1. Re: Advice needed.

      I'm agreeing with you with the arm, this is right now my best, I don't have any complaints when someone gives me their opinion to help. If anyone could give me a link to a video or something about foreshortening (...)

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      Honestly, I took both of your two's advice, corrected the arms for both of the pictures, however, the more I do the pose while tilting my head in and bringing it over to compare I feel like the arms can (...)

    3. Re: Advice needed.

      OH, I changed the pose too.

    4. Re: Advice needed.

      Alright, there are two images, one is with deer legs and the other with regular, for the most part, I don't really get deer legs and they come off as short to me I can't find a fix without getting too (...)

    5. Re: I don't need a review swap but.

      I'm sorry about that, I revised the synopsis. What's worse than being blind, deaf, and mute? Not much but follow along as Lang, our protagonist, is chosen to obtain the stone of beginnings and is able (...)

    6. Re: I don't need a review swap but.

      Can someone critique what I have so far?  Anything is appreciated even yes or no to these questions I've been wondering, please. Is the story going to fast-paced? Do the character at least make sense? (...)

    7. Re: Advice needed.

      Would this work if she was to say sliding down a hill?  Also thank you for the collar bone advice, I didn't think about that

    8. Re: Advice needed. Do the proportions look right? I feel like it's off because this is my first pose without a reference. Will have antlers and long ears. More things I'm leaning more (...)

    9. Re: I have returned!

      :DrakanWine: Cheers to your success and achievements!

    10. Re: Any suggestions?

      Right? It's the little details that make it great, he looks hurried, like he might be caught that has me worried for him, It's been years since I touched a pencil in real life so this makes it even better! (...)

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      Lighthearted but rugged! The smaller details are a perfect touch from the pouch to his wings, I love how he looks worn but fits into a story of the thief!  Nah, I had one a long time ago but it's gone (...)

    12. Re: Any suggestions?

      Candy Thief did ditto! I had horror in my mind when I made the mirror, but I felt like it was overdone, so I decided to do a creepier theme on this challenge instead. (...)

    13. Re: Any suggestions?

      What a steal! Deal I'll get to working, been dying for someone else to join 

    14. Re: Any suggestions?

      I appreciate all the compliments! Don't be shy to criticize me, I still want to improve aha. Also the challenge is back up, does anyone want to give a word out or would they like to post a drawing? (...)

    15. Re: Any suggestions?

      Thanks Parker! In all honesty, the background wasn't supposed to be black like that, I had actually made trees and leave and bushes. Somehow it got darker each time I uploaded it and it came out like that. (...)

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      I want to say, I now know that I have no clue how to make backgrounds and landscapes, Here's the last image I'll make with the Alice theme character too. There was a lot (...)

    17. Re: Any suggestions?

      Currently learning how to draw a pond, and coloring in then "mirror" will be finished I hope, Zearth I'm not gonna lie, this was a tough suggestion!  :DrakanSigh: Also Thank you meteora I always like (...)

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      Colored in The coffee coloring was the part that killed me the most, it was so tedious! Anyone else want to draw Meteora's suggestion? Cherry pie and coffee? Or I can (...)

    19. Re: Any suggestions?

      I appreciate it feedback is always welcomed! I wish more people would join and draw stuff.

    20. Re: Any suggestions?

      I had fun with the Idea Meteora, I learned two things, I can't draw plates or cups, many... many references were needed. The second thing was food is hard to make. (...)