Isekai'd Again With My Himbo Hubby, Our Mischief Gremlin Daughter, And My Cheat SRD: A FIFTH EDITION COMPATIBLE litRPG

Isekai'd Again With My (...)
by Pastafarian
211 pages

Cassandra "Catastrophe" Claire and her family are being isekai'd yet again, and this one's the most derivative setting yet.
Armed with her Query cheat skill and access to the System's Reference Document, not to mention sorcery, she's determined that her mischief gremlin of a daughter and her himbo of a husband will come out safe on the other side—and maybe she'll get to do some anthropology on the way.
What to expect: Characters with at least one dimension! An entirely original adventure on the Daggered Shores! And the SRD 5.1.
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Humanity's Last Chance: Rise of The First Necromancer

Humanity's Last Chance: (...)
by Coldfang89
336 pages

The apocalypse is only days away. The System's Descent is coming. Chosen at random and forewarned, Drew Wright needs to convince family and friends of the impending doom. Monsters and beasts will begin appearing and the collapse of society as he knows it is just around the corner.
The beasts are only one concern however, supplies also need to be collected to ensure his family's chance of survival.
When it's humanity's fault that The System is coming in the first place, other people may be just as much of a threat as the beasts. Swords and Sorcery will rule the land, and the laws of man will be thrown out the window.
Join Drew Wright as he fights to secure a future for the people he cares about.

Release Schedule - Monday @ 17:00 CST 
The release schedule is slowed down at the moment so I can concentrate on quality and prepare for the book release. Once I'm in a more comfortable position, it will speed back up.
Average word count per chapter is around 3200

Content Warning Tags are listed as to give me creative writing freedom as I progress through the story, nothing is set in stone currently.
This is my very first novel of any kind, so please go easy on me. I've enjoyed the LitRPG and Gamelit genre for many years, the novels I enjoy have inspired me to give it a shot myself.
I have a  Patreon if you'd like to support me

Please remember to Rate & Review if possible!

For more LitRPG adventures be sure to check out the official LitRPG facebook group.

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Reincarnated as a tail - A Reincarnation Progression LitRPG Story

Reincarnated as a tail (...)
by Laulau20
365 pages

Yokoda Shuichi was just an ordinary corporate slave until his workplace was hit by terrorism. when he woke up, he was turned into a fluffy tail accompanying a foxgirl!

Author note:

i have no idea why i am writing this.

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Amelia The Level Zero [Hero] (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)

Amelia The Level Zero (...)
by MelasDelta
712 pages

Who needs a Class when you're already the strongest anyways?

Ten years ago, Amelia woke up alone and lost in a broken world where she had to fight for her survival.

Now, after reaching the pinnacle of power, defeating the Void itself, and escaping the abyss, she has finally found her way back into the real world. But instead of returning to Earth, she arrives in the land of Vacuos. A fantasy world with magic, monsters, Classes, and Levels. A world that is governed by a System like it were a video game.

And when rewarded with a Class befitting her accomplishments— to become a powerful [Hero] that will forever dedicate her life to protecting this world that is not her own— she only has one response.

“Absolutely not. I’m going to live a normal life now, thank you very much.”

Copyright © 2022 MelasD / VA Lewis / MelasDelta

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Cyber Dreams [LitRPG-Lite, Progression Cyberpunk]

Cyber Dreams [LitRPG-Lite, (...)
by PlumParrot
856 pages

In the near future, the corporations that rule society treat their citizens like products and tools. People live to work and work to live, but not everyone—some people prosper on the fringe, some thrive as thorns in the paws of the corporate lions . . .

Juliet just wants to get a ride home from her double shift at the scrapyard when something bizarre and horrifying happens, something that throws her into the crosshairs of Western Bio Dynamics, a mega-corporation out of Phoenix that would just as soon dissect a person as interview them.

She didn’t ask for the stolen, illegal tech that falls into her hands, but she accepted it. Now she needs to find a way to skip town, find a way to hide from WBD until she figures out a plan. She has to learn to live in the shadows, to work outside the corporate system, and to deal with the sundry characters, honorable and nefarious, inhabiting that world.

Join Juliet as she works to improve herself physically, mentally, and in reputation. She has a lot of learning to do and will face many challenges along the way, from synthetic bounty hunters to double-crossing operators, to struggles with her own long-held beliefs about right and wrong.

Can one scrapyard welder stand up to the big corporations? Can she find a way to not only survive but also make a name for herself? Keep reading to find out . . .

New chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (3,000 to 5,000 words each.)

Patreon: My works in progress have 15+  advance chapters available on Patreon.

Cover designed by MiblArt

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Regenesis Perfecta (UNDETERMINED HIATUS)

Regenesis Perfecta (UNDETERMINED (...)
by Talgus
0 pages


Born three months earlier than he should have, Will lived his first fifteen years of life in a struggle against the encroaching death constantly creeping upon his under-developed body.

When a child in his small town got attacked by a wild animal, his father went out to try to save it, leaving Will alone in his home in a time of global change.

Will he be able to survive his dangerous encounters and discover the new reality of a world where barriers between the physical and the astral are unnaturally thinned?

The world is growing, both in size as in dangers. Let's hope he can keep up and not lose himself on the way there.

Release Schedule: |Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday| at 20h to 22h (GMT/UTC + 0) ON HIATUS

Do let me know as well about possible improvements to the story's structure. I am a beginner and know that there will be some issues now and then, be they excessive commas, an old issue of mine, or other grammar shenanigans.

All of that said, I hope you enjoy the story as much as I am enjoying writing it.

And a huge shout out to Nate Crotts, writer of the awesome Lit-RPG "The Sorceress' Soul" and the one who made this insane cover for Regenesis Perfecta. Check out his work here on Royal Road.

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What the BLEEP?!? - A Soft LitRPG Progression Fantasy

What the BLEEP?!? - A (...)
by KageMugen
518 pages

Status: 2022-10-19
Published on RR: 70
Scheduled on RR: 76 ... 2022-11-02 - Date it will be published on RR.
Available on Patreon: 76
Patrons: 19
Chapters per day ratio on RR: 69/60 ... 1.15

Does anyone ever read Terms of Service at signing up for Social Media Apps or Games?

Well, neither did Duncan. Such a common mistake signs him up for a Reality TV show on another planet that has been running for at least 27 years before he got there.

Of course, the first words from his mouth once he got there were, “What the -BLEEP-!?“
And of course, he was censored and punished for it.

Stuck in a Starter village where no new adventurer has come in a century, he soon meets new friends. They help him understand his situation and develop his skills.

Together with them he tries to make his living in this new reality easier. He soon finds out they all have their own problems. Most of their problems stemming from that the once thriving community that catered to the influx of new adventurers has greatly declined by the lack of them. However, he soon finds out that is not their only problem.

Luckily, he is not a total prisoner of the reality show as he is allowed to go home for 1 hour after every day on that planet. Running between the worlds he will try to fix his life on both ends and for every problem he solves he runs into new ones.   

Follow his path as progresses through the reality show trying to survive and balance his life on the other end trying to make ends meet. He will try to use everything he has to subvert the system to his advantage and not die.   

Guaranteed Scheduled releases every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:11 am GMT+1.
Optional releases of solving cliffhangers on Weekends.

PATREON supporters have the same access no matter the money so if you want to donate $1 you will have the same as someone who wants to donate $100 for my work. So far there are $1, $2 , $3, $5, $7.5, $10 tiers anything you can spare is helpful and appreciated but not necessary, since I will publish everything here eventually. They are just 6 chapters or 2 weeks ahead of schedule. 

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War Crimes of a Dronemancer [System Litrpg]

War Crimes of a Dronemancer (...)
by Iceduya
155 pages

Ice, a gamer and drone designer dies and gets sent to another dimension. Stranded alone on a destroyed world with only his Class 12 AI to help him.  Hunted by the Interdimensional genetically modified creatures of war, the Theriope, at every turn. Can he save his new home? Or will he fall like the others before him?

MWF normal release schedule. editor only on weekdays  M-F.  EDITED to chapter 30 currently.

Now on Scribblehub and Royal Road!

Several early chapters will be almost completely changed at a later date thank you!

Huge fan of the litrpg and writing  Facebook groups:

Don't forget you can join the discord without being part of the patreon! But the patreon shows your support and will have nifty things later.

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Industrial Strength Magic

Industrial Strength Magic (...)
by Macronomicon
1.2k pages

Perry Z has a Magical Destiny.

Born to a Magical Fantasy Princess and a nine-to-five Supervillain, Perry's never felt...adequate. He's completely magically dull, and without a scrap of superpowers.

When The System boots, he's forced to follow in his father's footsteps, but he'd rather take after his mother.

Maybe there's a way he can do both...

This is Macronomicon's take on a lighthearted slice-of-life superhero story. It is one of mine, though. should know what you're getting into =P

The Worldbuilding is primarily inspired by Superminion, which was in turn inspired by Worm.

The explicit content tags are so if I decide to dip a little dark later down the line, you can't say I didn't warn ya. Except the cussing. That's there from the beginning. I tried to tone it down but a little just slipped in there.


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The Sorceress's Soul: A LitRPG Adventure

The Sorceress's Soul: (...)
by Nate Crotts
399 pages

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Held at gunpoint after getting a little too drunk at the club, Clarissa is thrust into a new existence at the moment of her death. Dying just as her soul is fully brought into something called the "Centrality", along with the rest of Earth, her soul almost escapes into the afterlife, but is called back by the touch of the new System.

Due to an unexpected series of events, she is thrown into a dangerous sub-layer of reality known as a dungeon. Here she must survive, though this may prove more difficult than she expects.

But what of the world awaiting her outside the dungeon? Well, she knows little of just what has happened to Earth and must discover just how much it has changed on her own.

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Champions of Itaro [Cultivation Fantasy]

Champions of Itaro [Cultivation (...)
by Scrittus
1k pages

Dreiki has a promise. 
His lowborn mother walks the path towards nobility as a Venator Knight. The day he turned ten, his mother was called upon to rejoin the battlefield. Before leaving, she warned Dreiki never to show anyone the brand on his shoulder especially a noble.

He promised he'd survive until she got back, but a shadowy pursuer has other plans.

Kaara has a curse.
Everyone sees Kaara as an energetic and helpful child. No one, not even Kaara, would've suspected she'd been cursed from birth. But one night, Kaara overheard the truth. Horrid monsters are drawn to her, bringing chaos and death with them.

If she told anyone about her curse, would they see her differently?

Amaro has a burden. 
The scar across his nose is lauded among other xiozians as a badge of honor. But to him, it's a reminder of the day his father stopped being his father to become 'Duke Xirxus'. As the eldest child, any sign of weakness means war for his family. Amaro's future is a path bathed in bloody conflict and sacrifice. 

And Amaro doesn't wish to walk it any farther.

New Chapters posted daily at 6:07PM CST! 
I also want to thank everyone for the support and kind words. Even if this book is incomplete in a lot of ways, I'm happy the story is resonating with everyone. If you guys wanna go above and beyond to help me out and support me, all I ask is that you share this book with other people and give it the rating you feel it deserves. 

Feedback is always welcome too. I plan on using the feedback to create a more finalized draft for a potential audiobook or EBook. I don't think anything so unfinished as this web novel should be paid for, but it would be a dream come true if I could eventually make a living off of my writing and share my story with the world. So in the end, your feedback and sharing this story with people helps me get closer to that goal. 

Thanks again for the support!

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Coils of the Serpent

Coils of the Serpent
by skribe
369 pages

The job was simple: find out why the barges had stopped coming down the river. Surely a group of war veterans could see to that, and have a few laughs along the way.  But why had the baron prevented his own people from investigating?  And why did their captain insist they journey covertly?

Finding out the truth might cost them everything.

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