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Notice: 5/19/2021: Hear Ye, Hear ye there is a re-upload of this story in the works. It won't be ready until Dec of this year, which is 2021 as long as life doesn't get in the way.

Soletus, a young elf, was looking forward to completing his monk training to become a Warden of the Dias Brotherhood. However, he is held back by his well-meaning, but strict father. Instead of joining the ranks, he is paired up with a traumatized shy boy name Mien. Between Mien’s anxious odd behavior and the crime he committed, helping him isn’t a duty that Soletus enjoys and isn’t one he’s been trained for. Soletus is about to give up on him until Mien saves his life. And Soletus decides that the boy deserves another chance despite what he has done.

If you noticed there are some intermission stories/ follow-up stories. As of the day 8/13/2017:

Wolf-Takes place 7 months after Hy'Ruh'Ha. About Oeric

Mask-Takes place 2 years after Wolf. About Mien.

Mask pt.2-(working title/I'm uncreative/this will be fixed) To be posted soon.  Takes place some months after Mask about Kiao.

Do you need to read these stories, or can I just read one? Well no. I didn't write them to be stand alone for better or for worse. I'm actually quite terrible at writing unconnected stories unless I set them up that way. These aren't, so you're better off reading them together.

Author's note: Thanks to everyone who stops by and those who leave comments and rating. You're not required to do so. I won't being wishing ill-wishes on you if you don't.


RoyalRoad is also where I mirror posting the story on my own website. I update at the exact same time. 


The only difference between here and there is that I have a little more information about the world there.

I am dyslexic and while Hy-Ruh-Ha has been edited multiple times, I've this lovely ability to overlook things. So if you spot one of those pesky errors do tell and I will fix it. Not quickly, but I do fix things. Updated Thursdays.

Questions are welcomed.

This story is part of a larger project and has a "sequel" Edict


-Lady J. Ander

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Changes is a collection of three stories that take place after the events of Edict. It would benefit the reader to read both Hy'Ruh-ha and Edict.

Story one: The Monk and The Princess

After a several months break from duty, Soletus, is asked to serve by the Patriarch as an escort to a conference the Brotherhood is attending. The only catch is he's acting as a second warden because someone wants him promoted. All he has to do is be at his best. However, his best is put to the test as he led surly men and then get whisked off to solve a disturbing plot with a determined and bored princess.

Notice: Please note, that Soletus, aka main character is asexual. That is part of being a neth elf. This story delves into information about it neth and gets into the neth elf experience a few times in this story. You've been warned. 

Also note: As much as I didn't want to put it in this story, avoiding it was a futile effort on my part. There were things I needed to explain about Soletus and it's hard to write personal tales about character when avoiding talking about certain personal aspects of them. 

Story Two:  The Sun and Stars - Summary and Date TBA

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Six have passed years since Mientheoderic'Cyan arrived at the Dias Brotherhood.

Duty wise, he is now apothecary, healer, and combat chanter. Personally, he is timber bonded and sweetheart to the Brotherhoods only priestess, Kiao. He's been able to maintain his friendship with Soletus'Sheldmartin, the Arch Monk's grandson. However, trouble still has the ability to find him. On the eve of completing his first mission official mission, he starts learning his edict phrase, a chanter's most powerful. And then the real trial begins.

Kiao'Meadowlark knows something is wrong with her bond partner. She felt his anguish from a long distance, something she hadn't felt before. And her suspicions are confirmed when First Warden Kellas'Rook comes back with half his band. Her friends and Mien aren't with him. He claims insurrection, First Warden Oeric'Sheldmartin believes he is lying and wants to find his son. She soon finds herself teaming up with a man she doesn't care for. However, he is the only person to help her get what she wants and as well as uncover the truth of what really happened with Kellas's band. 

 Updates every Thursday

 However, After I get done posting pt3. I’m going to take a short week break for extra prep time for pt 4, and pt 5.

 There will be a two week break between pt 4 and pt 5.

This novel is a sequel to Hy'Ruh-Ha

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