1. Re: Another stolen work thread!

      Seems like the more well known a site and the fiction on it the more likely someone from another site is going to ctrl V your chapters. That's why I suggested a pinned list of common thief sites so it'd (...)

    2. Re: Show don't tell. Is it necessary for a fiction to attract more readers?

      If you're a frequent reader of Manga (I get that impression from the cover in your signature,) it breaks this rule all the time when you compare it with something like American comics. Generally it's accepted (...)

    3. Re: Handling the wish to write more than one story

      I actually have like 4 or 5 projects percolating so I want to start doing this thing where if a scene comes to mind while idling, I just write that scene down in a basic notepad file for later extraction (...)

    4. Re: Handling the wish to write more than one story

      I was once an intern at Marvel comics, and I would often see editors take on not just the editing, but also the writing of 3-5 monthly comics. I would think, "How can they possibly keep up with that pace?" (...)

    5. Re: Rewrite + Drop Off Rate Question

      In every long running bit of internet content the first part will always see a huge number compared to subsequent chapters. I generally think that first chapter in a series is like a communal sampler platter (...)

    6. Re: The isekai trope thingamajig

      Every isekai hit at least one box.  Though you can avoid it by having a middle-aged woman as the protagonist I dunno, there is a middle aged box, I feel like that'd cover both men and women.

    7. Re: The isekai trope thingamajig

      I always assume in these cases that they just live on an alternate Earth unless they have an extra moon or something. Language is usually a skill granted by what ever god/goddess brought them over. But (...)

    8. Re: The isekai trope thingamajig

      Don't you just love when you find a loop hole in a Homebrew system that makes the DM pull their hair out... not that I've ever done that of course.

    9. Re: The isekai trope thingamajig

      Imagine an isekai protag going into their new world with this diagram in their back pocket. Talk about cheats.

    10. Re: The isekai trope thingamajig

      Black Summoner, I started read/watching recently and the main character sacrificed his past life memories for more skill points. So technically Amnesia? (oddly enough he still remembers rice and other (...)

    11. Re: The isekai trope thingamajig

      Exceptional work. From just a quick run through I spotted like half a dozen well known Isekai anime plots, in detail. Although I will say some of the interpretations seem a bit... "strict" for lack of (...)

    12. Re: Do people still say the word "book bag" like when I was growing up? Or is it just "backpack now"

      To be fair if we had laptops when were were in school they'd be half as heavy as the desks and there'd be no youtube to watch. The couple of hours a week I got to sit in front of a single Apple IIe I still (...)

    13. Re: Do people still say the word "book bag" like when I was growing up? Or is it just "backpack now"

      It could be a regional or contextual thing like the difference between "Soda" and "Pop." The only reason I stopped using "bookbag" as an adult is because I stopped using it for books.

    14. Re: Why do a lot of people say royal road rejects or focuses on certain types of stories?

      I think if you examine it, over the last decade or so there's be a huge growth in the interest in light novels, which in turn influenced other mediums. Popular LN's became popular anime/manga/etc. in rapid (...)

    15. Re: Royal road will be getting an app

      Sweet! So many people read on their phones these days. A new option for people to find things to read can't be a bad thing... unless its badly made. Staying hopeful though.

    16. Re: Advice on where to start?

      The writing advice I always hear about the beginning of a book is if you don't deliver something juicy for the reader to sink their teeth into in the first 5-10 pages you could lose them never mind the (...)

    17. Re: Tips and ideas on creating my story and it's world?

      With so much going on I could see it either as an anthology following multiple characters, a generational story that follows a family line or the people inheriting their powers, or something that gathers (...)

    18. Re: Anyone up for giving me some feedback on my magic system? (DO NOT USE!)

      Unique wise I meant in the terms of how strong their magic is and side effects etc if that makes sense, not just on the power, the only thing they have in common is that the magic manipulates something. (...)

    19. Re: Anyone up for giving me some feedback on my magic system? (DO NOT USE!)

      If a magic user dies at the same time you are born, you will gain their magic. Now, this is the easy route. Magic that’s gained this way is easier to control in the long run which increases your chance (...)

    20. Re: A Semi-Scientific Poll About Age

      I remember when there was no internet... Over.