Grown Kidd

Grown Kidd

Etherial Adventurer [Adventure LitRPG]

To be fair, I started binging the first 10 chapters when they were first released, and was shocked to see the fic gone.

Style- Short and succinct prose that is easy to understand

Grammar-One of the better fictions I've read, haven't seen an error yet. If there was, it was so either consistent with the story or so small I couldn't recognize it.

Character- While not being the most characterized, the characters fit nicely into the world created by the author, if maybe being a little huge in cosmic scale. Each side character makes sense to the story and  hints to having a life outside the main character's

Story-while It seems like a standard *drop in the fansty* story, it quickly sets itself apart by having a slow apocalypse, apocalyptic at all. Life goes on and everyone explores the new system; the Etheric Law. First 10 chapters or so focus on the tutorial, which notably doesn't involve killing monsters and fighting for survival.

Interesting Read so far, Give it a try

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Prism - Seekers of Solace (A LitRPG Saga)

Story:For me, most VR stories have a huge turnoff for me, and it's that they don't have any real stakes, the game is literally a game and if one of the players die they'll come back after a certain amount of time. But here, the game feels more real than IRL, especially through Ryan's POV.

When Ryan sees a NPC get killed and even kills a player himself, he kinda goes through a traumatic experience as if he actually went through it, which he kinda did with how realistic the game is.

The world building is subtle, hinting at a few things going on with the world and things may not be as they seem,

character: The author characterized the character very well, making each named character distinct from the other. You can mostly tell their personalities through the little details they include here and there throughout the chapters

style: nothing fancy, but also not distracting to the plot and flows very nicely. My only complaint is POV switch and it wouldn't even have been a complaint if the POV switch was more focused. It's a little jarring to switch to a set of POVs instead of maybe POV then scene break or one POV per chapter. There are also some parts with clunking exposition (completely understandable though that shits hard) where it felt unneeded or too much for readers, even though a character may have wanted the information 

grammar: haven't seen anything wrong other than a few mistakes most people would gloss over.

all in all though, keep up the good work, this is a really good story and I'm looking forward to where you'll take it