Evan Dawn

Evan Dawn

    1. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      "Yesterday I was going to be King, and today I'm a potato farmer. That's prophecies for you. Fickle. Unreliable. Honestly, the oracles are as bad as the weathermen. They never get anything right the (...)

    2. Good Intros To LitRPG?

      I started reading Sunflower by Razzmatazz and I'm really enjoying it. Feels like playing one of those old text-based games.  I'm looking for more LitRPGs that serve as a good introduction to the genre. (...)

    3. Today I learned...

      That the cultivation genre does NOT mean farming. In my DEFENCE, stardew is one of my top three games of all time, so I just thought 'cool, stories about leveling up and farming. That makes sense'. (...)

    4. Re: Can I Add A Prologue Later On?

      You can! It's under the chapters tab (fiction > content > chapters > reorder button to the right of the search bar). It's not immediately obvious but it's there. https://www.royalroad.com/support/knowledgebase/83 (...)

    5. Can I Add A Prologue Later On?

      I'm considering adding a prologue to set up my story better but I don't see a way to "insert" a new chapter anywhere but after my latest? They all seem to follow posting order. Do I have to go back and (...)

    6. Re: Showing ugliness in your main character

      I think flaws are useful. It gives a character an internal struggle to overcome and then allows them to grow over time.  You don't HAVE to though. Luke Skywalker doesn't have anything in his personality (...)

    7. Re: Evan checking in...

      welcome and have fun Thanks!

    8. Re: A question about the TRENDING page

      20k words Does anyone know if there is a time limit for this? I've been posting about 2k a day for almost a week now.

    9. Re: Evan checking in...

      Welcome, I hope you have fun on RR!    Thank you, Tea. :) 

    10. Re: The [Royal Road Flashfic] Contest

      Red Mawk Canyon was a popular place for scrap hunters.  The Battle for Penelope was fought here, where the villagers of Mawk hunkered down in the burning sand and refused to budge against the Automoton (...)

    11. Re: Evan checking in...

      So I don't spam the thread I'm going to reply to everyone individually in one post - hope that's okay!  Welcome, welcome, welcome to Royal Road fellow new member! Thanks, VVerity!  Welcome to (...)

    12. Evan checking in...

      Hey-oh! Four days in, and four is my lucky number, so I figured it was time to introduce myself.  Really enjoying the community so far. Everyone seems positive/helpful and that's awesome. I love (...)

    13. Re: Writing chapters

      Depends on kids/work/sleep etc. I try to hit 2k minimum (that's my chapter length goal). But I can easily get to 10k if I have the time. I also switch between books/genres to keep myself fresh.

    14. Re: Authors, what is your drop off rate in views?

      I'm still new so my data is skewed, but so far I've maintained 25% of my views from chapter 1. The biggest (and only) drop off is from that first chapter to the second. My first guess is that I got (...)

    15. Re: Salamander Girl

      Queen in the Mud Sadly it is a STUB Thank you!!!

    16. Salamander Girl

      This is driving me crazy. I swear I found this on RR ages ago.  It was a story about a girl salamander (or maybe a basilisk?). I think she had magic. The cover was a pink salamander (possibly with a (...)

    17. Re: How do you motivate yourself to write?

      Good music, good coffee and the crippling fear of failure.  In all seriousness, finishing a book is hard, but it's also the best feeling in the world. Do it once and you'll chase that feeling forever. (...)

    18. Re: Promote Your Story with Two Truths and a Lie

      There is a huge chunk of the land is covered by the body of a dead giant (including armor). There is a bard who spent thirteen years cursed to live as a rooster for trying to con a witch's daughter (...)

    19. Re: Promote your Story by telling the original Idea/thought

      So I had two ideas. One was for a character and the the other was for a magic system. So the original character concept was - what if the chosen one gets rejected? Like, he was raised to be special (...)

    20. Re: Promote your story with your MC's weapon of choice

      Norasmus, a bard-thief, has a set of knives (but often just uses his lute/a pot or whatever he has handy as a blunt-force weapon). You could also argue he kills ladies with his charm. (That was terrible (...)