1. Re: Better understanding the Western audience

      Western tastes can vary from day to day. Varied backgrounds will always seek varied content. One day I might be looking for a slice of life story, another I might be in the mood for isekai or just a plain (...)

    2. Re: Litrpg Stat Advice

      I feel like option 1 has more room for story telling potential in the growth of specific traits. It's more generalized like you could give these stats to anyone from a librarian to a construction worker (...)

    3. Re: Personal take on forum behavior & problems with ratings

      After all, surely you've run the numbers, you've run the experiments, and you clearly have a solution in mind that surely underwent inspection from all angles and rigorous testing to ensure it doesn't (...)

    4. Re: Personal take on forum behavior & problems with ratings

      I'm going to play devils advocate here. A lot of the "sudden" 0.5 stars are just people who are fed up with waiting for something to happen because the author went off on some tangent and got lost there. (...)

    5. Re: Views vs Followers

      The discrepancy between new followers and views is absolutely normal. I encounter the same situation when I post a new post on Instagram. A photo can get 500 likes, including some who aren't my followers. (...)

    6. Never gonna give you up...

      So just how long has Rising Stars been Rick Rolling Royal Road? I just noticed: A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You Wouldn’t Get This From Any Other Guy I just wanna tell you how I’m (...)

    7. Re: Public Service Announcement: Use Grammarly!

      grammarly is a keystroke logger program that record severything you write on your computer with it installed. there are other programs that do what it does withou tit recording every keystroke. This (...)

    8. Re: Public Service Announcement: Use Grammarly!

      For professional publishing I'd endorse an actual proofreader if possible (I know not everyone has that kind of cash.) No AI software is going to understand nuance, character or even your tone of writing. (...)

    9. Re: Woot! First 0.5 Rating!

      Thinking deeper about it, the problem with asking people to leave a review for a 0.5 rating is that then then you'll never get them which skews the ratings just as much as the troll ratings, but on the (...)

    10. Re: Woot! First 0.5 Rating!

      This sounds like back when you used to watch a Youtube video some comment would go "Hey look, it doesn't have any down votes!" and then someone would immediately down vote it just to be the first to do (...)

    11. Re: Draft editing is pain.

      If Grammarly had a face I would punch it... multiple times. Don't feel too bad about hating the editing process, English is stupid, but American English is even worse and this app make me wish I knew (...)

    12. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      That is a big puppy. I'd hate to see his doo-doo. 💩 Reading that after the Final Destination image just before made me gag with laughter.

    13. Re: Just Joined - Learning the Royal Ropes

      That's alotta content. Welcome and good luck!

    14. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      A scene that traumatized millions of drivers that year... and a few hundred thousand non-drivers, too.

    15. Re: Wise Writers Of RR! Assemble! *spoiler* blurb advice

      Fun game with your post - pick one entry from under each of your headings at random and assemble a blurb: "On a dark and stormy night, the hungry hordes are at the door. A woman with a dark past searches (...)

    16. Re: Wise Writers Of RR! Assemble! *spoiler* blurb advice

      When I've had to write blurbs for comics I usually thought, in the most basic terms, how some movie trailers are done: Set the stage: In a world of... etc. It's a time of Peace/war... etc. On a dark (...)

    17. Re: Every review for my fiction has been downvoted.

      Not that it would bother me as a writer, but as a reader I don't honestly see the point of counting up/down votes on reviews. It seems like it just encourages people who disagree to leave a passive aggressive (...)

    18. Re: What program do you write in?

      Recently, I've been augmenting my writing with Grammarly. Copying and pasting into it for errors that Open office doesn't seem to see (certain misspellings and small grammatical issues, like "entrailes." (...)

    19. Re: 🙄"RoyalRoad wasn't a right platform for your kind of story!"

      Honeyfeed sounds like Tapas without the fan Manga/Comic bias and the supposed contracts. Lots of Slice of life and romance stuff at first glance, but there seems to be at least a reasonable smattering (...)

    20. Re: Which of the three cover art is more eye catchy?

      The first one... without a doube has more power and eye catchy potential. If I could add another suggestion: The A at the end of the first line of the title reads weird to me. At first glance it looked (...)