1. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      That is a big puppy. I'd hate to see his doo-doo. 💩 Reading that after the Final Destination image just before made me gag with laughter.

    2. Re: Just Joined - Learning the Royal Ropes

      That's alotta content. Welcome and good luck!

    3. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      A scene that traumatized millions of drivers that year... and a few hundred thousand non-drivers, too.

    4. Re: Wise Writers Of RR! Assemble! *spoiler* blurb advice

      Fun game with your post - pick one entry from under each of your headings at random and assemble a blurb: "On a dark and stormy night, the hungry hordes are at the door. A woman with a dark past searches (...)

    5. Re: Wise Writers Of RR! Assemble! *spoiler* blurb advice

      When I've had to write blurbs for comics I usually thought, in the most basic terms, how some movie trailers are done: Set the stage: In a world of... etc. It's a time of Peace/war... etc. On a dark (...)

    6. Re: Every review for my fiction has been downvoted.

      Not that it would bother me as a writer, but as a reader I don't honestly see the point of counting up/down votes on reviews. It seems like it just encourages people who disagree to leave a passive aggressive (...)

    7. Re: What program do you write in?

      Recently, I've been augmenting my writing with Grammarly. Copying and pasting into it for errors that Open office doesn't seem to see (certain misspellings and small grammatical issues, like "entrailes." (...)

    8. Re: 🙄"RoyalRoad wasn't a right platform for your kind of story!"

      Honeyfeed sounds like Tapas without the fan Manga/Comic bias and the supposed contracts. Lots of Slice of life and romance stuff at first glance, but there seems to be at least a reasonable smattering (...)

    9. Re: Which of the three cover art is more eye catchy?

      The first one... without a doube has more power and eye catchy potential. If I could add another suggestion: The A at the end of the first line of the title reads weird to me. At first glance it looked (...)

    10. Re: 🙄"RoyalRoad wasn't a right platform for your kind of story!"

      I know my novel isn't a great fit for RR but all of the other online platforms seem romance or fanfic focused. So RR is the best fit for my novel because of the focus on fantasy in general. I'm basically (...)

    11. Re: 🙄"RoyalRoad wasn't a right platform for your kind of story!"

      ...Regardless of my personal thoughts on the matter I'd probably offer a "thank you for letting me know, I'll take it into consideration" and move on. At the end of the day my story is posted here because (...)

    12. Re: New Story Idea, wanted to know what everyone thought

      Reading through the way this vr world works makes me wonder about it's effects outside of the game. These days people are already told they need to have timers to remind them to stop playing addictive (...)

    13. Re: 🙄"RoyalRoad wasn't a right platform for your kind of story!"

      The only people that can tell you your story doesn't belong here are the people who run the site, and if that were the case it wouldn't be here.

    14. Re: Killing Them Quietly

      It's always been my opinion that you don't kill off characters unless it's for emotional impact... but on the other hand, if you have a huge cast and it needs a bit of trimming, an axe murderer or just (...)

    15. Re: Science Fantasy

      A discussion I once had with someone from an online writing group at a random comic book/anime con some (what, 7 or 8?) years ago, turned me on to the idea that "Science Fiction" is anything that can explain (...)

    16. Re: Writing and Social Media Sites

      So then the question I would pose after so many sites are listed: What the next best fiction site after RR? So many of these other places seem to have ...issues the instant I start looking into them. (...)

    17. Re: What makes you prefer web fiction?

      The (sad?) truth is it's cheaper and easier both from a reader perspective and a publishing one. Lots of free real estate and less gatekeeping. (double edged sword, I guess. You got a wider potential (...)

    18. Re: Character descriptions

      I think it's helpful to describe details that are important to the story. After all, if someone has long hair that might get caught in something it's useful to identify that early so that the reader isn't (...)

    19. Re: Music when Writing

      When I draw I can listen to just about anything in my playlist, but while writing I'm finding I can't listen to anything with words that distract the focus of my mental voice or songs that have too much (...)

    20. Re: cover book

      It's certainly attention grabbing. Well rendered.