Bate Ivo

Bate Ivo

    1. Re: How to gain viewers

      I cannot be completely sure about the numbers, since I have only one book, but from 137 to 18 is a pretty big drop. (Mine is from 135 to 56 for 10 chapters. Also most of mine drop on chapter 2, which seems (...)

    2. Re: How to gain viewers

      What is the ratio of views from your first, to let say tenth chapter? Also, when you say "a lot of other novels" are they in the same genre?

    3. Re: how can i make my fiction enjoyable?

      Well if you seriously think there is a simple answer to your question, my advice is first to learn a lot about book writing. There are several books out there, also a ton of interviews with famous authors, (...)

    4. Re: Tips for writing a prophecy?

      Well I personally will love a side character who constantly tries to prophesies something and … almost always is wrong.  Also Brandon Sanderson answers to this question somewhere in here: (...)

    5. Re: Is this a harem?

      Is he collecting the women, or do they collect him? It sounds like a weird reverse harem with no human MC twist. Maybe one should put … let say a mystery tag on a story only if there is enough mystery (...)

    6. Re: Looking for mentorship / craftmanship read

      You can try my book... It is a game lit (like a lit rpg but without too much focus on the numbers) the Alchemy and crafting are not the primary focus of the book, but the MC invest heavily in a cooperation (...)