1. Re: Teacher MC?

      Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer is coming off hiatus soon...soon... The MC teaches others, and the current large arc is focused on him teaching and becoming a 'wise old mentor'

    2. Re: Threads for Stories

      So we used to be able to make threads for our fictions, which served as a mighty useful place to put extraneous information that didn't necessarily come up in the story, or to organize it in a way helpful (...)

    3. RE: Fantastical Strength

      One hundred push-ups, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred squats, and run 10km EVERY DAY!!!

    4. RE: looking for ONE PIECE & THE GAMER "CROSSOVER" fic!!!

      I think that's already too specific if you mean a literal crossover between the two. I'd say try TheGamer subreddit, and make a post there. It would be easier to find sifting through the smaller work, (...)

    5. RE: Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer-The Thread

      @ Sennou Ack! That was almost a mistake! Very good eye, Alric does refer to reiaest as water magic. However looking over it again, it seems that I never got too confused, Therese never references herself (...)

    6. RE: VRMMOs: What Will They Be Like?

      Eh, what about dreams? Not the distinguishing part, but you don't exactly die when you die in a dream. That seems specious...

    7. RE: Montly Writeathon Continued...

      I did make some words this month. 11/2016 Grand Total: 20,796 01-Chapter 83:2241 02-Chapter 84:2050 03-Chapter 85:2417 05-Chapte 86:2462 29-Chapter 87:2200 29-Chapter 88:2190 29-Chapter 89:2602 (...)

    8. RE: NaNoWriMo 2016

      Never have I been successful at this...I am cursed....

    9. RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

      I'd go out and try to be a hero, but get incredibly distracted along the way...

    10. RE: You know what instantly turns me off? A story with a MC named Joe.

      What. I don't understand. It's just a name. Why are common names bad? Not all heroes have to be named Illuyatavin the Radiant.

    11. RE: Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer-The Thread

      Linguistics I/PA-(Infinitis/Planaria Alphabet) I am not the greatest at reading the IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet), so I'll be throwing down some sounds as they come up. Not all of them are perfectly (...)

    12. RE: Wanna Write Unique Villains? READ THIS!!!!(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!)

      And the truly evil will give you a link to TV Tropes The page also has links to several other lists for even more.

    13. RE: looking for mage type Mc's with interesting magic system

      Heeeeyyyooooo It hasn't gotten to the point where he's deriving most of his power from one of the magic systems, but one of the overarching themes is developing and (...)

    14. RE: Game elements tag ?

      It's called LitRPG. Call a rabbit a smeerp, but it's there.

    15. RE: Issues with VRMMO Setting

      @Unice Alright, so the way you describe it makes more sense to me now. I know we're taking different directions on the idea, I was just interested in how you did things; thanks for clarifying. @DarkClaymore (...)

    16. RE: Can Anyone Recommend Me A Novel That Meets These Requirements?

      If you can handle a slow start, then I have just what you need!

    17. RE: Issues with VRMMO Setting

      @Unice Eh, I guess I just feel as though it's a little redundant to put level in if there are other ways to show its results. If there's no other way to get class skill points then I can understand that, (...)

    18. RE: Issues with VRMMO Setting

      @Unice Well at that point why have a leveling system at all? I get having abilities and strategies that can let you surpass someone above your level, but it seems like level should indicate something. (...)

    19. RE: Issues with VRMMO Setting

      Way to go landon, just keep bumping up threads I'll find interesting.... Anyhow, question for RexZ as a game designer, and anyone else who has thoughts on the matter. Has anyone ever thought about (...)

    20. RE: Decaying

      Since someone commented on this thread, I was able to catch sight of it. I haven't been on long enough to really judge a 'change' in the site's content, and I am mostly here to write with the exception (...)