1. Re: How do you create plot/plotlines in your story?

      Since I started writing with comics, I always needed a page by page plot to follow to maintain a certain page count. That always lead to a successful story in the end. When I started trying to write (...)

    2. Re: Which story Genre or Design would you say get's the most reader views and attention?

      RR Generally leans toward LitRPG, Gamelit, other world, Isekai, reincarnation type fantasy. At least that's the way it looks at first glance. Even then there's a mix of other genres by people looking to (...)

    3. Re: Is my novel a commercial failure?

      I would make a completely unscientific guess and say Xianxia Dark Horror-Fantasy might not be the largest demographic to aim for. That's not to say your novel is bad or that you've made a poor choice, (...)

    4. Re: Hello gamers!

      You've got a lot on your plate. Welcome and good luck!

    5. Re: LitRPG writing is exhausting

      Write first, calculate later. With the fiction I'm working on I just write, if there needed to be numbers I just wrote what sounded fine for the time, then started calculating money and skill points (...)

    6. Re: Isekai Traditionalist vs Isekai Rebel

      If it has some sort of different other world, it's Isekai. It's in the name, doesn't matter how you get there.

    7. Re: Novel, webnovel, webcomic... I wanna talk about formats

      Comics are a popular medium thanks to the visuals, but novels (web or otherwise) are a more passionate space, I think, on both the writer's side and the reader's. The time scale in either medium can do (...)

    8. Re: Novel, webnovel, webcomic... I wanna talk about formats

      I never read Homestuck, it was one of those things that just kinda passed me and by the time I knew what it was, it had entered the realm of "guess you had to be there." I come from a comics back ground, (...)

    9. Re: Which story title do you prefer?

      I'd presume by the title that it's meant to pair with the other "Eldritch Horror" titles you have listed, correct? If so, I'd follow that naming convention to a degree: My Eldtrich Horrors Want To Start (...)

    10. Re: What are some of your favorite plotting techniques? How do you keep your story moving forward?

      While this is certainly a good plotting technique for finishing a story, I wonder how well does it work for webnovels? It seems that releasing over 1 year every few days with countless chapters is the (...)

    11. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      I don't think it's a bad angle so much as a lack of context. People see two lights on a dark road in the distance and think it's a car, but don't consider the less likely possibility that it might be two (...)

    12. Re: Help me with dialogue writing.

      The first thing that stood out to me, This is a fantasy world you're writing, right? Do they have a fantasy France analog to get the phrase "crème de la crème" from? I'd be careful of using certain short (...)

    13. Re: How much profanity is comfortable for readers to read?

      I'd say everyone has a different acceptable level of Profanity. Curses tend to get a pass if they're used in funny ways, but not everyone is good at writing comedy and not every reader is looking for humorously (...)

    14. Re: Do people still say the word "book bag" like when I was growing up? Or is it just "backpack now"

      Satchel sounds like you're heading out to tame the wild west or something.  Being the same age, I remember my old square army-green bag being a "book bag" because all you could fit in it were books. (...)

    15. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      For some reason i cant post the new illustrations T-T If I'm not mistake you images are hosted on the wixmp platform. Maybe they're having an issue? My first thought is that it might also be a bandwidth (...)

    16. Re: There's one thing that drives me insane and I don't know what to do (mixed opinions)

      Constructive criticism is difficult for people who aren't well versed in the medium. Unless they themselves are an experienced writer/critic they can only point out what they don't like and sometimes miss (...)

    17. Re: FAQ about backlog

      Okay, so if you have any chapters written before April 1st, they're all backlog even if they weren't posted to RR. (Honor system, don't lie, got it.) Post all of that and then you can hit the participate (...)

    18. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      She's literally on another level.

    19. Re: Ploopie's In-Depth Guide To Tables (With Screenshots!) (Revamped!)

      No, only tables.  Again, I can't tell you how much i appreciate the responses and advice and all the time you've spent on this.  I know you need to figure out for your own self, but you could have easily (...)