, "Why am I always so weak? Why was I betrayed? Why did it end like this? Will I never know the reason for my parents' disappearance? Why? Why!? WHY!?

As his body turned cold, Kan was left with regrets and unaswered questions but he resisted. He didn't want to die with regrets so he fought against death. He stood up and faced off against the hungry predators. He laughed and laughed in the face of death but in the end it didn't matter how much he struggled.

Kan Lock had died but his story had not ended.

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Dragon: Birth of an Ancient

Dragon: Birth of an Ancient
by Skada88
303 pages

Deep in a secluded forest, within the depths of a long forgotten cave, an unnatural silence that has reigned for little over a million years is shattered as a hatchling takes its first breath. To the various species that called this world, one of seven, home, the matter seemed beyond insignificant. 

The hatchling, like all monsters, had no divine backing and with its age, could only be considered a lesser existence. A being to be used by the Chosen and noble monster bloodlines in their never-ending pursuit of power, fame and immortality.

However, how could any of the short-lived races, Chosen and Monster alike, know that the tiny, weak, lizard-like creature was much more than it seemed. That it was an entity only spoken of in myth and legend. From a species that their ancestors, with the backing of the Gods, paid a huge price to remove. A heretical existence that threatened the fragile peace that had descended upon their world.

A Dragon.



** Cover done by the amazing Felix!***

I am writing this story for a friend who is currently in hospital and in a very precarious situation. He gave me the plot/ concept and, after my own health issues, I wanted to try and brighten his day and provide a distraction from the monotony of their hospital stay. 

I am posting it on RRL mainly in case anyone else can find enjoyment from the story and to show the readers of my other stories that I am not permanently MIA (and will 100% return to those stories in the future). 

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Impractical Magic

Impractical Magic
by Writingonaphone
591 pages

Our protagonist came from a broken family and because of that, made his life a total wreck. To top it off, while on his way home, he got shot and killed when he fought a robber.

He thought that it was the end. Until he was reincarnated into a different world of fantasy and magic. In which he had a loving family that raised him, the only problem is... He is now a She?!

 On a certain event, she unlocked her personal magic which ignited the start of her adventure.


 (Pardon if the earlier chapters were so short it is because this is my first time writing, this was corrected in future chapters/releases where I try to keep improving my work



Authors Note


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Age of Gods - A VRMMO Story

Age of Gods - A VRMMO (...)
by thomasdarkrose
2.3k pages

Darren is just an average guy, not rich, not poor, not too fat, not too thin, just about everything regarding him is in the 'Goldilocks Zone'. He spends his leisure time playing VRMMO's, but he isn't the righteous hero or conniving villain, instead, he spends his time hunting down the rarest resources to craft the most powerful items he can. Today Karonite Industries newest VRMMO is launching and Darren is ready to play.  Join Darren in a new world on his adventures in Age of Gods!


I had previously started writing this story but became dissatisfied because of my lack of experience. Now, Age of Gods is relaunching with the same premise but many many changes. I hope you will all enjoy this journey with me!

(Just a quick note, any reviews dated before 12/10/2018 are for the previous version of this story.)

I did not make the cover if the owner of the art wants me to take the image down please just send me a message and I will comply immediately.

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Demon's Journey

Demon's Journey
by Virlyce
1.7k pages

Palan is raised in the harsh world of the demons, depending on himself to survive while raising his sister. One day, his sister falls sick and he's forced to make a deal with an angel in order to save her life. Unfortunately for him, that deal sends him a world away from his sister.

What happens when a ruthless demon is thrust into the world of the heavens above?

The story is complete.
Warning: Tagged 18+ for violence.
By the author of The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

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Crashed Into Fantasy

Crashed Into Fantasy
by xacual
780 pages

A long time player of a Sci-Fi VRMMO was waiting anxiously for the new big update that was going to add countless new systems to explore and even rumored new game elements.

When the new update finally arrived though, disaster struck. After crash landing on a new world, what is with this fantasy setting? This is a Sci-Fi game! Wait… why can’t I log out?

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Story: Forever After - Elf

Story: Forever After (...)
by LastSlice
444 pages

Following the events of chapter 49 in Story: Forever After, a fragment of Ryner's soul is tasked to live in a different world.

According to the rules Ryner and Alice decided for it, it will reincarnate as an elf. Its job is to live until the time limit and go through all of the hardships that come with being the unwanted daughter of a prestigious clan. It will try to lay low and stay away from danger, but trouble will follow it because of its mixed blood and its powers.


Note: Sexual content will be posted as side stories, separated from the main plot.

DISCLAIMER: The protagonist's sexual orientation will not change. In fact, there probably won't be any romance.

(Will add tags as story progresses)

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Forging his own destiny

Forging his own destiny
by Anuel
4.6k pages


Story Author: Anuel

Flubbykin (active)

Chapters Proofread: 1-7; 28-39; 42-117; 120-133; 169-178; 197 - 211, 220-earliest)

Ah, the world, the multi-universe made of perfect cycles. Cycles, which the only purpose is to purify soul – release it from the burden of its memories and experience, the process, that would let the soul be reincarnated again, to experience new life.

The world is being born, it is being populated by souls, the smaller and bigger, the world would die and be reshaped anew. In a cycle. A never-ending process.

Since the dawn of time, since the countless cycles, the pool of soul was closed, a soul that died could be reincarnated only within a System of its Administrator. Until now.

Join us in our story of a single soul which because of certain events could no longer be reincarnated in its original world – being forced to be transferred into Universe ruled another Administrator – another God in world full of Fantasy and Magic, watch him casting aside his previous restriction and try living his life to the fullest… thought someone, somewhere, may have different plans for this weird, weird soul.

Ps. There are game elements here



Disclaimers and warnings:

-          This story uses clichés. Like, lots of it.

-          I am not a native English speaker, so my grammar may not be best (It actually is pretty horrible). First 80 or so chapters are a true butchery for eyes and I admit it. Shouldn’t I correct them then? I should. Why am I not doing it? Who knows. Maybe one day I will.

-          This story is pretty much an experiment. I try different perspectives, different styles, I can make some random Deus-ex-machina if I would consider that I made mistake in the story and decide to change it.

-          This story is written for pure fun, if you expect some mind-blowing plots and conspiracy of top-level authors – then you will be most likely disappointed.

-          Easter eggs. Easters eggs everywhere. Every now and then you will be able to spot single events, characters and lines of text that belong in different stories/mangas/movies/books and such. Of course, they do not belong to me but to the owners, though I am not listing them – I am sorry, but if you need to be told from where line comes, we won’t be friends.

-          And finally. The story is written for you and WITH YOU. If you have any suggestions, events, characters, skills, class… ANYTHING… you wish to see, please – tell me. In best case scenario I would use them, in worse – I would just not implement them, so what do you lose?



Guyz I owe my thanks for their contribution:


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Black Mist: Daniek of the Black Blood

Black Mist: Daniek of (...)
by Sazi
138 pages

Spoiler: Spoiler



A complete Book 1 is available in Amazon, iBooks , Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.




A doting brother at day, and a merciless assassin at night. After assassinating the Pope, Hades was heralded as the strongest assassin in history. Three days after, he died an anti-climactic death. He was then granted life once more in a new body, his memories still intact. He was now reborn in a new body and in a new world. As if fate was benignant, he was granted the same name as his brother. Filled with gratefulness, he continued to cherish the family and the simple joys of everyday life granted to him by fate. It was what he, Hades, had long sought for. Suddenly, everything ended. Monsters attacked their village, and everyone was slaughtered. The Grim Reaper of the Leopold Family had no choice but use his strength to ensure the safety of his family. He was left with no choice but revert back to be the monster he once was.



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