1. Re: January 2023 Thread - Promote your Story

      A Peacekeeper's Journey  Set in a fantasy world occupied by the United Nations, a young peacekeeper is garrisoning an irrelevant town in a relatively stable, boring region. He signed up to take pictures, (...)

    2. Re: Review Swap and/or Request

      Hello, I'll bite. I am going to read your stuff now. My novel reaches 10k words at around Chapters 2 and 3. Also, it's new and doesn't have many reviews yet.

    3. Re: 🎁 Weekend Snippets 23/12 | WEEK 73 🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎅 Happy Hanukkah too! 🕎

      Outer Defense Ring  Nearly a hundred UNPC troops manned the hastily created defenses around the town. Barbed wires, sandbags, machine gun emplacements, and even autonomous turrets were installed around (...)

    4. Re: Shout Outs For Reviews [Rising Stars] (Open)

      Already posted my review! I must say, this is really good!

    5. Re: Shout Outs For Reviews [Rising Stars] (Open)

      Just checked out the prologue, and I must say that it's already an interesting geopolitical state! Sign me up, I'm gonna make a review.

    6. Re: Promote your book with your first sentence - they say the first sentence is the most important: PROVE IT.

      "We went into space hoping to defend ourselves from imperialist aliens." Just a tiny historical qoute from a Governor-General (that doesn't actually appear in the story) of a fantasy world that Earth (...)

    7. Re: promote your story by describing it badly.

      Bored Futuristic Peacekeeper helps keep savage natives liberated in a Fantasy World occupied by the UN.

    8. Re: First Chapter Feedback/Reviews

      You're already at 25, but hey, if you're still doing it, check out this one. It's new. Do the A method, thanks!

    9. A Peacekeeper's Journey in a Wartorn Fantasy World

      The War is Not Over Yet  Three Years ago, a United Nations fleet found a strange, fantasy world... And they intervened. It only took a few months, and the technologically advanced humanity utterly (...)

    10. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      To Keep the Peace - Set in a fantasy world occupied by the United Nations of Earth, a young UNPC (United Nations Peacekeeper Corps) trooper finds himself... In a dull place.  He signed up to see (...)

    11. Re: 🔨 Constructive First Chapter Feedback 🔨

      Here, since I'm still quite new at writing, I have been afraid that I have utterly botched my first chapter at introducing the story and hooking people, so do check it out. Thanks!

    12. What legacy will a 'Puppet' Empress leave as the order made by the United Nations in her world, collapses?

      She was coronated to lead an artificial state created by an alien spacefaring country called the United Nations of Earth. They didn't have magic, they were mundane, they were weaker, perhaps even inferior. (...)

    13. Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

      Didn't happen yet, but I plan it to be the climax of the current story arc I'm writing. It is the scene of the main character, the Empress finally deciding to act after she broke down in despair due (...)

    14. Re: FREE Reviews to NEW Stories

      Sure, why not. Would really appreciate a review on my Sci-Fi series since no one has said anything about it yet. Well at least here in Royal Road.

    15. Hello, New Guy Entering!

      RoyalRoad Actual, this is Rapid Intervention reporting in. So I have joined RoyalRoad, I think days ago. I'm still quite new to writing, but I have been reading quite a decent amount before I created (...)