627 pages

6.5 Middle-aged Magic Wielders,

1 Werewolf,

and half a Vampire...

...are summoned to a remote underground facility where evil rules with good intention.

They are supposed to be investigating a recent string of mysterious deaths, but instead they stumble upon a secret that could unravel the world. That is if their relationships don’t unravel first.

Oh, and that horde of ravenous creatures lurking in the dark?

Don’t worry about them, these guys are experts...


Splice; A joining of two lines with interweaving strands.

Volume one is complete.

Volume two currently ongoing. (see publishing schedule below)

Volume 3 planned for future. (writing in progress, not published yet)

These volumes can be read as standalones if you like but there is an overarching plot. Volume 3 in particular will relate a lot to the former two.

I will be publishing 2000-5000 words a week. This may be spread across 1-3 chapters depending on chapter length.

Releases will be 2:16am NZ time (2:16pm UTC).

During weeks where one chapter is released, releases will occur on Thurs NZ time (Wed evening UTC)

During weeks where two chapters are released, releases will occur on Tues and Thurs morning NZ time (Mon and Wed evening UTC)

During weeks where three chapters are released, releases will occur on Tues, Wed, and Thurs morning NZ time (Mon, Tues, Wed evening UTC)

Publishing schedule is public so you can see when the next chapter will be released.

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Nothing Here but Hot Air

Nothing Here but Hot Air
8 pages

What have we here?

Do not despair!

A pile of poems,

for your ear.

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Whispers In The Wind

Whispers In The Wind
346 pages

 A soft song, spun on the wind, torments an isolated town.
 A family of witches sailing across the sea, attempt a new route through uncharted waters, when the storms of fate see fit to alter their destination.
 What secrets haunt this silent corner of the world where no music is allowed? Are they best left as whispers in the wind?

A mostly family friendly fantasy adventure mystery, sure to give you duckbumps.

Sword fighting is family friendly right?

TL;DR Hounds of Baskerville meets the Famous Five, but with dragons.

This is written for the Royal Road Community Magazine competition.

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A Witch's Guide to Hiking

A Witch's Guide to Hiking
318 pages

Like Hatchet, but with vampires, witches, and dragons... oh my!

Indigo ‘Indi’ Adams and her three friends venture into the wilderness for a few days of hiking fun. Indi hopes to capture a photo of the elusive phoenix, and she’s determined nothing will stop her.

Not the fact that she’s never been hiking before.

Not her deathly allergy to the sun.

Not even the possibility that she and her friends aren’t the only ones tracking the phoenix...

But there are others who want their own shot at the bird, and they’re willing to kill for it.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

This is mostly a fun adventure story with some light horror and action scenes, and probably at least one literal cliffhanger.

For those who have read my other work, Spliced, this work here features some of the same characters but is an unrelated plot and is set earlier than the events in Spliced.

A Witch's Guide to Hiking is now complete!

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The Dumping Ground

The Dumping Ground
35 pages

 Here lies a compilation of shorts.
 A collection of random stories and scenes, and slices of life, summoned by the ones who live in my head.
 I figured it was time they started paying rent, by producing some content.
 Some of these seeds may sprout into other things.
 Some are already off cuts that may or may not grow again.
 But who really knows what will end up buried here, in the Dumping Ground.
 Do you dare to dig?

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