1. Re: Guide to creating true fantasy languages. (Aka conlang) Step by step.

      And while a conlang should not be a relex, you can be inspired. This makes it more likely after applying all the rules, the result is fitting your aesthetic.  Assuming relex=relaxed... I kind of (...)

    2. Re: Guide to creating true fantasy languages. (Aka conlang) Step by step.

      <3 You're right of course. Then again it doesn't HAVE to be a forgetful race, it's simply a (...)(...)

    3. Re: Guide to creating true fantasy languages. (Aka conlang) Step by step.

      I am okay with word generation, but when it comes to grammar... *makes a sound if having grasped into a wasp nest* I would ask a few things before I went into grammar:  Is it something the people (...)

    4. Re: Framework of creating characters

      A really good piece of advice. ^;^ I'd say that it should work really well for plotters.  If you're a pantser. (Like me.) Might be a good idea to reverse the process. Make a character however you (...)

    5. Re: Mysterious world

      Might enjoy mine. (In the signature.) I'll let you discover and uncover the mysteries yourself. It's a pretty dark world though, so if dark fantasy isn't your thing just avoid it.

    6. Re: Dark Fantasy.

      Sounds like you'll enjoy my work. (Link in the signiture below.) I want magic and adventure and dragons with a dark twist. Preferably completed or ongoing, Magic? Double check.  Adventure? Check (...)

    7. Re: How would you describe how the 4th dimension looks to a 4th dimensional being

      First. I'll agree with @Paradox, nothing can describe that accurately without actually seeing it. This is like explaining colors to a blind person.  2nd. 4thD is a thing I did research into when I wrote (...)

    8. Re: Good Stories that have an RPG-like System but without numbers or explicit game elements?

      First. The Wandering Inn does what you're looking for. It's massive enough to read for over a year if you haven't read it already.  I don't know other litRPG stories that do that. 

    9. Re: What's the best re-release strategy?

      I've been writing on a different site a year + ago. I took it all down. Took a year to rewrite things. Added a LOT of content to the earlier chapters that they're nearly unrecognizable from the original. (...)

    10. Re: Free Reviews (for 10k and up) or feedback (for less than 10k stories)

      Won't say no to a free review, thanks!  Gota warn you though, my work is pretty dark. 

    11. Re: Quotes, italic or nothing that is the question?

      Italics is the best way imo. Quotes will just confuse with a loud conversation.  You do you though. ^;^

    12. Re: Offering First Chapter Feed Back

      Heck yeah! Would you prefer your feedback here or on your story? ^^ Don't mind either way to be honest. ^;^ Do what's easiest for you. 

    13. Re: Any discovery writers or "pantsers" care to share?

      I'm a 99% pantser.  My first random writing will eventually become the outline. (Don't get me wrong, I treat it as my actual writing. It's just that in reality I'll end up editing it beyond recognition.) (...)

    14. Re: "Tradtional" Fantasy Reommendations?

      If you don't mind some self promo... my work is also a traditional high fantasy (if by high fantasy you mean an original world with planes, gods, magic, and races like elves, dwarves, gnomes, orcs, fairies, (...)

    15. Re: 200k word achievement feels depressing

      I think you should just write at your own pace. That being said, if you really want to pick up your speed, my advice would be: Shift mental gears. Don't write on R&R fast. Write fast for yourself for (...)

    16. Re: RR's detrimental need for every character to be cold and rational.

      Because unlike real life, fiction actually need to make logical sense you know!

    17. Re: I love reading and have been wanting to give writing a shot, but I dont know how to start.

      Ah, right. I guess I should add that I've always approached writing from more of a perfectionistic angle, where I feel like I need to write as well as I possibly can. So I did start off by trying to write (...)

    18. Re: I love reading and have been wanting to give writing a shot, but I dont know how to start.

      You're going to hear a lot of opinions on this subject. I for once disagree with @Rynn... my first draft story was a 610k monster... to each their own.  My advice is just start writing and see where (...)