1. Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

      You mean like a learning disability? I mean, if you have one, it isn't so much as beating it. You cope with and make strategies that get you what you want. Beating, well that's a very strong word. (...)

    2. Re: Should novels have a prologue?

      No. Despite what wayyy too many writers think, you aren't required by law to write a prologue. There is no rule, no matter the genre, that states you need to have one. They aren't necessary at all. (...)

    3. Re: Please, a normal fantasy story.

      If you don't mind accepting self-recommendations, the things I write would fit by not being anything you mentioned as I don't like reading any of that either. However, mayb would debate my stories not (...)

    4. Re: How to increase the pace?

      This is a hard one because to be honest pacing really depends on the story you're writing. Not just with genre, but how straightforward your story is in terms of the number of sub-plots and conflicts that (...)

    5. Re: Worldbuilding Infodump vs. Discussion

      If you want to be effective at story-telling, you don't ever want to info dump. Info dumping is not good no matter the form. Not only do you make it harder for readers to actually digest the information, (...)

    6. Re: Can anybody recommend good editing software?

      As a fellow dyslexic, I know the feeling. Open Office to be honest sucks in the spelling and grammar department. Aside from MS. Word, I don't know any other word processing programs that have a passable (...)

    7. Re: How do you decide MC's personality?

      It depends on what I want them to do in the story itself. I might start with their occupation for the story or what their goal is and go for there. Knowing those things helps out a lot. Goals especially (...)

    8. Re: Do you use Tuesday Serial to promote your story?

      I've never even heard of this place. :(

    9. Re: Is posting a straight-up romance story on Royal Road a waste of time?

      You're probably right. But are you sure I shouldn't put in some dungeon crawling? "I'm About to Go to School in Japan, But I Accidentally Got Godlike Powers and a Harem" lol, no. Actually please (...)

    10. Re: Is posting a straight-up romance story on Royal Road a waste of time?

      No I don't think it is a waste of time. However, I don't think you should be expecting it be popular and you shouldn't expect for people to hate it. You can get away with writing something different than (...)

    11. Re: Two books at once?

      I can but I  personally don't like working on multiple projects at once. Usually I rather post one, editing one in the background, and getting the ground work done for something else. However, there is (...)


      I had this happen to me. I posted my story on wordpress first and then mirrored on RoyalRoad. All I had to do was prove I was the actual writer. I just took a screen shot of my Wordpress account dashboard. (...)

    13. Re: What's your preferred method for writing and publishing a web novel?

      2. It's just much easier if I do it that way.  That means I get to edit all the major issues that I see and I can have a relaxing time posting a story rather than trying to write as a go. Writing as (...)

    14. Re: Sites

      Wattpad, Fictionpress, Booksie

    15. Re: Ever written a story with a character who never says anything the reader can understand?

      I have, granted not a main character and the story isn't posted here. I think I did rather well though I had to look up squirrel body language for it to as put in a few moments of things a normal squirrel (...)

    16. Re: Web Novel vs Regular Novel

      The only difference between me writing a web novel and an actual novel is probably how long my chapters are.  Everything is the exact same. 

    17. Re: Changing usernames to email addresses on the 11th

      It says right in the message it's only for logging in. It says nothing about using emails for user names. This is a common thing that I lot of places do. Most of the time when there is a choice between (...)

    18. Re: Confused about plot and characters

      Flesh youe ideas out before you start writing. It helps out a great deal  to know where you are going with a story and with characters as well. No every writer are pantser were they can just take off (...)

    19. Re: About Migrating Content

      It's not unethical as before I posted here, I had over half my story done on my Wordpress site. This place is my mirror. How I caught was that I posted twice a week here. Sometimes three if on of the (...)

    20. Re: How well does a non-LitRPG, non-reincarnation, non-ecchi novel hold up here in RRL?

      Well enough. For writing on this particular platform and just web fiction in general is write consistently. Finish what you start. If you been beyond the trending and popular you'll notice there are (...)