1. RE: Fantasy Review Swap

      @LeoDuhVinci Sorry it's taking me so long, I am going to get to it eventually. I'll just give a bit of feedback on what I've read so far(Chapter 14). For Form, you are definitely excelling. Good grammar, (...)

    2. RE: Montly Writeathon Continued...

      Yarrr, gettin back into tha swing o' things. 10/2016-Grand Total 80,491 Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer 01-Chapter 56: 2120 01-Chapter 57: 2209 02-Chapter 58: 2080 03-Chapter 59: 2323 03-Chapter (...)

    3. RE: Looking for something different.

      litRPG? Satire? Don't worry, I'm here! It may be better to call it tongue-in-cheek than satire. It's definitely...different.

    4. RE: Filter or purge fictions on long haitus/dropped from being in a top-x listing?

      I feel that while completed fics might be given an exempt status, ones perpetually on hold shouldn't just stick around. Even if they have built up a following, regardless of the work put into it, I don't (...)

    5. RE: Fantasy Review Swap

      I'll give it a shot! Though my progress may be a bit slow, since I'm trying to not fall too far behind on my own fiction. Then again, that gives you plenty of time to read it if it looks like it's to your (...)

    6. RE: Montly Writeathon Reboot

      I want to win this. I think I can win this. Just gotta keep writing. Ironically, the reason I am browsing these forums is because I am procrastinating writing. I write my chapters on Googledocs, so (...)

    7. RE: Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer-The Thread

      Character Listing-"Who was that again?" There are many characters in Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer. Many, many characters. Some hang out with Alric for a long time and you get to know them well; (...)

    8. RE: Stong but not way too OP

      I don't always shill my story, but when I do, it's on recommendation threads that match what I write. Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer The only criteria it's missing is the stats don't usually appear (...)

    9. RE: Epic Fantasy

      Well since you asked so specifically for me...Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer He is somewhat 'low powered', but so far he's pretty much smashed his opponents in every fight. It's why I've been reluctant (...)

    10. RE: Recommendation request

      Uhhh, I left my wit in the other recommendation thread. I have over 100,000 words so far, and 40,000 written but not put out yet. At least 2,000 word chapters are published each day. Friendly Neighborhood (...)

    11. RE: Anything good with 50+ chapters

      Shill, shill, shill my tale~ At over 100,000 words~ Isekai or litRPG And lots of references for nerds~ -to the tune of row row row your boat. Read Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer

    12. RE: Help flesh out my worlds a bit?

       So never go deep into explanations on how things work.  That's how you ruin a good idea.  Just create some dialog, create some imagery, and let the reader put things together with their imagination. (...)

    13. RE: Do you use fiction views (total or average) as a popularity factor?

      I'm also curious as to how exactly views are counted, even if people reload a page midway through, or stop and reread it later, some of my later chapter have more views than earlier ones. It's pretty jumbled (...)

    14. RE: How do I change my avatar?

      If using imgur, what should be used? I recall there being multiple URLs but it was a while ago and I'm on a phone now.

    15. RE: Fiction Sins

      I know, I just vaguely recall something about 2k words having been a short chapter and not enough for an accurate assessment. May have just been an offhanded comment from someone passing by, I did only (...)

    16. RE: Fiction Sins

      Yo, can I get a critique & review combo for Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer? I have three advanced reviews, one of which being my own, and the only criticism among them is 'needs better spacing', which (...)

    17. Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer-The Thread

      Salutations and Celebrations, at long last Chapter 20 of Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer has been released! That's over 45,000 words, enough so that I am not ashamed to finally shill my work! Here it (...)

    18. RE: Fan(?)fiction

      Ah yes, it's that last bit that was getting me. Some of the works I've seen have been tagged both fanfiction and original work, which brought me great amounts of confusion. Thanks for clearing that up, (...)

    19. Fan(?)fiction

      I see 'fanfiction' as a tag, and used at the bottom of a lot of stories. But for the life of me, I can't find any reference to an original work. Is the term used here different than the idea of 'A story (...)

    20. RE: Harems - Why love or blind hate.

      I'd like to throw in that powerful/handsome/generally great MCs aren't necessarily wish fulfillment. Unless you're reading some slice of life, the MC usually needs a decent, if not higher than average (...)