Evan Dawn

Evan Dawn

Surviving the Arcanum

Surviving the Arcanum (...)
by Cymas
98 pages

On this island, everyone can hear you scream.

One hour. That is the average survival time for those unlucky enough to find themselves trapped within the mysterious and deadly Arcanum. Struggling content creator Sara is not the average survivor. Taking the identity of her gamer persona, Valkyrie, she must learn a new way of life with help from her tribe of misfits, the Sisters. But as they soon discover, survival is just the beginning. Valkyrie and her Sisters must learn the secrets of this fragmented world and use it to harness her power before someone else does. Or die trying.

New chapters on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 03:15 PM EST (GMT -5) 

Next bonus chapter at 50 followers. Thank you for your support.

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Sentinel of the Deep

Sentinel of the Deep
by moonzy
177 pages

I need to take a brief break from writing and will post new chapters as soon as I can

When Thom's best friend goes missing in the lake in the middle of Juniperville, the townsfolk are out for blood. Thom is the only one who knows about the creature who came out of the lake, who shape-shifted into the young woman who abducted his friend. Seeking answers, he travels to Scotland, where he is invited to join the Modern Folklore Investigation Team (MFIT) as an intern. As he gets closer to an objective truth about the nature and intentions of water beasts, he learns that he has a rare and special power, one with the potential to bring back his friend from the deep.

The only one who knows about Thom's power is his MFIT colleague Ondine, who has a secret of her own - one she has repressed for years. Even as Ondine urges Thom back to Juniperville to a reckoning with whatever it was that stole his friend, she realizes that she, too, must face up to the truth of her legacy, and its power.

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Sunflower : [A sunflower based litRPG]

Sunflower : [A sunflower (...)
by Razzmatazz
192 pages

Hello. I am a sunflower.

Are you a sunflower too?

Well, it doesn't really matter. Today is a calm day. The wind is warm. I do not know why I am alive, but do you want to look at the sun together with me?

- I am a sunflower.

[Updates Sundays]

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Carrion Knight [System abduction]

Carrion Knight [System (...)
by MrGrimSmile
693 pages

Raided as resources by a world with an organic [System] interface, Mathew and fellow abductees fight monsters for survival and territory.

Making a home is only the start as the ability to administrate a [Class] gives him enough power to become a piece on the chessboard of native politics.

Caught up in Earth's gamble with humanity, the survivors will determine the fate of two worlds.

Need more to decide? I've got you covered.

LitRPG / GameLit

Multiple POVs

A view into more status screens and interests, without sacrificing the central story.

Power at a cost

The struggle between survival and thriving

Exploring the world one piece at a time.


Three chapters a week.

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Millennial Mage (A Slice of Life, Progression Fantasy)

Millennial Mage (A Slice (...)
by JLMullins
2.2k pages

The world is wild, untamed. Humanity thrives, but only in isolated, well defended cities, ever shrinking as the wilds slowly reclaim all that was taken. The most capable magic users are raised up as Mages to serve mankind, further their cause, and defend them over the course of millennia.

Tala is freshly graduated from the magic academy and determined to make her own way in the world. She hopes to pay off her massive debts, quickly, but still plans on living each and every day to the fullest. Too bad the Academy left some glaring holes in her practical education. Loath to let that slow her down, and with no patience for a standard, low-paid apprenticeship (intended to fill many of those knowledge gaps), Tala strives to learn and improve as rapidly as she can on her own. Her unorthodox methods for preserving her own life allow her to take greater risks in search of profit and advancement, much to the surprise of those around her.

I do hope you enjoy this tale, but let me know what you think either way! Critique, both positive and negative, is welcome.

Release schedule is weekly: M-W-F

Thank you for your time and for giving this story a try.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If this is found on a site other than Royal Road, or the linked Patreon, it was not posted by the author. Please find this tale, here:


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Queen in the Mud

Queen in the Mud
by Maari
64 pages

A girl suddenly vanishes from her world and finds herself drifting in and out of consciousness in a world of pure darkness. 

Queen in the Mud is an unusual litrpg novel featuring a female monster protagonist as she makes her way through a vicious untamed world ruled by a "system."


(Book one of this story is now available on kindle unlimited. To satisfy exclusivity requirements on that platform, the chapters here have been removed. Here is a link to the book on amazon. I do plan on posting chapters for book two on royal road, but I don't currently have an estimated date for release.)

(Cover art by Monomus)

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