1. Re: When is the best time to start publishing?

      First decide what your schedule is going to be; how many chapters do you feel comfortable writing and releasing per week? How many chapters on average is that per month? Then triple that monthly number (...)

    2. Re: Promote Your Story With 2k Word Snippets—> Read Below For Directions.

      I suggest adding instructions on how to make a spoiler tag since it's not a default option in the post editor. I had to Google it myself lol, been so long since I really did any forum code related things. (...)

    3. Re: Places to Promote your story?

      Paid ads here do pretty well, you can find posts here and on the RR sub where people post their results. From what I've gathered the rectangle one is the most successful. I've had some luck with various (...)

    4. Re: Plot bunny adoption station

      That's the whole point of this thread, is it not? Lol. I'd love to see someone write it since chances are I never will. I came up with it during my brief obsession with bromeliads before discovering I (...)

    5. Re: Did you hire an editor before publishing your first story here?

      I'd recommend everyone should have at least one grammar reference and ideally a book about editing close to hand rather than relying on other people or programs or AI to do it for them. But I'm a little (...)

    6. Re: Plot bunny adoption station

      Before I got into web novels and started writing Surviving the Arcanum, I had a few novel concepts I was toying with. Alas with my current schedule I won't have time to write all of them, so here's one (...)

    7. Re: Did you hire an editor before publishing your first story here?

      Web serials are a very different beast from other, more traditional forms of writing. Due to the rapid high volume production schedules required to build and maintain an audience, most writers including (...)

    8. Re: In your opinion what is the most optimal time to release a chapter?

      Honestly, any time you can find a free slot during the day that isn't taken up by any of the bigger releases. Worth noting you can browse back quite far in the latest updates pages to get a sense of what (...)

    9. Re: 🌸 Weekend Snippets 10/2 | WEEK 80 ✳ Superbowl LVII Weekend 🏉 Featuring RIHANNA! 🎤

      “How did you learn so much about the Arcanum?” she asked. “I’ve been here longer than you were when we met and I feel like I don’t understand anything.” Quitéria was quiet for a few moments, thinking. (...)

    10. Re: What is in your opinion the best way to gather feedback and improve your writing? Any unspoken rules for f(...)

      For litRPGs, those conventions are pretty simple. Readers strongly prefer single POV stories in standard web novel formatting and really like a visual representation of stats in the form of the "blue (...)

    11. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story

      There are no Systems here, only death. Sara was just an average Millennial, working a dead-end job by day just to make ends meet. By night, she struggles to get her big break as a streamer in a popular (...)

    12. Re: What is in your opinion the best way to gather feedback and improve your writing? Any unspoken rules for f(...)

      Generally you don't have to ask; once you pick up a few regular readers you're likely to find they'll offer feedback of their own accord. If you do want more direct, comprehensive feedback you'll want (...)

    13. Re: A traveler's wish - fancy a story?

      If you would like to add your book to your signature, you want to go into your profile, scroll down to edit signature, then click the generate for my fictions button beneath the box and be sure to save (...)

    14. Re: Need help with my blurb

      Very much in agreement about having way too many abandoned stories on your profile. It just doesn't inspire confidence in me as a reader. I highly recommend either removing all of the old stories or creating (...)

    15. Re: Is RoyalRoad good for getting my fiction out here?

      Yes, cultivation novels do very well here. If you're looking to monetize, make sure you read this guide first.

    16. Re: 20k views

      Congrats! You've been working really hard on this, happy for you. It's been super interesting seeing the changes you and your story have gone through over the past few months, too. I generally offer (...)

    17. Re: Chapter Release Frequency: What do Readers Prefer?

      Based on my experiences so far I recommend at least 3 chapters per week if you can handle it. I do 2 now and I don't feel like it's enough, so I've got plans in place to increase that in the nearish future. (...)

    18. Re: How do shoutouts and review swaps work?

      I agree, shoutouts don't and shouldn't be limited to Rising Stars participants. Rather than using the scattershot approach though, I recommend either doing a shoutout for a story you genuinely enjoy and/or (...)

    19. Re: Patreon Advice Needed.

      Copy and paste, quick once over for formatting, then post. Note that you can schedule Patreon posts also which makes life so much simpler.

    20. Re: How did you get into trending?

      I'm not really sure, I just want to take the opportunity to say I really wish they would add something to our fiction page/author dashboard when/if we do hit one of these lists. Enhances marketability (...)