1. Re: Is Truck-kun a hero or villian?

      I like to think of him as being neither good nor evil. A neutral agent of chaos is you will.

    2. Re: Do you ever hate what you are writing?

      I'm use to writing entire chapters and scenes I generally detest because they aren't what they need to be. This is why I revise and edit before I post. Because generally, if I hate something in a story, (...)

    3. Re: Recommendations for Apps to improve Grammar?

      If you are going for something extensive like what you want. ProWritingAid is my only suggestion as well as learning some enough of the basics of grammar to help. However, keep in mind that grammar (...)

    4. Re: Average amount of words written a day?

      Are you guys robots?  :peoconfused: No, I don't write on Saturdays. A robot can keep going without mental exhaustion.

    5. Re: Focusing on publishing one story or multiple?

      You should write how many stories that you can complete. It's better to work on one story that you know you will finish then having multiple stories you'll never complete. One of the most important (...)

    6. Re: Average amount of words written a day?

      Thing is, I spend a lot of my time editing. Some weeks, I may not work on fresh material. I may devote a week or so to just pure editing. I can range anywhere between, 500-4000 words per day. 4000 being (...)

    7. Re: Priority list when you read/write a story

      3=4, 2, 1. This is the same for both reading and writing. The reason why I put 3=4 is because the way I see it, I'm writing a story about a character. The story is part of them not something that (...)

    8. Re: Alternatives to the 5-star system?

      I personally would rather have no rating system of any kind to be honest. The problem with a "like"system is that it brings in a whole new set of issues. It seems that sort of system is more prone (...)

    9. Re: College and writing fiction? Who has the time?

      When I was in college, I did the least amount of writing. Writing was left between classes on certain days and Friday night. And they weren't full stories. They were just me writing ideas down that I had (...)

    10. Re: How is everyone else keeping track

      I have a master notebook. Basically a spiral notebook or whatever, that I use specifically for the story that I'm writing. I handwrite my notes because it feels better than doing it on a computer.  If (...)

    11. Re: What are the most common writting mistakes for inexperienced authors?

      Starting their story with these clich├ęd ways: 1. Starting a character waking up from a bad dream and in a cold sweat. It wouldn't be so bad if the characters nightmares were ever explored again in (...)

    12. Re: Patreon vs Amazon

      Amazon, works when you are constantly writing. That how you make money self-publishing is that you learn to market your wares, and you don't stop writing after you publish a single novel. To make a continuous (...)

    13. Re: How much do you write?

      I have no clue what my wpm is. I've not calculated that in years. Doesn't really matter in my opinion when I can work on stories in bursts during the day. I write a bit in the morning and a bit in the (...)

    14. Re: What type of scenes do you love to write?

      I like scenes where I can show off a character being absolutely themselves and showing off who they are. It can be dialogue or an action scene.

    15. Re: Does my story fit on royalroad?

      I mean, not all of us write litrpg or anime like stores or isekia on here. There are many just fantasy stories. Reality is, it's very difficult just to find a platform that fits your story perfectly. And (...)

    16. Re: a question about inspiration

      Anywhere. I don't have one thing that inspires me and I don't have a specific source. Neither is inspiration something that fuels my wanting to write. The thing about inspiration or at least to me, (...)

    17. Re: Does Royal Road track the author's viewing of a page as a real view?

      As far I can tell it doesn't. I've opened chapters over and over again for editing purposes. My stats do not change.

    18. Re: What does it feel like inside your mind?

      They say that most dyslexics don't have an inner monologue and I certainly don't. The only way I can have one if I force it and focus on it, otherwise I lose it and go on thinking in pictures. (...)

    19. Re: Releasing chapters

      I mean, I update once a week. And I used to be excited to upload that chapter. However, right now, the excitement of posting any sort of fiction online has waned a bit. I suppose web fiction is loosing (...)

    20. Re: Sour taste left in my mouth after a review swap

      This is an example of why I would never do review swaps. I already know this place isn't going to like my brand of review. I like being allowed to be honest in a review. When I rate anything with a (...)