Sorrow of the Summoned

This well-written Isekai revolves around an Artist named Oakley, who, while making an art piece, was suddenly pulled into a strange (new?) world. 

And now, he needs to hunt down the dude who suddenly threw him in the middle of a cave with a dragon in it.

The first fight scenes were good, including the mad dash away from the spore-ridden dogs in the forest. 

The story's pacing and level of detail are pretty comfortable for me, just enough detail to paint good scenes but not too much that it becomes over-detailed—all in all, a great adventure story in the making.

Fiends For Hire [Anti-Hero Action/Slice of Life]

A novel set in a post nuclear war world, it contains both great worldbuilding and characters. The state of the world, from a town having to rely on bounty hunters or a city depending on bounty hunters to hunt criminals, really gives off the vibes that government enforced order is weak.

But then there are the characters, both bounty hunters are mysterious, and the fight scenes they had were cool and well detailed.

Personally, this would be great for someone who likes a lot of detail, but for me, I think it's a bit too much for my liking, so I gave it 4.5, but it is still a great story. I haven't read further yet, but my attention is hooked.