1. Re: Is anyone else a poor reader?

      There are too many distractions as an adult, not least of which includes phones and social media destroying our attention spans. I'm not even a heavy user but I find I don't retain books the way I did (...)

    2. Re: Noob question - do you folks write and post "on the fly"?

      Your question makes no sense, tbh. You don't wait for readers/followers before posting chapters. You post chapters in order to attract more readers/followers. A regular posting schedule and a large amount (...)

    3. Re: Did Changing Your Synopsis Help?

      I think it can, yes. I've been working on revising and tweaking mine as I go and I market test by using it to advertise offsite. Hard to say how much impact it's had because I changed the synopsis, the (...)

    4. Re: What does your writing schedule look like? How many projects do you get done a year?

      I haven't been writing continuously for an entire year yet, admittedly. So far I'm mainly invested in Surviving the Arcanum, finished the first book in December and immediately started the second. I've (...)

    5. Re: Noob question - do you folks write and post "on the fly"?

      Yes and no. My writing is largely on demand, essentially first draft with some basic editing if I have time. (I go back to do full edits and release revisions later on.) But, one of the most important (...)

    6. Re: 🪅 Weekend Snippets 3/2 | WEEK 79 ❄️ The Royal Road Community Magazine #3 Writing Contest is CLOSED 🔒

      She swung off of Fenrir’s back and stepped forward alone, going up to the edge of the water. It rushed cold and clear over her toes, just as she’d remembered. This is where it had all began. The beach (...)

    7. Re: Promote your story by turning it into a prompt

      Your MC is magically teleported from their own world, waking up naked and afraid on an unknown beach on an island filled with dangerous, fantastical animals, monster-spawning voidstorms, and a violent, (...)

    8. Re: what is the mteric that is important to you as an author?

      Going against the grain here but the main metric I measure my work by is my followers. Followers are the most reliable measurement of growth, and growing my brand as an author is the most important part (...)

    9. Re: Changing book Covers. Good or Bad?

      I feel my cover swap was definitely a good move. Give it a try and see how it goes, you can always change it back if you don't feel it's performing as well.

    10. Re: What is Your MC's Name!

      Sara. If you squint really hard it's a subtle nod to Michael Crichton's The Lost World, which is my favorite novel and partial inspiration for the setting of the Arcanum. (Yes this does mean what you think (...)

    11. Re: How frequent should i post new chapters?

      Views going up is good, but it's not a substantial metric for a story's overall success. I tend to go by my follower count instead, to the point where I provide bonus content for hitting follower goals. (...)

    12. Re: How frequent should i post new chapters?

      2.5k chapters 3x a week is the minimum for a non-litRPG, imo. You can build a readership on less, but you won't get the level of growth or engagement you need to maintain for the long term. That's been (...)

    13. Re: New to RR - a Question on Genres

      I can't for the life of me remember what it was but I know there's at least one platform that's more science fiction based. That said, given the ease of posting there's no reason you can't have your book (...)

    14. Re: Promote your story by telling me what's unique to it

      If I had to define it, I would say that Surviving the Arcanum's most unusual feature is how it has been described by readers as being the opposite of a litRPG. As the tagline so aptly states there are (...)

    15. Re: Narration Collaboration Thread

      Don't worry man, things are tough all around these days. Take your time, do what you gotta do.

    16. Re: Looking for some outlining advice before i begin my first story

      The spaces between plot points are where you do your worldbuilding, character development, and side plots. How and what you chose to add are largely a combination of genre and personal style, the latter (...)

    17. Re: Is once a week enough for engagement/sustainable growth?

      Based on my own experiences so far, I recommend a minimum of 3 2.5k chapters per week if you want to gain traction and build a readership, regardless of genre. I currently post 2 shorter chapters per week (...)

    18. Re: How High Is RR standard toward its fiction?

      Story trumps all, but only to a point. Readers are willing to accept lower quality as long as they're enjoying the story, but better writing will attract and keep a larger readership in the long run. It's (...)

    19. Re: How much did you write today? - Word Count Tracking Thread

      I'd love to write that much but job says no. 1k today for another chapter in Surviving the Arcanum. This is where it starts to get a little bit weird for readers because I'm referencing plot events (...)

    20. Re: What User Retention do you have??

      I'm not sure I would really use the first chapter as a metric for anything. Lots of readers are going to check it out to see if the story is for them or not, the same way you'd flip open a book in the (...)