Stellar Soulsaber - A Modern Progression Fantasy

This is a pretty good story, hits the ground running building momentum in rhe first ten or fifteen chapters, so as the world opens up it doesn't bog down.

Characters are fairly well wtitten with decent motivation and some healthy insecurities. The magic system is well represented in the story, but a little dense with fewer mechanics so far and more instincts. Still how it is written works well within the story so it gets a pass from me. I do like the "SpellSheets" they are very well done bit of flavor for such a standard trope item.

Probably where the story shines for me is in the narration. The world feels like it is full of people for me, where a lot of storys never get past a small circle of characters, this one has crowds of well done people drifting in and out as needed. Takes a lot of skill to start off with a well written cast of dozens, have to say I am impressed.

My class [Death Knight] is just barely legal...

A pretty standard fantasy world with system story, where it shines however is going slice of life for the MC with his unlikely class.

The fights are pretty good, the world building is actual really good considering the style of the story so far, but the best bit is the system despite being very well described isn't a perfectly accepted thing. People actually have some complex feelings about it. Nature versus nurture comes up in regards to affinity several times. People complain about the exponential exp curve in leveling skills. Even the MC debates skills based around what he doesn't want the system doing.

It's a lot of realism for the system, which is interesting as most stories don't go that way.

Anyway it's a good low fantasy read and formatted chapter by chapter so it's easy to pick up and read a few chapters here and there.


BuyMort: Rise of the Windowpuncher - How I Became the Accidental Warlord of Arizona. Apocalyptic GameLit

This is probably one of the more unique stories told on Royal that I have ever had the pleasure to read. It's a well written invasive shopping based end of the world!

The characters are well defined, the story itself interesting, frankly just read it. If you like system based end of the world stories it doesn't disappoint. Plus there is shopping.......wierd crazy alien "rick and morty cable tv episode" shopping.

The base building is just enjoyable and forms most of book one. And oh boy does it deliver not just on the setting but a cast of characters that makes the story in the middle of it all.

Cleaning out the basement is by far my favorite arc in the book, and there is sooooo much more to it than "cleaning out the basement" go read it!

The 13th Loop [A Progression, GameLit, Sci-Fi Adventure]

An interesting start to a reincarnation time loop story.

Taking a vacation loop is almost as time honored a tradition in the genera as things going off the rails despite best efforts.

Problem being almost as fast as the story takes off running the author grinds the plot to a screaming halt, shoots it a couple of times, and then trips over the corpse trying to regain the lost momentum.

The psychiatrist was a turn off, the 180 on plot was a turn off, the next 180 on the plot another turn off, then another get the point? The Author sitting on a fence with two opposing view points.

The Author seems to have trouble writing a mature relationship of any sort. Student/Teacher, teacher/student, student/student, boyfriend/girlfriend, even doctor/patient.

I decided to drop this review at a military instructor talking a cadet into joining a civilian magical fight club.

The story jas a lot of internal logic problems that are more fundamental than a gods cursed bad genie wish.

System Reborn: A LitRPG After Apocalypse Story

The story itself is fine if a bit vanilla, there is nothing really standout going on plot wise.

I will be honest I decided to post a review now because I just couldn't bring myself to keep reading to chapter thirty where I had intended to do a review. 

The main character was "The Hero" chapter one in a full fledged end game Demon Lord fight and all that jazz. The power reset however never really landed taking the MC back down to ground level to start over again.

Absurd boss monsters keep popping up, and he is swinging like he is still the guy who killed the Demon Lord.

Half the time everything is too easy as the MC brings his experiance as "The Hero" to the table punching WAY above his weight class, and the other half of the time he's worried about being noticed for being to absurdly good as a fighter.

Decided to stop when day two dungeon two on his second job experienced people get insta-killed and he forces a magic contract on the last guy to hide his absurd fighting strength. It all just seems terribly rushed and not well thought out as far as fitting the MC into the story back down at newb level.

Magical Girl Gunslinger

No punches pulled, it's realistic slice of life

read it up to current in one go so couldn't tell you anything on the spelling.

The story is Magical Girl slice of life but it is unrestructured Grimm fairy tales at the moment, not disney.

The plot is well done, the characters vibrant, the settings well described, and everything has a wonderful sense of immediacy to it fitting the plot arc and it's pacing.

A very well done magical girl genera story.

The Impeccable Adventure of the Reluctant Dungeon

The spelling is sort of bad with a lot of "wrong word" spell check errors. It needs a good editor to do a sweep or at least a couple readers willing to markup the chapters with edit suggestions.

otherwise it is funny in a put upon lazy guy way.

characters are maybe a bit shallow but the pacing is good and fast so it's hitting more high notes than low with the dialog.

overall it's a decent "don't think about it too hard" dungeon novel.

Dungeon Runner

The sebastian arc killed my interest

The start is really fairly strong with good character development, world building, plot, and in general interesting things going on.

And then it starts going wrong.

There is a bit of a pokemon "got to collect em all" thing going on that leads really awkward events that are nothing more than forced plot progression to reach the Sebastian arc

Honest opinion the first "battle" of the sebastian arc really should have been the last. Past the conclusion of that battle the story loses it's footing and plot progression stops. Instead it is mired in endless moderate responses that continually backfiring as conflict is forced and questions remain unanswered.

Kitty Cat Kill Sat

Its a really good cat based space opera.

Maybe as distracted as anything with a cat leading the show, but it has stunning world building, character development, enviroments, a complex story, a vibrant cast of characters, and and a plot that evolves and grows over the course of the novel until it truely earns the Space Opera Tag.

Highly recommend.

I Died and Got Summoned to Another World as a WHAT?!?!

The story starts off a little sub par all things considered. It's a rough and easy litrpg that sets 'em up and knocks 'em down with very little detail and a LOT of convenient plot armor for the MC.

I would say it is still worth reading because somewhere along chapter forty or fifty the quality gets substantially better. As I like to say it, the author finally finds the voice of the story.

The Author is pretty ambitious (at least to me) for having an alt pov chapter in the first ten chapters. They keep coming fairly regularly too, juggling between distant characters which really helps the world building!

I would reccommend it as a fairly enjoyable casual read.