1. Re: when to stop writing a book.

      I started writing a comment, but I didn't finish it because...

    2. Re: How Does Your Creative Process Work?

      Currently? A lot o f procrastination leading to "Wait, it'd work better this way." and then another month of revisions.

    3. Re: Some tips to writing good stories-(because I want to read something good not some shitty badly written sto(...)

      Info dumps are at their worst when it's just a huge wall of unasked for data. I think one thing that helps is if rather than just being a one sided history of a subject you have characters discussing the (...)

    4. Re: How important is an author's explanation in the description?

      As a reader, I'll start with the genre but the synopsis is a good help in deciding if I'm actually going to spend the time reading any part of a book. The tags on the site after that will tell me if there (...)

    5. Re: Real Name vs Pen Name

      Oddly enough, I made a similar thread a month or two ago. I asked more between "screen name" vs "real name," but most people seemed to vibe with "pen names." I've been using this screen name since the (...)

    6. Re: Hi, I'm trying to work out if this is the right place to share my novels.

      Gave the first two chapters a read (well, prolog and ch. 1), it's good. I hope it finds an audience. Knowing that there's some sort of fantasy/magic element apparently going to be introduced should make (...)

    7. Re: Can you write LitRPG/GameLit without reading LitRPG/GameLit?

      Hehe. Well, I figure it means literally what it is called, Literature based on the concepts of roleplaying games. Unfortunately, my favorite roleplaying game is FUDGE, which means some of my concepts (...)

    8. Re: Can you write LitRPG/GameLit without reading LitRPG/GameLit?

      Honestly, some of the stuff I've read here barely counts as the text book definition of LitRPG and it's all just as entertaining. There is no text book definition of litRPG. some guy wandering around (...)

    9. Re: Can you write LitRPG/GameLit without reading LitRPG/GameLit?

      Prior to coming here I didn't even know LitRPG was a thing. I'd read plenty of isekai and reincarnation fantasy manga that had cross over with similar elements, so I understood the idea. Putting it into (...)

    10. Re: When does blood and gore get too intense?

      Torture or prolonged pain and damage to soft tissue like the inside of a mouth, eyes, etc, is kinda where I draw the line. In text you can get shot, cut, gored, gutted, slashed, whatever as long as it's (...)

    11. Re: Verbose writing, or succint/clean writing?

      My initial comment on this was short to prove a point, but thinking about it I decided to go further in depth. Since my background is Comics I tend to put a premium on space allocated to dialog/word (...)

    12. Re: Verbose writing, or succint/clean writing?

      Quality over quantity. You don't need to use more words if you use better words.

    13. Re: Were you taught British-Style VS American-Style English in school?

      I was curious about this so I decided to look up a few pages of Harry Potter to see this British style in action (I've never read the books so I had no previous knowledge of this difference.) The odd thing (...)

    14. Re: Views vs Followers

      Nice to hear a reader's perspective! That being said, if you like longer stories with multiple volumes, why not check mine out (wink wink nudge nudge)  :DrakanThink: Clever marketing pitch. :DrakanFascinating: (...)

    15. Re: How Do I Write On This Site

      If you're scared of others finding your work I feel like a USB flash drive would be a fair option. If you forget to sign out of Google someone might stumble across your Gdrive account. With a physical (...)

    16. Re: Views vs Followers

      I've been making use of the "read later" list for some titles rather than following them. I do it more for the fictions that have been around for a while and have a few hundred chapters or several volumes. (...)

    17. Re: Guide to writing LitRPGs

      I read memes and now my mind refuses to think about anything other than funny cat gifs and philosoraptor quotes.

    18. Re: Do your characters' personalities reflect part of your own personality?

      I imagine most characters we create have a little of ourselves in them, unless you've created someone that goes against every fiber of your being. I think even the antagonist can have some element of yourself. (...)

    19. Re: Ploopie's In-Depth Guide To Tables (With Screenshots!) (Revamped!)

      Hmm okay cool, I was actually writing my story with blue boxes in mind so I might actually try to use them.

    20. Re: 99% of this video was made by AI

      There's an animated video on youtube where every frame of it was AI generated... It felt like watching a realistic manifestation of a fever dream. EDIT: Okay I found it, it was a tutorial video on (...)