LJ McEachern

LJ McEachern

    1. Re: Hurricane Ian

      I really wonder who names these hurricanes. It's just a list of names they have on rotation.  Names get retired if they are a major storm with major impact. After that, a new name is added from whatever (...)

    2. Re: Hurricane Ian

      I don't know what sort of impact it's going to have heading to my neck of the woods or not. I live in NC and the "cone of uncertainty" on Ian is a little wide. Either way, I really don't want to (...)

    3. Re: Best text to speech app for reading your novel?

      I'm currently using TextAloud. https://nextup.com/index.html Yes, it is paid. I got it because it is a one-time license, and I pray it doesn't go to a subscription model or I'm going to cry. On (...)

    4. Re: On the Subject of Ratings and Reviews; Or, How I lost the motivation to write following a bad rating

      This goes back to the reader as well. What do you actually want to read? If you don't want to read what I write exactly, give me some hints as to what you want to read. Don't just hit us with the "nyaah, (...)

    5. Re: Would anyone be interested in reading something written as a TV show script

      I have two reasons for you to not do this. One, there isn't an audience here for this sort of thing. I wouldn't bother putting it up. You will be wasting your time and effort that you would put in (...)

    6. Re: Novel Writing Books That Don't Rehash the Hero's Journey/Three Act Structure?

      To be honest, I never really follow structure like that. I also don't get many readers, so you be to be prepared for that. However, there is somthing you should look into. That is Kishōtenketsu. (...)

    7. Re: What's your favorite quote from one of your fictions?

      "Yeah, well, people are afraid of bears, too. And bears don't stop being bears because everyone is afraid of them. They just keep on being bears."  -Lyndon I don't know why I like this, but I do. (...)

    8. Re: How big is your backlog of ideas?

      None. I'm currently working on everything I want to right now. The way I have combat shinny new ideas is just years of ignoring them. It better if I just focus on a single story. And when planning (...)

    9. Re: Investigation Complete on Easttale or as Far as I Can go

      Thank you for the information. Part of me was kind of hoping they choose a U.S. host for the site. Once I saw Hong Kong, I knew there was nothing else I could do. Oh, well, I technially really honestly (...)

    10. Investigation Complete on Easttale or as Far as I Can go

      So I decided to do some investigation on my own since I received no reply on from Cloudflare on the host of Easttale. And just for you to know, Cloudflares entire purpose it to hide one hosts for security (...)

    11. Re: Fan Fiction, For or Against?

      I don't care, if people write it.  I'm just not going to read it. I don't want to read it.

    12. Re: How Many Stories Do You Read?

      It's actually becoming harder for me to read on a screen. I have more "read later" than actually currently reading. Lots of stuff on hiatus or stubbed. It's often why I read physical books, and I have (...)

    13. Re: The (Un)Official What Are You Reading Today? And Next? Thread

      I consider the an update. I'm currently trying to finish Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson because I need one more series of his to read. After that, I'm moving on to Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim since the (...)

    14. Re: Moving away from LIT-RPG for a while, any suggestions?

      How far to into breaking boundaries do you want? If you feel the need to read something that mixes realism into a fantasy story that is also low-stake slow-burning, then I have the series for you. (...)

    15. Re: Big Problem Ad

      Report it. Most ads have a report button on it. It's usually small and at the bottom corner of the ad. If you can't, go open a support ticket. Describe the ad so those in charge of RR can report (...)

    16. Re: Can I Panic Now?

      OK...now I'm scared to post anything. Are all of you saying RR isn't for serious writers? You can be serious about writing. You'll find a number of more serious minded writers on here. Most though are (...)

    17. Re: Can I Panic Now?

      So many writers I watch say, "Go on fanfiction websites! You can get so many people to read your work." It never occurred to me that you are not supposed to post your serious work online that you intend (...)

    18. Re: Can I Panic Now?

      There is an entire thread about easttale already. https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/122071 I'm not going to list what I have speculated there. However, I will say this, don't contact them (...)

    19. Re: LGBTQIA+ Recommendations—> Post Below.

      My series fits: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/9687/the-brotherhood-archiveedictrevised Asexual main character. It is a slow burning series and is a low-stakes fantasy.